What would you do it you were caught off-guard and
were unarmed or disarmed?

  • Use too little force, and you could end up at the mercy of a killer,

  • Too much, and you’ll likely see your face plastered across the
    evening news,

  • But there’s a simple solution, one we showed these Federal
    Agents… and it’s exactly the same as what you need to guarantee
    you’re the one who walks away from a horrific situation… alive!

If you’ll give me just a few minutes, I’ll explain why…

Tim Larkin I’m Tim Larkin.

For nearly 20 years operations like the US Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces and elite SWAT teams call me in behind-the-scenes to teach them when it’s “kill-or-be-killed.”

A while back we were called out to a top-secret government facility in the New Mexico desert to train a group of Federal Agents and Officers after several members had been killed in the line of duty.

And what we discovered were top Agents TOTALLY
unprepared to deal with vicious life-or-death situations…
Something they faced almost daily!

Here’s what’s important to you:

If these highly-trained Agents weren’t prepared, if they didn’t understand exactly what it takes to keep themselves alive when facing true violence… then it’s likely you don’t either.

And that’s why we decided to pull back the curtain and give you a first-of-it’s-kind, front-row seat inside this private training so you become just as effective as these Federal Agents.

Everyone’s anxious to teach you the easy stuff. But when it’s life-on-the-line, kill-or-be-killed, you’ve got to know…

How To Quickly Handle
Life-Or-Death Raw Violence!

And that means much of what I show these guys involves… the lethal application of force.

All of them face imminent, life-threatening danger on a daily basis. What they do MUST workevery single time… for every one of their folks… regardless of the threat. If it doesn’t… good people die.

And in today’s world of ruthless street violence, I’m training this same lethal force to my civilian clients who face gangs of punks who think nothing of snuffing your life or that of a loved one… even if you’ve given them everything they ask for.

These killings often end up as random acts of remorseless violence… with you simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time!

The 2 Critical Questions
I’m Most Often Asked…

Because of this, today there are 2 questions I hear more often than all others…

  1. If I’m forced to use lethal force, how can I prove it was justified and not excessive? And,
  2. What if these thugs are jacked up on drugs and I don’t have my gun or maybe the situation doesn’t warrant using it. How do I deal with someone who’s impervious to pain?

I’m betting you may likely have asked yourself these very questions.

And since the answer to these most-asked questions is at the heart of what 2 of my most powerful (yet highly controversial) self-defense programs are all about...

I wanted you to see how easily you could use this material to complete an impenetrable shield… your Ultimate Self Defense… that protects you and your loved ones against violence.

Let me describe why this is important to you.

The Behind-Closed-Doors, Target-Focus Training Federal Agent live training DVD series called…

Justified Lethal Force!


Justified Lethal Force Self Defense DVD

The simple answer to question 1 is this: if you have to ask, it’s likely NOT a situation requiring the use of violence. And, hard as it may be, you’re far better off just walking away.

Unfortunately, things are often more complex than this.

And that’s where this training series came from.

Here’s what happened: Since no group is forced to operate under the ‘excess force’ microscope more than law enforcement, we were excited at the opportunity a while back to train a private group of Federal Agents and Officers after several members of their organization had been killed.

But our excitement quickly turned to shock as we realized within the first hours on the floor just how TOTALLY unprepared these highly trained officers were to handle terrorists, drug dealers and murderers… the very threats you and I depend on them stopping every day!

These Agents don’t have it easy. Add in drugs and the stuff they now face has morphed into wickedly twisted violence that reminds you of gangland wars in the United States back in the ‘20s and ‘30s. Today…

The Hunters Have Often Become…
The Hunted!

So why weren’t they better prepared to handle the violence they face almost daily?

2 reasons… First, their training involved defensive tactics (something guaranteed NOT to work on the scum they deal with) and the one thing we NEVER train.

And second, because top brass were terrified of the consequences of these Agents’ potential actions. And that’s largely because…

The Rodney King Incident
Put Every Agent’s Life in Danger!

