Reality-based self-defense training for men, women and organizations

Finally there’s a system so powerful it allows you to disable any
weapon-toting bad ass… even if you’ve never done anything like it before!

“Everyone In Class Snickered
When I Told The SWAT Trainer
I’d Snatch The Gun
Right From His Hand…

Until They Watched Me Do It
Not Just Once… But…
Without Ever Being Touched!”

It’s a totally different program… one that enables you to IMMEDIATELY take total control of ANY violent life-or-death confrontation.

For the first time, I lay everything on the table… to prove you CAN defeat a criminal attacking you with weapons.

Not sure? Try it… risk-free for up to a full year… and if you aren’t 100% convinced… I’ll take it back AND pay you $25.00 as my penalty for wasting your time!


Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday, 11:47 PM

Dear Friend,

Recently I received this unsolicited comment from Todd Davidson, a major account manager with Cisco Systems, Inc. in Houston, TX:

“Yesterday I was a part of a pistol certification course put on by [a well-known and highly regarded instructor] for a major US city Police Department SWAT team.

“To make a long story short — at the end of the course he was teaching disarms against a pistol touching your chest or back. He told all these people that to disarm someone from the front they first needed to get their hands up in a submissive position so they could then quickly attack the pistol…that this was the best.

“At the end…he offered a chance at disarming him from the front where he had a live pistol loaded with liquid paint bullets. No one would try because they had no protective equipment for you. So I told him I would take him up on the offer and that I would not use his disarm.

“Instead I used the disarm you taught us in [Target Focus Training]…

Three TIMES I took the pistol away from him and did not get hit by any bullets. The guy was amazed he could not hit me. I just wanted to tell you the story to thank you for teaching me such real world applications and useable skills.”

After reading Todd’s comment, here’s the real question you must ask yourself: why was everyone except Todd… after an entire day of instruction from one of the best SWAT instructors in the country… TERRIFIED at the thought of taking the gun away?

The answer is simple.

In a violent conflict involving WEAPONS of any kind, your focus is the weapon instead of the real threat at hand… regardless of your background or training. Like a lion stalking prey your eyes remain riveted on that knife or gun… leaving you helpless… even against paint-gun bullets like Todd faced.

The problem: What you’ve been taught doesn’t work against REAL violence today because…

You ASSUME That Menacing Thug
Waving His 6″Knife In Your Face
Is ‘Fighting’ You…

But… He’s NOT!

He’s not ‘fighting’ you … he’s looking to dominate you… to get whatever he wants. And he’s got no problem snuffing out your life to get it because you mean nothing to him! He’s more ruthless than any generation of criminals before, and willing to use force and violence on a whim. Today he’ll kill for no reason at all.

Here’s the deal:

If You Don’t Hurt Him…
He’s Gonna Hurt You!

Listen: Train to fight with techniques and “what-ifs” and you needlessly complicate the equation. This joker isn’t practicing Karate or Jiu-jitsu to be “ready” for you. He doesn’t drop into some fighting stance or switch to an offensive mindset like you.

There’s no training. No emotion. No techniques. For him… simplicity rules.

If your focus is techniques… and his is shooting you… then he always shoots you dead! You’ll forever be late trying to figure out the right technique or response.

It’s very simple: either you’re injuring him… or he’s injuring you!

That’s why…

When You’re Faced With
Unexpected Violence On The Street Today,
You’d Damn Well Better Know…
How To Utilize His Violence
As Your Ultimate Survival Tool!

This means you MUST have a Protection System that can beat him at his own game, one that turns his ultra violence back onto himself.

What’s the answer?

A gun?

Sounds good but it’s just a stopgap solution showing a true lack of knowledge of how to use violence as your ultimate survival tool. Too much can go wrong: some thug ends up using it on you, it jams, it ends up on the ground… on and on. All this with your life on the line — THE very moment you can’t afford ANYTHING to go wrong!

So… maybe martial arts or combat sports?

These do teach you to ‘fight’. But recently we had a Jiu-jitsu expert here in Las Vegas and a golden gloves boxer in New York City both stabbed while attempting to use their “fighting skills” against thugs with knives wanting to kill. The result: the Jiu-jitsu expert was lucky to survive… the boxer didn’t.

You can’t ignore the facts: these were highly trained Pros. Both very brave, very courageous. Yet… both were very stupid because…

They Put Their Faith In

Combat sports and martial arts conceal a huge FLAW… they make violence a game.

By their very nature it’s necessary because they’re designed for competition. That means agreed upon rules that force you to ‘compete’ with an adversary rather than destroy him by any means necessary.

Same thing with reality-fighting systems that offer a “fearless mindset” and lots of ‘cool’ moves that look violent… but do little to help you survive real-world violence.

Look, I’ve watched far too many men AND women crippled, scarred for life, even killed… all because they had NO IDEA what to do when facing an attacker’s knife or gun.

I’ve also seen many people, trained specifically for this situation, find out the techniques they spent countless hours perfecting in a gym or studio… were totally useless in a real confrontation.

Well… there’s no excuse for it. And if you’ll keep an open mind for the next few minutes, I’ll show you an admittedly controversial yet totally different solution YOU CAN effectively USE to assure none of this EVER happens to you or a loved one.

Before I describe how it works, let me take just a moment to explain why I’m going way out on a limb to get it to you.

A System
Grounded In Science

You may already know me or know of my principle-based Personal Protection System called Target Focus Training (TFT). It teaches you how to defeat anyone intent on harming you in a life-threatening situation.

I’ve taught it to more than 5,140 individuals worldwide in everything from 1-day intensive classes… to $1,500.00, 2 1/2-day workshops… to $10,000.00, 2-4 person,
2-day private training sessions. It is expensive for one simple reason: it works for anyone… under any circumstance… Guaranteed.

Critics whine, “Nothing works all the time!” But you know what: not one of them has ever attended a live session, preferring instead to hide behind ignorance. If my system didn’t work, I couldn’t stay in business because I guarantee each training right up to the last minute of class. No one else offers anything like this.

