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This is a complete list of TFT Training Products (DVDs, online and books). These products are in order of instructional skill level…. from Understanding Violence to Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced Training. In addition there are ‘special topic’ Live DVD training seminars and Combination Packages. Just scroll through this comprehensive & in-depth list or click on the category you’re interested in.


We stand behind every one of our products. Each carries a full, 365-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee!

How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life

How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life

Unique principles & powerful methods for effective self protection in an increasingly violent 21st century! It’s the first book ever written for the everyday layperson that clearly, methodically and unemotionally makes the case for using violence as your ultimate survival tool. Controversial yet compelling, it’s being called “the only book of its kind that takes you behind the scenes of true criminal violence and explains WHAT you must do to survive it.”

This is not a book about techniques (there are none included) since focusing on ‘how’ to stop violence is why many people don’t survive it. This book instead flips everything, starting with the end result and working backwards. It looks at why criminals are successful without any training at all. And what you must do to counter that. Key chapters:

  • Inside the Criminal Mind
  • Competition vs Destruction
  • Anti-social vs Asocial
  • Why You Must Learn to Kill


  • 212 riveting pages
  • 6×9 perfect bound

After finishing this book, you’ll know more about protecting yourself than 99% of people on earth.

Price: $14.99

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How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life

Survive The Unthinkable:
A Total Guide toWomen’s Self-Protection

Approximately 1.9 million women are physically assaulted annually in the United States alone. In Survive the Unthinkable, Tim Larkin empowers women to understand that surviving a potential attack isn’t about being physically bigger, faster, or stronger; it’s about knowing how to self-protect, not self-defend.

Survive the Unthinkable reveals the effective, proven principles behind Target Focus Training, the system Larkin has used to train Navy SEALs, celebrities, and soccer moms. It’s a counter-intuitive mind / body approach women can use to protect themselves and their loved ones. Readers learn how to identify the difference between social aggression (which can be avoided) and asocial violence (which is unavoidable), recognize personal behaviors that may jeopardize safety, and target highly specific areas on an attacker’s body for a strategic counterattack.

Larkin discusses how predators think and teaches women how to spot them, outsmart them, and stop them in their tracks. With principles proven to work regardless of size, strength, or athleticism, Larkin’s approach revolutionizes women’s perspective on violence and self-protection. Armed with the tools to neutralize any threat, readers will blast through the victim mindset and live freer, safer, more peaceful lives.

How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life” Audio Book

After more than 15,000 copies of the physical book sold, this is the first it’s been offered in audio format.

Professionally read & produced, unabridged, 5-CD Box Set.

$29.00 For Audio Book OR $38.99 Audio + Hardcover Book

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TFT Survival Pack II (4 DVD Set)

This updated version of our introductory package gives you the basics of the TFT System.Includes two-30 minute videos explaining TFT principles & defining what real violence is, plus 2 1/2 hours of additional video on ‘Targeting’ and ‘Taking an Attacker to Non-Functional.’

The TFT Survival Pack contains core material that makes you immediately effective at saving your life or the life of a family member should unexpected violence strike. A 4-DVD Box Set.

  • Updated target-assembly modules
  • Expanded violence videos including the ‘Tueller’ drill
  • Enhanced “Free Practice” modules
  • New modules: Firearms 1&2
  • Bonus module #1: Swarming the Active Shooter.
  • Bonus module #2: Grabs, Chokes & Holds.

New Bonus: You get a hardcopy of my book “How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life” 212 riveting pages, 6×9 perfect bound.


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The Foundation Series 12 DVD Set…

“Unarmed Self-Defense For
Extreme Situations”

10 years ago we released what ultimately became TFT’s flagship video product: the 17-DVD series, How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life, a compilation of portions from 3 live training classes rolled into one giant product.

While principles haven’t changed over the years, our teaching methodologies have, progressing through multiple iterations, each providing dramatic step-function increases in your ability to quickly learn the material and ability to produce results (ie, you become effective faster at injuring an attacker).

To say nothing of today’s video advancements.

The fastest way to learn TFT is still by attending a live training class. But if for whatever reason that’s not possible… this is far and away your next best option.

It’s the video series that encompasses more of what TFT is about than any other single product.

If I could add only 1 TFT product to my library… this is the one I’d choose. And it should be your choice as well.