Back in 1991, a man named Rodney King was stopped and beaten repeatedly by 4 Los Angeles police officers who were later charged with using excessive force.

The incident was broadcast around the globe and made law enforcement agencies worldwide completely rethink their use of escalating force as defined in their “Force Continuum“procedures (these are the precise rules an agency’s officers must follow when dealing with an escalating violent situation).

In fact, the biggest thing top brass at most units were worried about was NOT their officer’s safety… but keeping their own butts out of a “legal” sling… and their faces off the nightly news!

But problems quickly surfaced as most Force Continuum procedures were shown to often be woefully inadequate when dealing with the aggressive, non-compliant, asocial element officers were being called to deal with.

It was certainly a problem for the group we were training (and part of the reason their Agents had been killed).

How The Force Continuum
Failed These Officers…
And Why This Likely Impacts You, Too!

The reason for the inadequacy is actually buried right in the document’s name… “Continuum.”

See, the Force Continuum usually defines an escalating series of violence, starting at 1 (basic shouting and verbal abuse) and going to 5 (what these folks mistakenly consider potential lethal violence).

And that’s the problem. What you’ll clearly see us explain to the Agents at this training is that for the true scum of the criminal world…


There Isn’t Even An Escalation Of Violence!

These Misfits Of Society Go Straight
From Being "Social" One Moment…

To Deadly KILLERS…And They Do It In A Heartbeat!

And if these highly trained Federal Agents misunderstood this (there was nearly stunned silence as we explained this to the class), it’s likely you will, too!

Because we all like to believe criminals think just like we do. But they don’t.

It’s not your fault for thinking this way. It’s what society has led us to believe. It’s just totally wrong and…

Needlessly Puts You
In Harm’s Way…
Just As It Did These Agents!

Now, while these folks were stunned at what they didn’t know… they were equally blown away by how fast and easy it was to fill the gaps, and quickly own the skills that completely flip the tables in YOUR favor during an unexpected violent situation.

And… do it WITHOUT the legal liability issues that keep others awake at night.

And I’m betting that’s something you probably find comforting as well.

Long story short…

Our 3-Day Training
Was Instrumental In Rewriting
The Way Each Agency Trains Today!

And had you been there… it would have been just as effective in giving YOU the tools to handle your absolute worst-case nightmare.

“…the most effective days of training I ever had…” 

“…these were the most effective days of training in hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon that I, or everyone else, had ever experienced.”

Brian S. (Agent attending the live training)
US Border Patrol
South Carolina

That’s because you’d have discovered you’re really not as different from these law enforcement agents as you might think.

You might be surprised to find they’ve got many of the same concerns, the same fears, the same questions as you do you.

Unfortunately, no civilians, no military, not even any spec-op folks were invited inside.

But in an unprecedented move… we were allowed to film the entire training.

Others talk about training military and law enforcement; about having maybe a few of these folks come in and attend their training. But…

We’re The Only Ones Actually Invited ON-SITE
At This Federal Facility To Train Their People
& Other Law Enforcement Agencies…
AND To Film The Entire Process!

And now in this one-of-a-kind DVD series called… Justified Lethal Force… you will discover how the same Principles and Concepts guaranteed to keep them out of trouble, out of Court… and to bring them home ALIVE from every-day jobs that constantly place them squarely in the cross-hairs of violence… can do the same for you today!

Here’s just a small sampling of the things you’ll find on the more than 6 hours of video instruction in this series:

  • Why the Federal Law Enforcement “Force Continuum,” the document designed to keep these officers safe under a variety of difficult situations, actually FAILED them! And how you can use this knowledge to save your life in the midst of true life-or-death violence.
  • The REAL reason violence is neither good nor bad… and why understanding this gives you a huge leg up against some thug intent on harming you!
  • The surprising reason PAIN is almost useless as a predictor of who walks away from a life-or-death confrontation. And it’s the very reason why Target Focus Training is totally focused on causing something far more debilitating.
  • The absolute BEST target you can possibly strike. The answer’s gonna shock you… and… open up the secret to complete and total domination of your attacker.
  • Cheating at the Duel: it’s a concept you’ve never heard explained before… and it’s the real reason TFT is able to so easily defeat criminal scum.
  • Why modeling your reactions after those of a convict or a barbarian GUARANTEES you’ll be the one walking away alive. It might make you squeamish… but it works… for anyone!
  • Here’s 1 fact even the “experts” get wrong: the human body can take one hell of a lot of trauma and keep right on functioning during a lethal struggle. But there’s one thing the body can NOT take… and it’s the one thing Target Focus Training uniquely focuses on. And why you so quickly become effective regardless of the situation or your physical abilities!
  • The 2 keys to surviving violence. Use them… and you live. But if he claims them first, you die. It really is this simple!
  • The secret of learning to “feel” an attack. Unlike the movies or sport competition or martial arts where everything to worry about is conveniently in front of you, you’ll likely never see real violence coming. You’ll hear this discussed right up front on DVD #1.
  • The unique TFT Visual Feedback Loop: How it constantly lets you know if what you’re doing is working. And if not, how to instantly turn things in your favor.
  • How to instantly choose the right “body tool” for the situation you find yourself in. Some stuff supposed gurus teach is downright stupid (like head butts: why would you risk damaging your most valuable “weapon”… when there’s a much better sequence to choose from).
  • Learn the REAL reason combat sports and martial arts don’t work in street violence.
  • The huge takeaway for these Federal Agents… and for you: ignore the tool of violence, and all you’re left with against some asocial criminal are mere social tools. And that’s like taking on a sub-machine gun with little more than a toy pistol!
  • The surprising secret nobody understands: why causing injury helps keep you from needing to kill. It opened wide the eyes of these Agents… and especially their top brass.
  • The 1 thing you WON’T find at the beginning of these DVDs that you find at the start of every other self defense series. Others think it’s where you begin. Yet in the heat of battle… it’s the last thing you’d ever need to worry about.
  • In class, when you see someone ‘going really fast’ or ‘talking a lot’ it means just 1 thing. And it’s that 1 thing that’s guaranteed to get them killed when your life’s on the line. That’s the reason we constantly slow everyone down and allow no talking.
  • Target Focus Training is based solely on Principles that work in all situations. Now for the first time, in one place: all the TFT PRINCIPLES are laid out side by side, right there in the review at the start of day 2! Each easily picked up, followed, and clearly understood… like breadcrumbs along a trail.
  • How to simply dispose of someone going for your gun (or anything you might be carrying). “Lose your gun in a struggle and you’ve lost everything!” these Agents are told. But it’s completely WRONG! Fighting over a weapon leads to disaster. And for no reason whatsoever. Because there’s a simple way you’re going to show this a-hole why he just made a fatal mistake!
  • And MUCH more!

You’ll also learn to how to use the US Government’s biggest improvement in warfare in the last two decades” to make yourself literally undefeatable...

Plus the real reason you CAN prevail… even if you’ve been surprised or caught off guard, knocked to the ground… even bloodied up a bit!, and why taking advantage of the somatic-reflex reaction is the only thing that guarantees your survival, regardless of size, athleticism, state-of-mind… or his intent.

What Others Are Saying About Justified Lethal Force…

“…the very same information that is given to the experts is given to the ordinary person…” 

“This is a beautifully clear presentation of what has to be done to save your life in a desperate situation, given to people who may very well expect to face such situations and need the best training possible. That the very same information that is given to the experts, is given to the ordinary person, is very important.

Ken Bolland
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

“…the ONE I could not stop watching!” 

“I have every DVD series you put out but this was the ONE I could not stop watching. So inspiring that I want to sign up for a live session. The material was intense and well constructed. Great job!”

Rudy Martinez
Anaheim, CA


“…TFT is the best system for everyone…” 

“With 36 years in Martial Arts and being the training officer on non-lethal force I have found that TFT is the best system for everyone. Most systems need you to in top physical shape to make their system work. TFT will work for young and old men alike but best of all it can work for small women too. It brings officer safety to a new and higher level.”