Let Me Stop For A Second &
Briefly Explain How I Got Here:

I served as Special Warfare Intelligence Officer for the Commander at Naval Special Warfare Command working for Admiral LeMoyne, helping rewrite the way the US Special Operations Community learned hand-to-weapon combat. I’ve spent years training some of the most elite commandos including US Navy SEALs, ‘Green Berets’, Delta Force, US Army Special Forces, US Marshals, FBI Hostage Rescue Units and others in just this type of system.

But my focus shifted after the 9-11 disasters to teaching these proven fighting principles to CEO’s and top executives from corporations such as Ford, Sony and Oracle, international organizations like the Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO) and Young Presidents Organization (YPO), as well as to select groups of civilians, especially those considered “targets” by thugs and terrorists the world over.

I don’t make a big deal of my prior history training the military (there’s a lot more than I’ve described here) because none of it helps you beat a thug on the street tonight.

It’s far more important to understand what I taught 600 Entrepreneurs in Europe this past summer about staying alive in worst-case international situations or that special class of Wall Street traders in New York City still fearful years after the World Trade Center events than what I did with a Spec Op team 15 years ago while still with the Navy.

I’m surrounded by instructors who are very different from any you’ve ever seen. Averaging 10 years of training experience, surprisingly most of them aren’t even ‘jocks’, and many have advanced educational degrees. Five even have PhD’s! No, this doesn’t mean you need a lot of education to use this material… in fact, it’s just the opposite.

Target Focus Training is built on science and requires extensive understanding of anatomy and the sciences just to teach it correctly and effectively. While it’s very easy for you to learn… it takes years of training to qualify as an instructor. This is the exact opposite of most self-defense programs… which allow you to become certified to teach in just a weekend class… but then require years of practice for someone to learn!

Here’s my problem: we can’t begin to train everyone personally.

So I released videos of my live training sessions… allowing you to watch as we take you step-by-step through the entire program.

My hope was that 1,000′s of individuals would know what to do when some goon makes the mistake of targeting them. But that’s not exactly what happened.

The Video Training Showed Everything
But Still…

What happened was many skipped past the first videos… past some of the principles and foundational material… to get to the WEAPONS SECTION. Then they never went back to fill in the basics.

It was my fault. I should have known it would happen. In live sessions I CONTROL the sequence everyone follows but on video… it’s completely up to you.

I quickly realized that for me to put the most powerful Personal Protection Program in the universe into your hands… and focus it totally on WEAPONS (which everyone wants to see)… it had to be done differently.

So I pulled in my top Master Instructor and we spent nearly 1 1/2 months laying out a new video Program in a format that immediately gives you access to any weapon system you chose — guns, knives, clubs — you name it… while guaranteeing you see and understand every PRINCIPLE that drives the TFT system and that specific weapon.

Then We Did Something
You’ve Not Seen On Video Before…
We Crossed “Over The Line”

Dealing with weapons is never pretty… but there’s still a line no one basically “crosses over” when showing this stuff in public. Step over it — show too much of the totally accurate but worst-case violence associated with weapons fighting — and faceless ‘censors’ crawl out of the woodwork screaming — BANNED!

But seeing this stuff IS the only way to guarantee you can handle EVERYTHING thrown at you. 1000′s of videos all claim they will save your butt in a bad situation… yet fear continues to consume our daily lives. It’s like cancer… billions of dollars for research but barely a dent in the death rates.

So while I wasn’t excited about painting a bull’s-eye on my back for all those ‘do-gooders’… we made the decision to show it our way… and stepped over that line.

In doing so, we held NOTHING back.

Think… worse-than-worst-case violence. Imagine… PRISON!

We approached everything from a standpoint of…

Here’s What You’d Need To Survive
If You Were Forced To Spend
A Day In The Worst Prison In America

On these videos we talk about KILLING in an antiseptic, matter-of-fact way that will disturb just about everyone, leave many very uncomfortable… and royally piss off at least a few. That’s how it’s got to be if you’re to get this.

But once you know this stuff… what formerly would have been a bad situation for you will literally become a “piece of cake”.

For you to defeat a knife or gun toting criminal intent on harming you or your family you must FIRST understand what it is these butt-heads are doing against you.

That means to fight against weapons… against knives, guns, clubs, etc… you’ve got to understand how to use them. Look at it this way: a scuba tank is useless if you don’t know how to swim. It just delays drowning. Same with a gun. To survive true violence you MUST understand how to use it.

It’s also the best way to rid your mind of its natural tendency to focus on the weapon. So we show you.

It’s highly effective… it’s just not for everyone. Again, it’s gonna piss off a lot of folks who think it’s absolutely criminal to show this kind of stuff in public. “Much too violent,” they’ll say.

In fact, the flack began during filming when a woman involved with the sound equipment blurted out…

“You Can’t Show That…
It’s Illegal”

I couldn’t believe it.

Your friggin’ life’s on the line… and you’re NOT gonna use something that will save it because someone thinks it’s ‘illegal’?

I don’t think so.

What you’ll see is truly unlike anything on the market to date. Nobody shows it this way. Nobody. Not the military. Not anybody. Everyone is afraid of how YOU will react!

I must tell you: because of what we show you, there are warnings on the DVDs. These are there both for your protection and ours. Don’t ignore them!

My friend Jim who’s seen the rough edit commented, “Damn, you’ve created a bomb, handed it to the viewer and shown him or her how to set it off when needed. You’re right. If I were ever to go to prison, this is what’s I’d want to know.”

He was spot on… and that’s why we decided to call this totally different Program the…

Target Focus Training
Weapons Package

Even if you’ve got years of front-line experience, have seen true violence on the street or have enough of those “super-secret, better-than-the-last-guy, fighter-of-the-month” videotape programs to fill a 20-foot bookcase… in this program you’ll experience the use of weapons in a life-or-death assault in ways dramatically DIFFERENT than anything you’ve ever seen or heard before.

Some who have seen cuts from the series are taken back by the simplicity yet ultimate power of this program.

“I figured it was just hype until I actually saw it with my own eyes!”

You’ve been brainwashed into thinking anything powerful MUST be complex.

In fact… if you’re going to defeat a violent sociopathic criminal in ANY situation today you’d better be using a tightly-integrated, quickly-learned, scientifically-proven system… one that’s very easy to use.