What’s technically included? A lot.

For the first time we’ve uniquely broken this product into 2 distinct parts.

Part 1 is the actual “Live Class” video.

Consisting of 6 DVDs, here’s where you’ll see the detailed training interaction of instructors with the class – TFT’s proprietary approach to “Target Assembly” and “Free Practice,” the questions, what works & doesn’t, instructor correction of the participants, and much more.

Live Disc 1: Mechanical Facts of Violence
Live Disc 2: Target Assembly
Live Disc 3: Free Practice
Live Disc 4: Fine-Tuning Free Practice
Live Disc 5: Knife, Baton & Firearms
Live Disc 6: Multiman & Grappling

Part 2 moves into the training studio for “Detailed Instruction.”

Here each instruction section of the live class is expanded upon up in greater detail – slow motion, multiple angles, subtle points, expanded descriptions, etc., packed onto 6 more DVDs.

This is the material there simply has never been time to present to a live class (without adding 2 additional days of training). Here we’re finally able to expand on what you see in the classroom setting by connecting this expanded detailed studio component.

For the first time you’re right there with participants in class one minute… then able to watch a more detailed explanation of something that wasn’t quite clear for you during the classroom instruction.

Studio Disc 1: Detailed Target Assembly
Studio Disc 2: Free Practice & Reactions
Studio Disc 3: Additional Target Assembly
Studio Disc 4: Striking With Body Weight
Studio Disc 5: Knife, Baton & Firearms
Studio Disc 6: Multiman & Grappling

While nothing matches the interaction of live training, in many ways this new video training is actually better (and it’s why all live class attendees will want a copy of this as a reference after attending a class).

This program comes with our same ‘end-of-class’ guarantee class participants receive: after watching this entire DVD set you’ll be able to handle ANY life-threatening encounter or get every penny of your purchase price refunded, no questions asked.

Foundation Series 12 DVD set

$537.00 or 6 easy payments of $97

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The Striking Series

The TFT Striking DVD series goes far beyond ‘punching and kicking,’ showing how, regardless of size or strength, you can generate up to 3.5 times your bodyweight in force, effectively using it as a battering ram against some thug. Suddenly, criminals fear YOU! Not the same old rehashed stuff, you’ll quickly discover why it’s all about body weight in motion not how well you swing your arms and legs. Instead of punching him, you break a rib. Instead of kicking him, you rupture a kidney. Instead of twisting his wrist, you drop your entire mass on it, splintering it. You move from a light-footed, point-scoring ‘fencer’ to a juggernaut of destruction, leaving only wreckage in your wake!

  • DVDs 1 &2 cover Striking principles.
  • DVDs 3 & show 47 unique application techniques.
  • 114-page system reference manual with detailed drawings included.
  • Certificate for a live follow-up teleconference call included.
  • Shifts your focus outward on results & away from what you are doing. After watching this easy-to-master, wickedly-effective self defense series, fear melts from your body and you’ll possess a sense of power unlike anything you’ve known before.

$197 or three easy payments of $65.67

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TFT Source Book

TFT Source Book

THE comprehensive self defense reference “bible” that shows you everything you need to know about Target Focus Training from principles to application techniques. Perfect complement to the TFT book, “How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life.” Begins with what true violence really is, then lays out the entire case why using violence IS the only way to defend yourself against it! After that, it walks you step-by-step through the complete set of integrated self defense tools that help you internalize the process, leaving you instantly able to call on any of them should it ever be required. NOT a simple regurgitation of what is shown on the various TFT self defense DVDs, this SourceBook is more a reference manual that lets you dig deeply into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ this system gives you such an advantage over an unsuspecting criminal… even if you don’t posses unusual skills or athletic ability. Contents include:

  • Violence as a survival tool: problems faced & principles present in real violence.
  • Injury, penetration & rotation: using the “triad of violence” in self defense.
  • Physical dynamics: detail applications of striking, joint breaking and throwing.
  • Weapons & other tools of violence
  • Perfect-bound
  • 174-pages, 8 1/2″ x 11″
  • 1-year guarantee
  • A must-have for anyone serious about ‘internalizing’ TFT self defense principles so they remain immediately available, on-call without conscious thinking.

