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Foundation Oct 2016 Drawing Winners


All this week – special drawings for some awesome free gifts. For the next week we'll continue giving away a series of cool gifts including a special drawing during Friday's live broadcast (go here to watch a replay of Friday's live broadcast).  We'll update this page daily with the winners and additional prizes. Here's just […] Read More

Last week I sent you a note (and blog post) about an active shooter situation that took place in a Starbucks literally right outside our TFT Training Center here in Las Vegas. It was a harrowing experience for everyone right in the middle of the second day of our weekend class. Worse, a guest at […] Read More

========== NOTE:  Click here to read today's (Saturday, Oct 15) blog and watch the new video. ========== October 6th blog post follows: It was Saturday and I’d just returned from a law enforcement conference in Washington, DC where I met senior FBI officials including the head of counter terrorism. After that much travel I hadn’t […] Read More

What I learned from a spy….

IMPORTANT NOTE: The winner of the Spy Escape & Evasion Driving Experience will be announced during Thursday evening's LIVE webinar call with Jason Hanson. The call begins at 6PM Pacific, Sept 1. You should already have received an email with a link to join. Contact for assistance if your need help registering (or return […] Read More


Remember the movie Rain Man? It won the Academy Award for best picture back in 1988. And an Oscar for Dustin Hoffman who played Raymond – an autistic, mega-savant. Raymond had amazing mental skills. From glancing at a pile of toothpicks scattered on the floor and instantly saying the total... to memorizing every address in […] Read More

“Well, okay, so just give me 3 things I can do that get results, like, immediately?” It’s probably the most asked question I get. It happened again on Monday and since Tuesday we were shooting some random short video clips I decided to give you my choice of 3 things anyone could do and get […] Read More


For Thursday's email, "Cheating at the duel..." As mentioned in today's email, the video immediately below takes you further into the idea of "cheating." It’s taken from our Justified Lethal Force video series. Feel free to add your comments about this video to those below. Thanks. -Tim Larkin If you missed Tuesday's video (and to […] Read More

10-2-2015 10-55-51 AM

Following last year's Roseburg, Oregon shootings we at TFT shared with everyone a video compilation, Dealing with an Active Shooter. Following Sunday's shooting rampage in Orlando we'd like to again share that video. You’ll find a copy below. As a short introduction here's how we put this together… Using inside connections, I invited Paul Calle […] Read More


(My thanks to colleague David Morris for allowing us use this drawstroke training drill)... If you’re ever in a position where you’re forced to take action on a threat, your drawstroke could be the difference between success and failure. Get it wrong… and the bad guy gets the upper hand. That’s why you need to […] Read More

Woman and Mother Beaten

Yesterday, I shared a video of a brutal attack on a mother while her daughter watched. I asked everyone watching what they thought about the video and what they thought went wrong for this mother during the attack. Watch my video response to all the comments and leave your own. Get Our Special Mother's Day Offer […] Read More