Here’s What Scott Pearlman, MD from Wilmington, Delaware had to say….

I found Tim’s knowledge especially practical and applicable in ways which I have never imagined previously. His style is efficient; it’s designed to achieve the maximal effect in the least amount of time. The most amazing aspect is how simple and easy it is to learn.”

Others are going to ask, “What about all the criminals who’ll be able to get their hands on this material now?”

I’ve heard this 1,000 times before and the answer is surprisingly SIMPLE…

Criminals Already Know This Stuff!

It’s Just That No One Else
Has Ever Shown It To YOU Before.

But here’s the Secret: These jokers may already know the basics of what you’ll see on these videos BUT they don’t understand “why” it works, and how to take this knowledge and use it against someone else. Armed with this information (it’s very easy for you to learn) you gain a huge advantage.

Add to that the element of surprise and you’ve now got the blueprint for how this TFT Weapons Package guarantees YOU will not just survive a brutal attack involving weapons but actually DEFEAT your attacker. Doesn’t matter if you’re some military operative… or an 80-year-old grandmother. Works exactly the same for both. It has to.

Here’s something else I hear all the time and it may be going through your head right now:

“I know YOU have used your system in all types of violent situations. And it’s obvious the people you’ve trained can use it effectively. I just don’t know if I can use it — if it will really work for me.”

Listen: I hear you… but you must understand. I’ve trained a man paralyzed with fear after watching his wife get raped in front of him to now act in the face of adversity. I’ve got a fireman with an artificial hip that can execute everything you’ll see when nothing else he tried ever compensated for his disability. I have a female executive… once brutally assaulted… who can now walk down a darkened major city street without fear. And we have our first totally blind person already registered to go through an upcoming 2½-day live training class.

Think about this: If these people can become this effective, imagine what you can do with none of their limitations holding you back!

In a violent confrontation with a sociopathic criminal intent on harming you… everyone sees themselves as the victim. This new Program will instantly change your mindset on how you picture yourself… regardless of your prior experience. You’ll NEVER be the victim again.

Perception vs. Reality.

Let’s look at a few of the other DIFFERENCES between this Program and others you may be familiar with by using a PERCEPTION versus REALITY comparison:

    • Perception: If a system isn’t complex it can’t possibly handle all the ways an attack may come down. The more combinations of different systems you’ve seen, the better your chances.

Reality: Violence is random; you can’t train for it. There’s no way to practice all possible scenarios that could come at you. Everyone thinks they can… memorizing their favorites from a hodge-podge of systems… but then find themselves unable to act in the face of violence. One system; one set of integrated, scientifically proven principles is all it takes to handle ANY violent encounter you’ll face. It must be that simple.

  • Perception: You don’t need to learn to kill someone right from the get go. You’re not ready for that and besides it’s far too violent.

    Reality: You can always ramp down your reaction… but unless you train to kill, you can’t ramp it up if a situation becomes life-or-death.

    If you’re not willing to point a gun at someone and pull the trigger then you shouldn’t ever have a gun in a fight. If you’re not willing to stab someone and kill him… then you should never get into a violent conflict. And if someone puts you there and you don’t know how to kill them or you’re afraid or you’re focused on the knife or gun, then face the facts — you’re probably dead!

    We teach you to take a life to save your own… immediately! There’s no other way.

  • Perception: You must learn to control the fear that causes your brain to freeze. That’s why so many programs on the market today promise to make you a “fearless fighter.”

    Reality: Control fear… yes; become a fearless fighter… no way! An article in the March 2003 issue of Discover magazine finally blew the lid off the silly hoax of making you ‘fearless’. What scientists discovered conclusively is that you can’t stop your mind from being afraid. It’s hard-wired into your brain. Since no one can prevent fear — we instead teach your body what to do while your mind is experiencing fear. It lets you operate in total control regardless of what your mind is experiencing.

  • Perception: If your attacker is bigger, faster, stronger or more athletic… you lose.

    Reality: In a technique-based system this is probably true. That’s because it’s based on you learning from a ‘guru’; someone whose skills fit his system perfectly. Works great for him… just not for you. TFT was created and developed solely with the idea you WILL be facing someone physically better than you… and that regardless of your physical makeup… you CAN defeat this person because you are trained to fight in a way he cannot defend.

  • Perception: You’ve got to spend months… even years… practicing before you can hope to survive against some hardened criminal brandishing a weapon.

    Reality: What happens if you’re attacked next week… or next month? Back to simplicity here. When time is no issue, extended training is fine. If a doctor spends 4 hours operating on your heart, you’re glad for the years he spent training. But in a violent confrontation where things are over in seconds… years of training mean nothing. A criminal doesn’t spend time training for you. That’s why you learn my system very quickly… and because it’s so simple, amazingly you can learn much of it just by watching. Practice is best… but if you don’t have time, at least make sure much of your system can be ‘absorbed’ just by watching!

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside Your
TFT Weapons Package

There’s so much jam-packed into this new series, I can’t begin to describe all of it here.

But let’s go ahead and rip open the box that’ll arrive on your doorstep and take a quick look at some of what you’ll find inside:

Nuclear Weapons II DVD Package

Inside the DVD case you’ll find 4 DVDs. The first 3 cover the basic types of weapons:

  • Edged (knives and other edged weapons),
  • Impact (clubs and other blunt instruments), and
  • Firearms

There’s also a DVD on Leg Dynamics that we’ll look at later.

Each Weapons DVD has the same format: an introductory chapter that covers all the basic TFT principles and concepts as they relate to that weapon, followed but a series of detailed “coordination sets” (see the side bar for an explanation of these).