Stuart Howard
Millington, TN

Another thing...

In the past, a few people have wondered if what they got on our Target Focus Training DVDs was some watered-down version of our REAL military and law enforcement training.

It’s not.

And you’re about to quickly & dramatically prove it to yourself as you consider more of what’s included in this one-of-a-kind footage:

  • Discover the irrefutable mechanics of all violent situations. And how you can take advantage of these mechanics of the human body to disable or even kill a violent criminal. With this knowledge, you’ll know exactly how to survive any situation regardless of the variables present!
  • Instill the opportunistic mindset so you always know which protective actions to take.Because violence is random it’s impossible to train for an infinite number of possible encounters. Instead, you’ll spontaneously take appropriate action without hesitation, regardless of that infinite array of variables.
  • Learn when to use the tool of violence by applying TFT’s own version of the “force continuum.” There’s no overreacting, no unnecessary crippling injury or death. Learning this cutting edge information showed these Federal Agents how to stay out of a legal quagmire… just as it will you!
  • Discover THE most effective distance for disabling any violent criminal. Your gut instinct and many self-proclaimed experts have this critical principle completely wrong. And it’s the reason good people get killed!
  • Learn how to leave a violent criminal in a “non-functional” state. When dealing with multiple attackers (today’s most common situation) you can’t be knocking down the same person over and over.
  • With Target Focus Training months & years of memorization is a thing of the past. It’s the difference between a “technique based” self-defense course and a “principle based” system. The principle-based TFT system allows you to spontaneously adapt to any violent encounter regardless of the variables of the particular situation.
  • Harness the most important 3 elements of successfully delivering devastating trauma. You’ll masterfully inflict brutal destruction upon the most violent of socio-pathic criminals… regardless of your size… or theirs!
  • Learn to take control of this 1 physiological phenomenon, consistent in every human body, and you develop precise, methodical and masterful control over any violent criminal!
  • Switch off a violent criminal’s conscious control of his body and control him like a puppet… even if he’s 3 times your size and strength and coming off a drug-induced high. It’s easy once you see how!
  • Discover why training for the “worst-case-scenario” is the critical ingredient in destroying the “brain-disconnect” phenomenon. Thinking you can ramp it up as needed is guaranteed disaster. It never happens.
  • Learn the life-saving difference between punching, kicking and actual body traumatizing striking-dynamics. The last thing you want is to cause just enough pain to piss off a violent criminal!
  • How to download directly into your brain the 1 single concept that has you seeing a violent criminal through the eyes of a devastatingly effective combat fighting machine! Suddenly… he’s nothing but prey!
  • And much, MUCH more!

More Than 6 Hours
Of High-Density Instruction

Originally we shot more than 15 hours of video, then distilled that to just 9 hours of non-stop instruction.

But since many people have asked for a slightly shorter set of videos, we spent another week just combing through everything again, stripping out anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary to come up with the jam-packed, instruction-dense 6+ hours in the final version.

And since many people have asked for smaller DVD sets, we used a different reproduction technology and squeezed at least 2 hours of video on a longer-playing DVD. This let us get all 6+ hours onto just 3 jam-packed DVD’s.

Each long-playing DVD has been tested & guaranteed to work in your video player. 

NOTE: Because this training was initially NOT for civilians, you’ll find we say things a bit differently, talk a bit harsher, and include footage not seen in our civilian videos before (including outdoor training at the base, training in boxcars, etc.).

asterick What you get is over 6 hours of the very training that became instrumental in rewriting the way each Agency trains today! And now it can be just as effective in giving YOU the tools to handle your absolute worst-case nightmare as well! asterick

It’s not only everything you need to walk away with a crystal clear understanding of what true Justified Lethal Force is about but also why you must use the EXACT same methodology when dealing with violence as these front-line defenders use.

And I’m guessing it won’t be a surprise when you discover size, speed, athletic ability and experience aren’t a factor for these men and women… any more than they are for you.

