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The Evolution of a Fighting System

The Evolution of a Fighting System


“Nothing endures but change.” – Heraclitus (540 BC – 480 BC)


“So what makes your Target Focus Training different from the other training you used to teach?”

We get this question at least once a day from emails or phone calls so I guess it’s about time I break my silence on the subject.

The big difference in my TFT system is the fact it’s based on an overall high-concept: Hurt the other Guy – NOW!

Many other combat sports, martial arts and other”reality based” systems try to say the same thing but don’t deliver.

Before I developed TFT I was constrained in how I could teach clients to fight. I was forced to use methods that I knew were not the best way to help people protect themselves.

TFT accomplishes in hours what others fail to do in years and that is: send a client back out on the street with the ability to effectively use violence as a survival tool – NOW.

I’ve also assembled the most diverse instructor staff along with a board of directors from a variety of medical and science disciplines. No method of instruction is safe. And that’s why we constantly assess our methods and test out new ways to convey the principles of TFT.

If a new method gets better results… the old method is discarded – immediately! This has also proved challenging for some of my instructors who try to cling to the old methods they were taught. If they don’t change… they to are asked to leave.

My goal for you as a client is not to train you as I was trained. It is to make you BETTER than I was at that particular point in time. I can easily state that each and every one of us on the TFT instructor staff wishes we had learned the principles the way we teach them in Target Focus Training today.

Striking, Leverages, Throws, Kicks, Weapons, Multiple Attackers… are all covered “out of the box” with TFT. We make no excuses for the lethal methods we teach — violence is not a game. If you feel you need to wait until you see a punch, knife, club or gun to act, then TFT is not for you. Waiting to act gets you killed.

Techniques are worthless without solid principles — violence does not follow set patterns. It is random, requiring confidence in your ability to shut down the other guy.

By giving you a thorough education in the anatomical areas of the human body, which provide you specific targets that can access the one constant weakness in all humans, TFT provides you the ultimate weapon.

So how is TFT different from what I used to teach? Before: if the other guy threw a punch, tried to stab you, or tried to brain you with a pipe, I’d give you a good technique to handle it.

With TFT: the other guy never gets a chance to use his weapon. You possess a ‘Nuclear’ Weapon — no good for competition but real useful when you need to destroy someone intent on taking your life! Which of course is the ONLY reason you should EVER use violence in the first place.

Until next time,

Tim Larkin Creator of Target Focus(TM) Training

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