In the introductory section of each DVD you’ll discover things like:

  • How to instantly know whether you should ‘push’ or ‘pull’ in any gun confrontation. (One method is correct if you’re attacked with a gun. The other will get you killed).
  • Why you must never have a ‘favorite’ technique … even though practically every fighter not trained in my system does.
  • The critical element you must control if you are to defeat any assailant attacking you with a weapon.
  • The surprising reason why you must never watch the weapon your assailant is using to attack you!
  • The critical difference between hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon fighting … and why what everyone else is teaching is wrong!
  • The little-understood concept your mind must focus on with laser-precision to immediately end a conflict. Most people chose a totally different focus… even though it’s HIGHLY INEFFECTIVE.
  • The single most important thing you must do to keep your attacker from defending himself … and how this shows the silliness of those that would have you strike someone “10 time in a second.”
  • The one PREDICTABLE relationship you can always count on that cuts through the mystery and chaos of fighting against weapons. Everything else is secondary or doesn’t even matter at all.
  • What a criminal knows and always uses against you in a life-or-death fight. Turning it around on him is very easy… and puts you in control every time.
  • TWO critical things every martial art or fighting system does that adds needless complexity to the violence equation… and practically guarantees you lose when the chips are down.
  • Make this ONE thing happen in any confrontation… and you win… EVERY SINGLE TIME! Few believe it and most argue it’s NOT possible… but only because their ignorance needlessly complicates the process. It’s the essence of what this Program is all about.
  • The ONE AND ONLY secret to destroying an attacker. If you get only one thing right… this is it!
  • An easy method for maximizing trauma and ending a conflict instantly… and why it’s consistently ignored in the Martial Arts and Combat Sports world.
  • How an amazingly simple “feedback loop” removes the chaos from a violent encounter… giving you a clear mind… and complete control of the situation.
  • Why training to block a weapon likely gets you injured, maimed, or killed (it isn’t at all what you think… and that’s why it’s so deadly!).
  • The 2 types of vision employed during any violent attack. One will save your life; the other gets you killed. It’s as simple as that.
  • The REAL threat in a weapon attack against you (hint: It has NOTHING to do with the weapon).
  • The ONE thing a ‘professional’ killer never has or uses… and why you’d better NOT either.
  • The startling discovery that enabled us to generate 200% improvements in learning and retention of this material in live training environments. These DVDs show it for the first time anywhere outside a live training session.
  • The one MISTAKE you make that literally hands the advantage to an attacker in a life-or-death situation. Yet once you understand how to simply deal with it… you’ll NEVER fear a weapon again.
  • The REAL reason you NEVER see a criminal “square off” to fight.
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

After the intro sections on each disk come a series of “coordination sets” or techniques. Let’s look at each disk individually.

Edged Weapons DVD

Disk 1. The Edged Weapons DVD

On this DVD we cover everything you need to know about knives and other types of edged weapons (even things like box cutters — the ‘weapons’ effectively used in the 9-11 terrorist attacks).

One thing you’ll notice: we’ll first make sure you understand HOW to use the weapon we’re demonstrating or talking about.

Why? It’s very simple… but critically important.

I’ve found that fear of the unknown keeps most people STARING at the weapon… in this case, a knife. That’s FATAL! Every second counts… and having your brain locked on something that, by itself, cannot possibly harm you, means you are reacting to — rather than causing — an outcome. Guaranteed disaster!

Plus by focusing on the knife you’re giving it power. That’s wrong. After watching these DVDs it will never happen to you again. So don’t be turned off by the USE of weapons on these DVDs… it’s vital to your learning how to survive and actual knife attack!

Below is a small sampling of what you’ll find on the Edged Weapons DVD:

  • The one mistake you must avoid (yet EVERYONE makes) when facing a knife-wielding attacker… and why this mistake will always get you cut — and possibly killed!
  • The defensive move almost guaranteed to get you badly slashed in a knife attack. (Sadly, unless you know my system, almost everyone tries this first!).
  • How to ‘slow down’ your opponent’s movements so you can attack without getting injured.
  • The only 2 ways to hold your knife that work … 100% of the time, in any fight.
  • Why you must NEVER back up to avoid your attacker’s knife slash … and what you must do instead.
  • The first move that practically guarantees you’ll destroy someone attacking you with a knife. (It takes guts but only I teach this. Once you learn it, you become unstoppable).
  • How to avoid losing your knife or have it taken away.
  • Why ‘slashing’ is not an effective way for you to fight if you have a knife.

Running time for this DVD is a full 1 hour and 39 minutes. And it includes a total of 36 individual “coordination sets/techniques” plus the introductory discussion about knives.

Impact Weapons DVD

Disk 2. The Impact Weapons DVD

Once again, same format here. Included are all types of club, baton, stick and other blunt edged objects used as weapons.

One thing you’ll instantly notice here (and on the other DVDs as well) is that while others teach you to use different techniques when fighting with weapons versus without them… we don’t!

They’re dead wrong! They have NO scientific basis for what they’re telling you.

All it can and will do is get you killed. That’s because fighting is fighting, whether you or your assailant have a club, a knife, a gun… or no weapon at all!

On each of these DVDs, we’ll use a weapon with the same movement we showed earlier without one. You’ll notice the movement doesn’t change whatsoever just because you put a weapon in your hands! That means…

You Simply Train Once In A Movement And It Applies
Universally… With A Weapon Or Without!

It’s why you pick it up so quickly.

Here are some of the other things you learn from the Impact Weapons DVD:

  • Your opponent’s ‘fulcrum points’… and why they’re key to whether you win or lose a fight.
  • Why you must focus on 1 of only 3 targets to successfully take that steel pipe your assailant is wildly swinging in front of your face. (Surprise: none of them is the pipe!).
  • The approximate distance you must keep between you and your attacker in order to defeat him. (This amazes everyone).
  • The TWO universal concepts you must apply that allow you to INSTANTLY dominate anyone attacking you with a weapon!
  • The 3 targets you must hit (any 1 will do) if your attacker is on drugs (or, if after using your weapon, he still keeps coming at you)!

Plus, there’s even more. Here are a few additional nuggets you’ll discover as you watch:

  • The 2 simple body movements which let you unleash mind-boggling force and power … and destroy much larger opponents.
  • Why focusing on an aggressive or offensive mindset is an utter and complete waste of time… and why everyone does it ANYWAY.
  • 3 critical situations when you must ALWAYS strike an attacker with a weapon. Ignore any one of these… and you likely DIE!
  • Why every self-defense technique is disposable… even though EVERYONE thinks they aren’t.
  • Why even though you CANNOT have a FAVORITE target… there IS a ‘BEST’ target. You’ll see it described here.
  • The little known and almost always overlooked factor that puts you on an even playing field with ANY criminal threatening you. Ignore it… and you always must be bigger, faster, and stronger than your attacker!
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

Running time for this DVD is a huge 1 hour and 45 minutes. And it includes a total of 34 individual “coordination sets/techniques” along with the introductory section.