And remember, the more you see this system in action (even without practicing it) the more it permanently becomes part of your unconscious response should you ever unexpectedly come face-to-face with deadly violence!

6+ hours on 3 DVDs. Value: $197.00

To push the value of this Easter Justified Lethal Force Special completely over-the-top, I’m including:

Bonus: Dealing with an Active Shooter


Dealing with an Active ShooterIn today’s world everyone is terrified of encountering an Active Shooter situation. And rightly so.

As you might expect, JJ and Taff have their own solutions for this situation. And on this special Bonus DVD they take you through them in detail. First with a frank discussion of concepts, then a detailed, on-the-floor exercise, followed by an in-depth Q&A.

You’re at work, and suddenly you hear what sound like shots fired in the next room. Do you close the door? Can it be locked? Should it be locked? Where should you position yourself for maximum safety? Should you stay behind the door? Under your desk? Will the wall protect you against gunfire? In this segment, you’ll learn what JJ and Taff call “door appreciation.”

The thoroughness of this discussion and demonstration are eye opening to say the least!

Specific takeaways include:

  • Foe, friends, and family.  Master the 3 Fs that you need to nail down in active shooter scenarios (including the technique that shows you exactly what to do when you know your 3 Fs)
  • Peer Pressure and Guilt will get you gutted and left for dead (here’s what to do and how to think when in uncomfortable situations with friends and family surrounding you in an attack)
  • 3 must-know characteristics of most active-shooters.
  • Visualization and war game techniques to prepare yourself for active shooter scenarios.
  • Tough questions to ask yourself: including how much risk will you consciously take on to save a life
  • Tactical Team Life-savers: 4 things you need to do when the tactical team comes storming in to end active shooter scenarios (missing one of these could get YOU shot)
  • Car jackings and the simple preparations you can take to keep these 100% avoidable.  How to protect yourself, what to do at stop lights, and how to permanently heighten your awareness of your surroundings.
  • Insurmountable stress.  What to do and how to handle it before you end up dead (massive stress and confusion is a violent offenders best weapon – make sure you know how to turn it against them)
  • Discover the one simple move that’ll save your ass when looking around corners.
  • Active shooter visualizations are key.  Discover the simply mind play practice that gives you an immediate advantage if ever stuck in an active shooter situation.
  • Mastering the door defense: where to stand, how to protect yourself from what’s on the other side, and how to end it once and for all (crippling or killing your aggressor in the process)
  • How to check doors without getting killed.
  • Exactly what to do when bullets are being fired – and how to pinpoint where they are coming from so you can prepare yourself for the 3 steps that come next.
  • Discover the pie technique for safe entrance into rooms, hallways, and exits.
  • Dynamic clearing techniques that keep you from getting shot.
  • 2 victims and only one gun.  Here’s the most effective sequence to protect yourselves when an active shooter is outside the room and down the hallway.
  • THE FATAL FUNNEL.  Why it’s a death trap, and the scary truth on why and how most victims enter it (also… why this is the favorite place for active shooters to claim their next victims)
  • Discover the deceptive moves that greatly increase your odds of not getting shot around a corner wall or door way.
  • Ricochets… and how close or far to stand from a wall to avoid them.
  • Husband and wife team strategies.  IDEAL FOR HOME USE! Determining who goes first in your synchronized movements, or when you are best apart, what keywords to use with each other for signaling, and how to handle danger in your home as a couple.
  • One simple thing you must give yourself everywhere you go that instantly doubles or triples your reaction time (think about it – if you do this and can react 2 or 3 times faster… you instantly have an advantage over your aggressors)

Bonus #1 Value: $97.00

New Bonuses Just Added

Bonus #2 Live Q & A Webcast - I'm going to let you have a few weeks to go through all 3 DVDS of Justified Lethal Force.

Then, I'm going to do a live online webcast where you can ask me follow up questions based on what you discover in this program.

Bonus #3 Lethal Force Resource Guide - I'm having an professional ebook created based on the call we did with Attorney and TFT Instructor, Matt Suitor.

