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Advanced Las Vegas 2 Day Classes

Self Defense Live Training Classes in Las Vegas, NV

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Advanced Class (must have prior live training)
2-Day Classes

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Free Self Defense Training Bonuses For Las Vegas, NV


When you register, you’ll also get each of the following bonus items included with your registration at no charge! The DVD set and the rest if the bonus items will be handed out at the class or shipped to you right after the class.

  • Accelerated Destruction DVD Set. First-ever release of a TFT ‘advanced’ live training. Our basic classes make you EFFECTIVE (we don’t care how you look as long as you get results, ie, you cause an injury). This program ramps that to another level, making you EFFICIENT — what may have taken 3 moves now takes 1. And that means reducing your exposure to risk in worst case violence. Includes the new, FREE Bonus DVD program, Breakfalls & Reactions.
  • One FREE Advanced training teleconference call following the training. Here I’ll cover the inevitable questions that come up following workshops like these plus update you with new information.
  • Certificate good for $100.00 in TFT ‘bucks.’ Apply these to the purchase of any TFT DVD, audio or written product. No time limit.
  • Certificate of course completion.
  • Blue Advanced TFT logo t-shirt..

This is an Advanced class and participants
must have attended a prior TFT live training.

Dates 2013

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July 27-28

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