Firearms DVD

Disk 3. The Firearms DVD

Nothing generates more fear in a violent confrontation than facing a gun! And that’s why we address many additional CRITICAL elements on this DVD that specifically apply to Firearms.

Guns add major complications to the mix versus other weapons.

For example, we show you how to easily disarm a criminal attacking you with a firearm but in the process… if you allow that gun to go off and kill your wife, husband, child or some other loved one… then you haven’t won anything! The coordination sets you’ll see on this DVD will make sure that doesn’t happen.

And jumping back to coordination sets briefly.

If you read my description of these in the yellow side-bar above but still didn’t quite understand it…

Perhaps this will make it clearer.

Think back to Todd’s testimonial comments at the beginning of this letter. Before he arrived at that SWAT training he had no idea “how” the SWAT instructor would “attack him” with the gun. He was able to take it away because he had learned the principles behind gun disarmament… not some laundry list of disarmament techniques.

And think about this:

If it was that simple for Todd to take a gun away
from one of the best SWAT instructors in the country,
a man who KNEW exactly what Todd was trying
to do… imagine how easy it will be for you
against some stupid thug intent on hurting you
and who hasn’t a clue about what’s going to happen to him!

With that said, here are a handful of things you’ll see on this Firearms DVD:

  • How to instantly know whether you should ‘push’ or ‘pull’ in any gun confrontation. (One method is correct if you’re attacked with a gun. The other will get you killed).
  • How you can easily avoid being stabbed with a knife or shot with a gun … even if you’re surprised with both hands in your pockets!
  • How to instantly disable an attacker who shoves a knife or gun in your face … even if you aren’t armed.
  • The ONE AND ONLY technique to use if you have a gun and your assailant tries to take it away from you. (Use anything else and you may be seriously hurt or killed).
  • How to make yourself ‘bullet-proof’.
  • The single, critical key to successful gun disarmament and control … and why you must instinctively comprehend this before you ever move.
  • The ONE overriding principle needed when taking out an attacker using a firearm. Do the opposite… and you will not live to tell about it.
  • The universal concept that allows you to kill anyone taking a gun from you in a life-or-death struggle. It’s ridiculously simple… yet almost NEVER used.
  • Plus, lots MORE!

Running time for this DVD is a full 1 hour and 38 minutes. And it includes a total of 33 individual “coordination sets/techniques” plus the extended introductory remarks about firearms.

All 3 DVDs… the Firearms, Edged Weapons, Impact Weapons… when purchased separately, retail for $89.00 each.

“I’d Like To See
More Hand-To-Weapon!”

Probably the most asked-for addition when people saw the first Weapons series was more hand-to-weapon techniques, ie, you going against someone attacking you with weapons while you have only your bare hands!

So we went back into the studio and shot an entirely-new series of coordination sets and included them on the three DVDs.

It’s a lot, more than 50 in all. You’ll see me and two of my top Master instructors going up against an almost 250# ‘thug’ (he’s really one of our other instructors).

Everything is shown from a base standpoint of you having nothing but your own body weapons to work with. We still show you how to easily insert or remove a weapon from the mix so you fully understand in each scenario that the weapon is just a ‘snap-on tool.

And for the first time, you see EVERYTHING in the TFT toolkit — Striking, Joint Breaking, even Throwing — each is seamlessly woven into these new Weapons DVDs.

We even had two (and sometimes three) cameras rolling at once to pick up different views since so much was happening on screen.

TFT Weapons Manual


The *NEW* TFT Weapons Manual:

Since we first released this program we’ve always included the old original TFT Sourcebook as a reference text.

While it’s a great manual… it’s just not specific to Weapons. This remained the only major TFT DVD series without its own manual.

Not any longer. The new Weapons series manual is complete and hot off the press!


This manual is unique in that it’s a true supplement to the DVDs… not some quickly-slapped-together collection of filler pages. Either one — used alone — leads to gaps in your understanding.

The manual itself goes into great detail on points merely mentioned in the video. Likewise, reading the manual without seeing the principles applied to a human body in real-time makes everything unnecessarily difficult.

This TFT Weapons Manual sells separately for $41.00.

With this Target Focus Training Weapons Package you get over 5 hours of solid instructional material included on 3 complete DVDs plus the new manual. Purchased separately you’ll pay $308.00 for this entire set. Watch them all and you’ll agree… they’re worth every penny.

Especially when you consider it costs $1,497.00 to attend one of my live training seminars and private training for 2-4 people runs $10,000.00 for 2-day sessions. At these rates you’d spend $3,750.00 or more just to get roughly the same information I’ve crammed on these DVDs.

Right now though I’m most interested in your comments about this Program. And if you’ll do me one small favor to help get these, I’ll make you…

The Best Offer I’ve Ever Made On Any
Target Focus Training Product…

Here’s the deal: With your permission I will send you the complete TFT Weapons Package to review and test… for up to one full year (more on that in a moment). After you’ve thoroughly evaluated the entire Program, all I need is for you to take a couple minutes to fill out and return a simple evaluation form you’ll find inside the package.

If you’ll do that for me… then you can have this entire Program… the Manual, all three DVDs that make up the base Weapons series — Firearms, Edged and Impact Weapons — for just $197, a full $111.00 off the individual purchase price. That’s more than 36% off… just for acting now and sending me your comments later.

You can appreciate I can’t run this promotion forever. Once I have enough comments I’ll cut it off and the price will go up. I’m shooting for 100 forms returned in the next few weeks. So you can’t fiddle around on this one.

Do You Need A Little Nudge?

I’d hope saving $111.00 already has you dialing the phone or your hands on the keyboard ordering this Package. But in case you’re still debating with yourself, here are a couple extras that may just help “push you over the edge”:

Special Bonus #1:
The TFT Leg Dynamics DVD


Earlier I indicated that strength wasn’t an element in most violent confrontations… not once you understand the information on these DVDs.