The entire call will be professionally transcribed for offline viewing.

I'll also include all the TFT resources we've ever done on the legal use of lethal force.

You can read this resource online or download it to your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. 

Expect this Lethal Force Resource Guide to be available next week.

I'll email you in a few weeks when we schedule the live Q & A webcast. 

However, you better hurry because this special Post-Easter offer and these bonuses expire at Midnight tonight.


So What’s Your Investment?

To listen in on just the 6 hours of instructional material we pulled from the 3-day training session these US Federal Agents received would cost you a minimum of $250 a day. Of course, that’s if you could get in to hear it… which you couldn’t. That privilege was reserved for the handful of Agents selected from around the country who attended the training.

At that rate this set would cost around $750… and be worth every dollar. Just ask the Agents that attended.

And while it’s true that none of our materials are inexpensive in absolute dollar-terms, when you look at them in terms of real value they’re actually a steal because you learn everything you need in one, concise place.

And considering the value of your life or the life of a loved one… well, there’s no way to even compare it when you consider that even a single Principle from this training could easily mean the difference between living and dying.


Special Offer

During this Easter holiday period we’re really looking to collect more customer comments about the Series, and to do that I’m willing to make you an absolutely irresistible offer of just $97. That’s a full $100.00 off the regular price!

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Let’s Wrap This Up.

Look, if you’re not ready to do whatever it takes to save your life or the life of a loved one should you suddenly be thrust into a head-on collision with some ruthless punk that doesn’t give a damn about you, then you’re not ready for this Program.

People who come to us have had guns drawn, knives pulled, they’ve been beaten with clubs and generally had others beat them down. And these folks never question the need to know this material… even if they found about it AFTER they really needed it.

You, on the other hand, have a unique opportunity to get it now, before something happens that you’re totally unprepared to deal with, something your years of MA training or combat sports training simply was never designed to stop.

If understanding… with 100% absolute certainty… exactly what to do to save your life is important… to you, to your family and to your friends, then this is the only training that GUARANTEES you’ll be the one that walks away.

And I’m guessing since you’re read this far that this isn’t something you’re willing to simply leave to chance.

So don’t delay. Act today to make sure you’re the one who understands how to use Justified Lethal Force.

A Limited Number of DVD Sets
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One last thing. While I am happy to make this unique offer available for a short while, we currently have material in stock to build only about 250 of these DVD sets. While we do have these back ordered, we don’t have a firm commitment when more will arrive. Rather than wait, it only makes sense to order now and avoid any disappointment.

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Dealing With The Active Shooter

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New Bonuses Just Added:

Bonus #2 Live Q & A Webcast I'm going to do a live online webcast where you can ask me follow up questions based on what you discover in this program.

Bonus #3 Lethal Force Resource Guide - I'm having an professional ebook created based on the call we did with Attorney and TFT Instructor, Matt Suitor.



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Thanks for your support.



Tim Larkin

Creator & Founder,
Target Focus Training

PS. Protecting yourself and your family is your responsibility. With this program, in a matter of hours you can be prepared for a lifetime. Where else can you buy that peace of mind? ANYONE can do this because strength or skill is NOT required.

PPS. Here are comments from just some of the many satisfied users of this system:

buy now

“…might be MORE effective than grabbing my firearm…”

“The Target-Focus Training session was so good that I’m going to attempt to put as much time into TFT as I do with firearms. This might sound over-the-top to some but TFT might be more effective than trying to grab or draw my firearm if the need arises. These guys are the real deal. I was very impressed with their demeanor and attitude about what they teach.”

Michael Hough Hesperia, CA

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“…unmatched in surviving violence.”

“I have tried everything out there, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Krav-Maga, etc. Nothing comes close to what I learned at TFT, in terms of effectiveness, in terms of the sheer complicity of the principle-based approach free of thousands of techniques. At first I thought TFT was a more glamorous version of Krav-Maga but what I learned is unmatched in both mechanical and mental aspects of surviving a violent encounter.”