Price: $49.00

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The Lethal Leverage Series

How to instantly hobble, cripple or destroy any adversary… using self defense leverage secrets employed by the smartest, most street-savvy, most successful fighters on the planet. 1-or-a-kind self defense DVD series that breaks completely new ground, explaining in easy-to-understand terms how to make leverage work even in the midst of utter chaos! Unique in its simplicity and approach, you discover why, contrary to everything published, there aren’t 1000′s of ways to break joints. Instead, there is only ONE… and within that one there are just six ways to accomplish it. Discover the 1 critical thing you must do to manipulate or break any joint (it’s why others ignorantly tell you joint breaking won’t work in a chaotic self defense scenario). Also explains why it’s crucial in a hostile situation to understand HOW to break any joint in the human body… even if you never intend to actually do it!

  • DVD 1 covers all Leverage principles.
  • DVDs 2-5 show detail on how to execute all 6 ‘base leverages’.
  • 102-page system reference manual with detailed drawings of each leverage.
  • See how the power of leverage can quickly and easily end anything from a bar fight to a sporting competition… or even a brutal attack on your life.

$197.00 or three easy payments of $65.67

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Defeating Weapon Attacks

“The Complete Guide to Saving Your Life
When Facing a Knife, Gun or
Other Deadly Threat”

Prior versions of TFT’s Weapon Series offered huge amounts of great information about weapons (kind of like opening up a ‘fire hose’) but often required extensive effort on your part to properly decipher because it lacked a logical flow.

While focused on 3 main tools Defeating Weapon Attacks is a self-contained course that guides you step-by-step through the process required to defeat an armed criminal attack… in a way we’ve never shown on video before.

100%-all-new material, covering empty hand, knife, baton & firearm attacks, and demonstrating how to do this by utilizing injury – NOT memorized techniques.

All the while building on TFT’s proprietary (and controversial) process that teaches you to basically ignore the weapon pointed at you… focusing instead on the real threat in an armed attack… your assailant’s brain.

Concepts and principles introduced but never really described in earlier versions (vectors are a good example), here are not just explained… they’re demonstrated in extensive detail.

A must-have program to learn all aspects of dealing with weapon attacks..

And going forward… this is the format ALL TFT video products will be built on.

$197.00 or three easy payments of $65.67

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Strike Chart Poster

This 2′ x 3′ strike chart is constructed of heavy-weight, poster material with a high-gloss finish. Shipped hand-rolled in a sturdy tube so it arrives suitable for framing.

$24.97 Free Shipping

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The TFT Throwing Series

While throwing (with its smooth motion and flowing arts) has long been regarded as the premier technical skill in the realm of fighting, the inherent fallacy with this is the almost complete focus on ‘technique.’ Throwing, the newest TFT self defense DVD series, dramatically pulls back the shroud of mystery surrounding this intimidating subject and shows you how to easily re-focus this powerful tool squarely on the one thing that truly matters most in a hostile live-or-die situation: immediate, devastating results. Shows how all throws — from the simplest takedown to the most complex — arise from ONE set of rules — a simple, easy structure anyone can remember, recognize and quickly master! With this program, throwing finally becomes a dependable component in your self defense ‘toolbox.’

  • 3 DVDs (nearly 5 hours of principles and techniques) will have you executing effective throws immediately after viewing.
  • 15 different dumps, drops & throws plus from 1 to 7 variations of each, a total of 55 different movements in all.
    New 62-page system reference manual.
  • Section on how to fall to prevent injury to self & practice partner yet how to maximize damage in a real confrontation.
  • Each technique emphasizes safety.

Throwing is about causing massive trauma using simple ‘trips & slips.’ This series shows you how to make it happen.

$197.00 or three easy payments of $65

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TFT Accelerated Destruction

First-ever release of a TFT ‘advanced’ live training. Our basic classes make you EFFECTIVE (we don’t care how you look as long as you get results, ie, you cause an injury).This program ramps that to another level, making you EFFICIENT — what may have taken 3 moves now takes 1. And that means reducing your exposure to risk in worst case violence.

Includes the new, FREE Bonus DVD program, Breakfalls & Reactions. 4-DVD Box Set.

Requires some prior understanding of TFT. If you have none, consider adding TFT Survival Pack II . See above. (There is a $47.00 saving off the Survival Pack price when ordered in combination from the Accelerated Destruction order page).