But why leave anything to chance.

you can dramatically enhance your striking power, if you can significantly improve your stability and balance, if you can dynamically improve your reaction time… then you’ve just given yourself another edge that helps guarantee you walk away the victor.

Here’s been the problem: until now this meant too much time wasted working out in the gym, time you could FAR more effectively spend training in TFT. And most of your speed and strength work wouldn’t have impacted your ability to defeat a criminal anyway. Wrong type of training.

After all my years teaching this system, I found there was only one set of exercises that enables you to develop maximum “TFT-specific” strength. And I’ve finally put these on video.

Combine these exercises with the TFT Weapons Package DVDs and they give you an almost UNFAIR advantage against someone stupid enough to choose you as a target.

The TFT Leg Dynamics program will dramatically add to your current power base… and never waste a single moment doing it.

You’ll discover a complete power routine you can do in less than 14 minutes. And one that requires absolutely NO EQUIPMENT!

It’ll give you ball-busting power almost instantly and take your TFT Weapons Package training to another level.

I’m including this bonus FREE with the Weapons Program only! It’s $45.00 if you order it separately.

But why bother when you can get it here for nothing.

Special Bonus #2:
A Live Teleconference Call with me

With a Program like this you’re bound to have questions.

And while most conference calls I do now are exclusively with my TFT Mastery Group and private clients, I’m including one FREE teleconference call certificate worth $37.00 with this special Program.

Please be aware: Because of the controversial nature of this Program I won’t tolerate someone disrupting this call just to complain about the contents of the DVDs. If you want to bitch about that, find another venue. It won’t be here.

But for all legitimate questions about the System I’ll painstakingly answer each and every one… live… for everyone to hear.

Details on how this teleconference call will work are included with your package. It’s a $37.00 value that doesn’t cost you a cent. And it’s the only way you’ll get to interact one-on-one with me unless you attend a live training session.

Let’s Summarize What You Get In This Complete
TFT Weapons Package:

  • You get… the complete brand-new TFT Weapons Manual.
  • You get… the 1 hour & 39 minute Edged Weapons DVD.
  • You get… the 1 hour & 45 minute Impact Weapons DVD.
  • You get… the 1 hour & 38 minute Firearms DVD.
  • You get… the Leg Dynamics bonus DVD, and
  • You get… a FREE Teleconference Call where you can speak directly with me and get any questions answered.

That’s 3 fully integrated DVDs plus a complete manual, bonus DVD and teleconference call… items which individually sell for $390.00. But you get them all for just $197, a very real savings of $193.00.

But you’ve got to act now if you want one of these special ‘Evaluation’ sets. And remember, you don’t risk a penny, because…

You Get My Full,
365-Day Guarantee!

As with all our products, you take no risk whatsoever. I shoulder that burden.

You’ve got ONE FULL YEAR to try this Program… on me.

If the TFT Weapon Series isn’t exactly as I’ve described above… if it doesn’t put more power into every strike regardless of the situation (even if you only use it in your martial art), then send it back for a full refund of your purchase price (less shipping).

Whatever you choose, it’s your call!

And If It’s Not What I Say It Is…
I’ll Pay You An Extra $25.00
Just For Taking Your Time To Evaluate It.

If you’ve ordered other products like mine then you already know this alarming fact: guarantees are getting shorter… even totally disappearing!

While some companies offer 60 days; many others are down to only 30 days. One of the biggest now gives you just 10 days (you’d better have your VCR on and ready to go if you get their videos because you’ll have to decide real fast if they’re any good. Good luck).

Worse… some are eliminating their guarantee all together! Can you believe that? “Hey, buy my stuff and if it’s not what I say it is… well, so I lied. Sue me.” What a pile of crap.

I don’t work like that. Never have; never will.

My live training seminars are the only ones anywhere that offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee right up to the last minute of class — all 2 1/2 days! No one else dares do that.

And knowing how powerfully different this unique new Program is, I want you to have the same level of confidence in it.

To do that, I’ve pushed the end date of this guarantee right off the end of your calendar.

Here’s how it works: Order my TFT Weapons Package. Watch the DVDs; treat them as your own — not for just 60 or 90 days or even for 180 days. I want you to watch this new video release, then have plenty of time to go back through and prove its power to yourself all over again. Take ‘em to a friend and go through the Program with them. I’m giving you… a complete 360-day, totally-risk-free guarantee!

Compare this Program to anything you’ve ever owned or trained with. If you’re not totally convinced it gives you the ability to defeat any scumbag attacking you with weapons of any kind… if, during the next full year, you haven’t validated, tested, and thoroughly proven to yourself everything I’ve just explained… then I’ll buy the entire package back (less any shipping) — NOT a single question asked. And I’ll throw in an extra $25.00 of my own money as my penalty for wasting your time. Fair enough?

As you can see… this is more than a guarantee: it’s my personal promise to you.

Will some folks rip me off? Sure they will!

But trusting customers like you has made my return rates the lowest in the industry… and I’m damn proud of that. If dealing with a few butt-heads is what I’ve got to do to get this dynamite new material into YOUR hands… so be it. I can’t worry about them. Once I prove my Program to you, I know you’ll do the right thing. If I don’t, you haven’t risked a dime.

Just Understand…
This Program Will NOT Please Everyone

While I’d love to get this Program into YOUR hands… it honestly may NOT be the right one for you.

Fighting is UGLY. It’s not about yelling and cheering at sporting events like football, soccer, basketball… or even the bloody Ultimate Fighting Championships.

Once you’ve experienced violence… once you’ve been in a real fight… you understand there is no joy. No one walks away feeling good.

In this TFT Weapons Package we throw everything at you… what you need to not just survive but defeat a sociopathic criminal. There’s no hype, no bullshit… just how to deal with pure violence.