- Gaurav Shukul, Massachusetts

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“…it’s THE self protection system I know I can count on.”

“I’ve prepared myself and my family to handle absolute worst-case scenarios. Target-Focus Training is THE self protection system I know I can count on to protect my family, regardless of the threat. And it’s a great source of relief knowing my wife is also trained in TFT so she can take care of herself and our boys when I’m not there.”

David Morris, Texas

buy now

“…took my training to a whole new level.”

“I have been in the private security/personal protection business for over 13 years, and I am a Qigong instructor as well. I sometimes have to go armed and when the opportunity presented itself I took the best hand gun training available.

When I was recommended your program as the best source for personal protection, I was pretty skeptical. But the recommendation coming from who it did was the deciding factor.

MAN! I cannot tell you how glad I am to have your training series.

Your book and DVD’s took my training to a whole new level. It’s given me back the open door to a worry free life. In today’s rapidly declining political environment the world can be a scary place. After your material I now know that I can have that “hard knot” of violence ready to use if and only if the need arises. I can be the happy guy my wife married, and still be comfortable knowing that I can protect myself and my family.”

Paul Heller Lancaster, CA

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“…essential to winning a deadly encounter.”

“I, as a resident of the non-free state of California, I don’t usually have the option of legal self-defense with a handgun, even though in about 32 other states, I do. With your Human Weapons package, TFT offers me and my wife a ready-to-go alternative we can use even here. Of course, simply being armed is no magic shield — the physical responses that TFT teaches work in concert with other tools one might have available, and form the first line of defense and the basis of a capable, confident mindset essential to winning a deadly encounter. I feel the investment I’ve made is well worthwhile, even if (and one devoutly hopes this) I never have to use it in the physical sense.” Gary W. Schwede, PhD Engineering Consultant

buy now

“…not having a gun all the time (which is impossible) is
not nearly as important now.”

“I got interested in TFT after getting an e-mail. I thought here we go another marketing scheme. But watching your Human Weapons pkg materials, I firmly believe you guys have it right. My wife and I now feel that at least if something happens we both at least have options we never had before. Not having a gun all the time, which is impossible, is not nearly as important now. There are other options. TFT makes this possible.

I recommend your whole approach. You guys really do a great job teaching on the DVD’s. You give clarity to what is important and what is not. This stuff is difficult to watch, at times, but if it needs to be done it is nice to know how. It is empowering.”

Jon Vilven Crescent City, CA

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“…provides the skill set that eliminates fear.”

“At the age of 56 I suddenly realized that the world is rapidly evolving into a place in which a substantial part of the population feels entitled to get what they want through the use of force. In addition, those who are comfortable with the use of violence have begun to use violence as a recreation, not just as a means to an end. To be fearful of attending public events, walking in a park, or answering your own door after dark is simply unacceptable. Target Focus Training (and your Lethal Weapons program) provides the skill set that eliminates that fear, and allows you to enjoy life fully, without apprehension.” Gary Connor, PhD Modesto, CA

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“The single best investment I’ve made toward authentic

“I have not even finished viewing the second disc of your new, live training magnum opus, “Surviving the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life” and yet feel compelled to write. This is – far and away – the single best investment I have made toward authentic self-protection (I train under Vladimir Vasiliev, so that is no small compliment).

Your lucid, candid handling of social aggression vs. asocial violence alone separates you from all others (and ought to be required viewing for all males, great and small!) so incisive is it. This has brought my understanding out of blurred into crisp focus… …This is a quiet confidence, a platform from which to live an unburdened life. (I am, of course, thrilled speechless there are yet fifteen and a half more discs to go!)

I received the set promptly and was (as with the Lethal Leverage DVD’s) pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful packaging, careful editing, depth of material as well as scope; the clean presentation, well-chosen articulation and the ease with which you handled the information from multiple angles as well as your mien in doing so. This is not the common bill of fare in the marketplace of ideas toward self-protection; it stands apart – indeed, alone.

Brad Heyerdahl Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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