$197.00 or five easy payments of $47

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Justified Lethal Force ‘Seminar’ DVDs

Video footage of an actual 3-day live training event at a secluded Federal Law Enforcement training center in the southwestern US desert. The first (and only) time anyone’s ever been allowed to release footage of this type of ‘behind-closed-doors’ US Federal Government live training sessions. Presented specifically for Federal Agents & Officers so a bit more graphic and straightforward but EVERYTHING shown applies directly to enhance your ability to survive a hostile situation. You’ll be shocked at how their professional Force Continuum (the document that defines how they deal with escalating violence) left these Agents & Federal officers completely unprepared to handle terrorists, drug dealers and murderers. (And I’m guessing if these highly-trained professionals didn’t understand why… odds are you don’t either)! Covers hand-to-hand, self-defense against weapons including knives, guns and clubs, lethal leverage (joint breaking), striking with 3X your body weight, as well as training for special situations.

  • It’s truly your once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a fly-on-the-wall as we show Federal Agents what they must do to survive against someone out to serious injure or kill them… and why these are the exact same self-protection tools that’ll keep you alive when facing unexpected violence.
  • More than 6 hours of instructional video contained on 3 DVDs.
  • Effective tools that are immediately usable against any hostile threat (even without practice).
  • Live follow-up teleconference call with Tim Larkin and his Master Instructors.

$197.00 or three easy payments of $65.67

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TFT Extreme Close Combat Shooting

First release into the civilian world of a new personal-protection system taking the worldwide Spec Ops community by storm. Shows you how to work with a firearm or weapon (or recover its use) in extreme close quarter violence. Parallels almost all TFT’s basic Principles. It’s the first time in over 20 years of teaching personal protection at the highest, most-lethal levels I’ve recommended another instructor’s program. This brand new program is nearly 7 1/2 hours of video footage packed on to 7 DVDs including THE most cutting-edge, extreme close combat shooting training in existence anywhere in the world today

$247.00 or five easy payments of $57

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New York ‘Seminar’ DVDs

Filmed during a 2-day live class in downtown Manhattan where participants could literally look out the window and see the former World Trade Center buildings, just 2 days before the horrible disaster there. Sections on hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon fighting (knives, clubs & firearms), striking, and joint breaking plus the proprietary TFT ‘free fighting’ system. Taught by Tim Larkin himself prior to the implementation of the new accelerated ‘assembly’ learning process, this DVD set offers you insights and discussion not found on any other TFT product.

  • 6 hours of instruction packed onto just 2 DVD’s.
  • Includes Special Bonus Report from Charles Staley: “The Last Man Standing: Intelligent Strength Solutions For Combat Disciplines”
  • Comes with same “end-of-class” guarantee actual class participants receive: after watching this entire DVD set you’ll be able to handle ANY life-threatening encounter or get every penny of your purchase price refunded, no questions asked.

$137 or three easy payments of $42.33

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The Whole Shooting Match

This package contain almost everything we offer. You get 2 of our brand new releases for 2015, The 12-DVD Foundations Series and our newly released Defeating Weapon Attacks Series that focuses exclusively on going against knives, guns & clubs. Plus.. TFT Striking Series, the engine that drives everything TFT; Plus… TFT Lethal Leverage (Joint Breaking) Plus… the TFT Throwing Series Plus…Justified LethalForce Plus… a Strike Chart wall poster. Plus we throw in the TFT book “How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life” as well as the new TFT SourceBook.

  • 16 hours of footage taken directly from live training seminars.
  • 4 Hand-to-Weapon DVD’s + digital copy of the weapons manual (76 pages).
  • 3 Striking DVD’s that will turn you into a juggernaut of destruction.
  • The keys to “lethal leverage” in the 5-DVD Joint Breaking series.
  • Throwing “The Art of Head Trauma” 3 DVD’s.
  • Law Enforcement Seminar “Justified Lethal Force” 3 DVD’s
  • How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life Book.
  • Our “Self Defense Bible” the 174 page Sourcebook.

Additional Bonus:

  • “Leg Dynamics” DVD to supercharge your striking power.

Comes with same “end-of-live-training-class” guarantee actual participants receive: after watching this entire system you’ll be able to handle ANY life-threatening encounter or get every penny of your purchase price refunded… no questions asked!

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Add a 2-Day Live Training Class, anywhere in the world we train (no expiration)

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