That’s why… and I don’t mean to offend you… if any of the following items describes how you feel, then you honestly want to pass on this one:

  • Seeing the brutality of what it takes to survive a day in prison is overkill; it’s “too lethal”.
  • The thought of killing someone is not only repulsive, it’s something you would NEVER do… even to save your own life. And showing it on video is almost ‘criminal’, too.
  • If someone wanted your wallet, you’d give it to him. Nobody’s stupid enough to kill someone for a few bucks. That only happens in the movies.
  • The only way you’d feel comfortably prepared for worst-case violence is by accumulating enough techniques to “handle anything some junk-head could throw at me”.
  • Something your grandmother could use must be for sissies. Besides, you already know how to defend yourself. Nobody’s beaten you in a competition on the mats in over 2 years.

If you’re still with me though I’ll tell you what: this Program will have more impact on how you approach protecting yourself or your loved ones… and on how you live your life in general… than anything you’ve ever experienced before. I guarantee it.

Now, I won’t feed you some bullshit about “people in secret government offices wanting this off the market” or other insulting crap like that.

But I am going to ‘pay’ for releasing this Program in its current format. And yes, there is a chance I’ll be harassed into pulling it by powers that be. Hell, that’s already begun and it’s only been out a short while! I’ll fight it but understand if it happens, whatever’s been shipped is it. Because of this we’re NOT duplicating these in large batches. Just 100 sets at a time (normally we’d do 500 to 1,000). I don’t want 100′s of these sitting in some warehouse marked “banned”. This may mean delays in shipments.

However, 300 are scheduled for the initial run so if you want to make sure you’re in that batch, don’t screw around. Order now. If it isn’t what I say, you not only get your money back… you also get $25 bucks for your trouble.

Yes YES, Tim. I can’t wait to get my hands on this Program…

365 Day Risk-Free Money Back Guaranteeand now’s the time to do it since you’re including all the special bonuses. Thanks for the super generous investment options and your 365 day risk-free money back guarantee. That takes all the pressure off and makes it an easy decision to get this Program now. And it gives me plenty of time to check out this package,. I look forward to getting it FAST too, since you ship within 48-72 hours (often the next day) of getting my order. That’s cool!

Choose The Way That’s Easiest For You To Order…

1. By Credit Card Online: TFT Weapons Package:

Nuclear Weapons II DVD Package

Click here to get everything for just $65.67/month every 30 days for 3 months


A 1-time Investment of just $197.

Order Weapons Now

2. By Toll-Free 888 Order Service: If you prefer to speak with a real person, then dial: 888-234-2192 and tell whoever answers you want the Weapons Series Package, and give them:

  • Product Code NW-1 (TFT Weapons Package)

This phone number is available 24-7 and you’ll get a live operator who can securely take your order. Your package will be shipped immediately. Please note: this order desk cannot answer questions about your product. Call   206-686-3469,  8:30AM-4:30PM US Pacific time, for more product information.

3. By Mail or Fax: You can also click this link to download and print out your priority order form. Then fill it out and Fax it directly to my attention at: 1-206-686-3469.

Or Mail it to:

TFT Group
325 E Washington St, #207
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4. By Email: Email us with your Name, Phone Number and Best Time To Call… and we’ll call you back and assist you with your order.

I’m more than taking all the risk on this one so you’ve got nothing to lose. Don’t miss out. Order today. If not for you… then do it for your kids or the others that depend on you being there every day. It’s the least you can do.


tim larkin

Tim Larkin
Target-Focus Training

PS: If you don’t understand what I’ve tried to explain here then you MUST see these DVDs. Otherwise you won’t survive a violent attack.

This isn’t a case of “Gee, I’m just not sure. I’ve taken other classes for a long time and…”.

Here we’re showing how real criminal violence goes down. Sooner or later you WILL experience it… one way or the other. It’s just a hell of a lot better to learn it from video in the comfort of your home than from some convicted felon who isn’t out to earn a “teacher of the year” award. It’s your choice. Don’t foolishly make it by default.

PPS: Think about it. If this weren’t all I’ve described I’d quickly be out of business paying everyone $25.00 just to send it back. I’m not worried about the few scumbags who’ll rip me off. It’s you… someone who’s not quite sure, that I want to help make it easier to take a look. Watch the first DVD and you’ll immediately know it’s everything I’ve described. After that… just like a great book… you won’t be able to stop until you’ve watched every DVD in the series, one after the other. Order now and prove it to yourself. There’s absolutely no risk on your part.

Customer Comments From This Program &
A Recent Live TFT Training Involving Weapons

An uncompromising course on the intelligent and responsible use of violence!

For me, a veteran of the martial arts and a medical professional Target Focus™ Training was just as spectacular. I heard explanations that would befit a trauma specialist and learned principles that most martial arts masters save for their advanced black belts. Without cloaking techniques in mysticism, without diluting the realities of combat in a sporting format and without sacrificing safety for realism, Larkin and his men delivered an uncompromising course on the intelligent and responsible use of violence.”

Mark Cheng, L.Ac.
Columnist & Contributing Editor,
Black Belt Magazine
Director/Sifu: Chung Hua Institute, Los Angeles, CA

The absolute best in their field. Everyone else is four steps behind…

Intense, effective, highly recommended. An incredible experience. Larkin and his instructors are the absolute best in their field. Everyone else is four steps behind. What I liked was the intensity, the lack of unnecessary info, jargon and fluff. A complete focus on the fundamentals, the total concentration on results. With this system: 1) You will learn what Larkin says you will learn, and 2) The course is exactly as advertised — intense, targeted, focused training designed to produce immediate results.”

Mark D. Fabiani,
Crisis Mgt Consultant
La Jolla, CA

The single best investment I have made toward authentic self-protection…

“I have not even finished viewing the second DVD…and yet feel compelled to write. This is – far and away – the single best investment I have made toward authentic self-protection (I train under Vladimir Vasiliev, so that is no small compliment). Your lucid, candid handling of social aggression vs. asocial violence alone separates you from all others (and ought to be required viewing for all males, great and small!).”

