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After sending my note on the 25-year survival food product, I almost immediately received this email from Aaron Frazier in Utah, who wrote: Tim, I applaud you in making your audience aware of the prudent need to be personally prepared to support yourself and your family by having a modest supply of food and water […] Read More


“During the critical 5 seconds… when attacked… you will sink to the level of your training." – Tim Larkin This statement from Tim hit me between the eyes the first time I heard it. He has written more extensively about ‘the why’ in his book, How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your […] Read More

What Would Stop You?

F1 Grand Prix of Spain - Qualifying

We'd all like to believe the answer is "nothing", but we know that's a lie.  I have an inkling of the limit of physical punishment I can take, and perhaps you do, too.  But I also know the things that no one can absorb and still function normally—the destruction of core systems for thought and […] Read More

robber pregnant

First, the context—watch this video of real violence so we're all on the same page: When the uninitiated look at this video they see a shocking crime:  a man punching a pregnant woman in the face, a victimizer and his victim, a criminal abusing an innocent; and then the inevitable racial overtones, socio-economic issues, all […] Read More


Media coverage surrounding dramatic high-profile violence has people sometimes asking if it’s even worth preparing. . . . . .Or maybe injuries or other restrictions that limit their ability to respond effectively leave them hoping they “just get lucky. . .” . . .Or perhaps you’ve prepared but wonder, “Will it really be there when […] Read More


Over the last five years I’ve appeared in various media and had many articles published worldwide. The upside to this is the chance to bring topics in self-protection and criminal violence to a much broader section of the population. Most likely you saw me in a media source you follow because you enjoy the host […] Read More

The Story Is a Lie


When confronted with images of real, asocial violence, we reflexively go looking for narrative details:  Who are they?  Why are they doing that?  The assumption is that there must be a rational reason why people would engage in such things—a great wrong being avenged, the "last straw" leading to a deluge of heightened emotion, or […] Read More

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The tragic and senseless shooting of two Las Vegas Metro police officers on Sunday while they were eating lunch is all over the news… another random act of violence that we have no control over. In a lot of news stories like this one, while we recoil in horror and sympathize with the families, even […] Read More


There are few things more frustrating for me as an instructor than to see clients doing things that will only work in movies, the imagination, or maybe a compliant training environment.  And then when corrected, they nod as if the lightbulb went off and go right back to whatever imaginary thing they were doing before […] Read More

The handgun is one of the most powerful personal tools for the taking of human life; even so, it's not foolproof.  As an external device it has several inherent disadvantages which are magnified in close combat.  In order to be effective a handgun must be: 1.  Deployable If you can't get to it, it's obviously […] Read More