Brad Heyerdahl
Oshawa, Ontario,

She might be alive today with some of these simple things you show in your DVD…

“Years ago I studied Tae-kwon-do and thought I knew a little bit about defending myself. I was deeply mistaken. After watching your DVD’s I now have the confidence I have been missing. Your teaching method is straight forward, no BS and invaluable. Violence has to be met with violence. I feel very confident and I will not become an active participant in any violent sociopath’s idea of killing me. I keep seeing that young lady on the video tape from Florida that was escorted away from behind the car wash and killed. She might be alive today with some of these simple things you show in your DVD.

Terry Brennan
Mequon, WI

I find myself releasing my grip on traditional convention…

“I find myself releasing my grip on traditional convention that I’ve previously learned through 11 years of training in Judo/ Jujitsu…This I did not expect, although I must attest, I am most pleased that things are becoming clearer than I ever knew they could.

Brett M. Hughes
Belle Chasse, LA

Most simple and straight forward information you can get to save your life…

“Unquestionably the most simple and straight forward information you can get to save your life. If you can see through the Hollywood violence of the movies and really wrap your mind around the idea and brutality of ending your killer’s life or at least forever changing the physical characteristics of it, then sign up now. What you learn will change forever how you approach nearly every situation. It IS life changing!”

Chris Stoddard
LaGrange, WY

Erase the lack of confidence in my abilities, regardless of age…

Way above what I expected! It’s obvious that a lot of thought went into the course. The instructors KNOW their information and present it in a way that shows that without being condescending. Your verbal and visual teaching method really worked well for me. Well Done! Ooh-rah! from an old Marine.” “The training restored my confidence in myself. I’m only a couple of years from being 60. It’s been a lot of years since I’ve done violence to anyone. It’s not that you forget how, it’s that you loose confidence in your abilities as you age. Tim, your methods erase the lack of confidence in my abilities, regardless of age. I am also relieved that my wife is no longer afraid — she too has confidence now.”

Michael Cannon
Financial Planner
Stone Mountain, GA

Gets people with no martial arts background to get their strikes’ timing and range right within hours…

“…I highly recommend Tim Larkin’s course to military personnel and civilians. Very realistic and to the point training. One of the things that surprised me was how Tim succeeded to get people with no martial arts background to get their timing and range right within hours. As you know, in most martial arts schools students cannot get it right even after a couple of years.”

Pavel Tsatsouline,
Military and law enforcement tactical strength instructor,
author Martial Power and many other books,
Santa Monica, CA

Life changing experience…

“I have nearly 20 years law enforcement experience and this training is clean cut no BS straight to the point. All those years and not until now that I have a tool I can use and develop. This is the best training I have had. A Life changing experience!”

Mitch Jackson
Customs Officer
Humble, TX

Target Focus™ Training is not about an individual….

Target Focus™ Training is not about an individual. Even though Tim Larkin created it, it truly is a ‘system’ and all the instructors that are part of the team are amazing and in sync. All work off the principles and the systems, and while you see nuances that are exciting in each instructor, there is absolutely no difference in the quality and effectiveness of the training.”

Randy Zales,
President, The Randy Zales Comany
Tampa, FL

Life Changing — Important — Thorough — Complete…

“Awesome — very thorough, very easy to understand. A difficult topic to discuss coming from a white, middle class upbringing. [Class was] challenging but not impossible for any size person, male or female. Life Changing — Important — Thorough — Complete!”

E. David Marinac,
American Built Containment Systems
New York City

No longer will fear getting into a situation where I can’t get to my weapon…

“Being a police officer I thought that my gun was the most lethal weapon. I now know that my brain is the most lethal weapon and I no longer will fear over getting into a situation where I can’t get to my weapon or whether someone attempts to take my weapon. Excellent!”

Aaron Gardiner
Sheriff Deputy
Houston, TX

Shattered my dependence on trying to remember techniques…

“My expectation prior to coming here was to learn a little more than what the videos had conferred. I thought I had a [pretty good] handle on the principles but found out I didn’t know squat. The class has truly been a life changing experience for both my son and me. Needless to say, it exceeded my expectations, far beyond anything I imagined. It completely shattered my dependence on trying to remember techniques…This is light years beyond anything out there.”

David Mullins
Bakersfield, CA

You don’t need to be a world class athlete with superhuman strength, speed or agility to make it work…

“Anyone can learn to do this, and you don’t need to be a world class athlete with superhuman strength, speed or agility to make it work. Tim, you have my unqualified recommendation. I know this is your business, but I really believe you are offering an invaluable service that no one else is offering right now.”

Marcelo Corpuz
Menomonee Falls, WI

Nothing was kept secret…

“Surpassed any expectations that I could have imagined! At last someone tells the truth! Everything was broken down to the simplest of terms and nothing was kept secret from anyone. Well Done!”

William Allen
Mapleton, ME

Removed my ignorance, which in turn removed a great deal of fear…

“You guys strip away preconceived notions I had about violence and put solid facts in their place. [TFT] removed my ignorance, which in turn removed a great deal of fear.”

Matthew Hall
Network Engineer
Denton, TX

It is very safe, with emphasis on control…

“My first experience [with TFT] was life changing. In fact a lot of the principles are diametrically opposed to what they teach you in other martial arts…It is very safe, with emphasis on control. I’ve taken 3 or 4 different versions of martial arts and combat training in the military but none of them prepared me for a real time, on the street, someone sticks a gun in your face, grabs you from behind situation — none of them have prepared me for that like this course did.”

Nick Camp
Marketing Executive
Dallas, TX

No one else is doing this kind of useful training…

Excellent. No one else is doing this kind of useful training. It’s a base knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life. The new format of not working from a strike teaches you not to wait and to get close and inside. You will know how to fight after you complete this course.”

Matt Peters
Dallas, TX

Immediately available to use…there’s no years of schooling or training

How deceptively simple there techniques were to learn and utilize. I thought it would be much more of a training process but the way Tim explains this stuff these things are immediately available to use…there’s no years of schooling or training. It’s a very straightforward, hands-on, ready-to-be-used application. If you have any inkling of wanting to protect yourself or your family, this is a great course. It cuts right to the chase and gives you exactly what you need without a lot of periphery information that is really just technique-based stuff and of no practical use … Tim is a great instructor, very easy to follow, and wonderfully low-keyed in approach.”

Mark Teich
Private Investor
New York, NY

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