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“During the past 20 years my group has seen almost everything while trainng some of the most elite fighters in the world including US Navy SEALS, SWAT teams and even private international government security forces.

“But a while back we were called in to train a private group of Federal Agents and Officers after several members had been killed.

“And what we discovered were top Agents TOTALLY unprepared to deal with vicious life-or-death situations… something they faced almost daily!

And here’s what’s important to you: if these highly-trained Agents weren’t prepared, if they didn’t understand exactly what it takes to keep themselves alive when facing true violence… then it’s likely you don’t either. And that’s why we decided to pull back the curtain and give you a first-of-it’s-kind, front-row seat inside this private training so you become just as effective as these Federal Agents.

Because…Everyone’s anxious to teach you the easy stuff. But when it’s life-on-the-line, kill-or-be-killed, you’ve got to know…


“How To Build An Iron-Cage Of
Protection Around You
And Your Loved Ones Using…
Justified Lethal Force


  • Use too little force, and you could end up at the mercy of a killer,
  • Too much, and you’ll likely see your face plastered across the
    evening news,
  • But there’s a simple solution, one we showed these Federal
    Agents… and it’s exactly the same as what you need to guarantee
    you’re the one who walks away from a horrific situation… alive!

    If you’ll give me just a few minutes, I’ll explain why…

Dear Friend,

We were lost… somewhere out in the wilds of the Western US desert.

We’d been called in to train a group of Federal Agents after 2 of their officers had been killed defending themselves using a popular combat sport the agency had used to train many of it’s agents.

And while it wasn’t “Area 51” it was so isolated and desolate I’m guessing if the US government really did have a spaceship hidden out there, it must have been pretty close by.

And getting lost certainly didn’t help things. It was sometime after 2:30AM before we finally dragged our tired butts into the Federal Training Center!

Yet only 3 1/2 hours later we’re on the floor with these folks…

…and it’s then we realized just how totally unprepared these Agents and Officers were to handle the terrorists, drug dealers and murderers… the very threats you and I depend on them to stop every day.

Don’t misunderstand.

Some people think these Agents have it easy, dealing with illegal border crossing issues and such. You know, the stuff you see on television all the time.

But truth be told, their jobs aren’t about illegal aliens crossing back and forth any more. Add in drugs, and this stuff has now morphed into wickedly twisted violence that reminds you of gangland wars in the United States back in the ‘20s and ‘30s.

It’s a whole new ballgame. Where suddenly…

Even The Hunters Become…
The Hunted

So why weren’t these Agents better prepared to handle the violence they faced almost daily!

2 things…

First, their training involved defensive tactics, martial arts and combat sports.

It was the best money could buy. And there’s nothing wrong with them.

They DO in fact work. In certain situations. It’s just that they don’t work on the very people you need to worry about most. These are the thugs noted above… the murderers, drug dealers, terrorists and their ilk. (Most of these Agents were surprised to see how easy it was for us to “lay” a true System built from the ground up to handle ANY type of violence on top of what they already knew, and quickly ramp their protection skill through the roof — more on this, and how you can do the same thing, in a moment).

The second reason they weren’t better prepared was because top brass was literally afraid of the consequences of these Agents’ potential actions. And that’s largely because…

The Rodney King Incident
Put Every Agent’s Life in Danger!

Back in 1991, a man named Rodney King was stopped and beaten repeatedly by 4 Los Angeles police officers who were later charged with using excessive force.

The incident was broadcast around the globe and forced law enforcement agencies worldwide to completely rethink their use of escalating force as defined in their “Force Continuum” procedures (these are the precise rules an agency’s officers must follow when dealing with an escalating violent situation).

In fact, the biggest thing the top brass at most units were worried about was NOT their officer’s safety… but instead keeping their own butts out of a “legal” sling… and their faces off the nightly news!

But problems quickly surfaced as most Force Continuum procedures were shown to often be woefully inadequate when dealing with the aggressive, non-compliant, asocial element officers were more frequently being called to deal with.

It was certainly a problem for the group we were training (and part of the reason the agents had been killed).

Justified Lethal Force

How The Force Continuum
Failed These Officers… And Why
It Likely Impacts You, Too!

The reason is actually buried right in its name… “continuum.”

See, the Force Continuum usually defines an escalating series of violence, starting at 1 (basic shouting and verbal abuse) and going to 5 (which is what these folks mistakenly consider potential lethal violence).

And that’s the problem. And the best way to understand it is to watch this video clip taken directly from the Agent training. Do it now.

Order Justified Lethal Force>>

As you saw, for the true scum of the criminal world…

There Is NO CONTINUUM! There’s Not Even
Any Escalation
These Misfits Of Society
Go Straight From Being
Social One Moment…
To Dreaded KILLERS…
And They Do It In A Heartbeat!

Here’s the thing.

If these highly trained Federal Agents didn’t get it (it was nearly stunned silence as we explained this), the likelihood is… you don’t either!

Because we all have a tendency to believe criminals think just like we do. But they don’t.

And it’s not your fault for thinking like this. It’s what society has led us to believe. And it’s totally wrong.

It’s likely the reason you may have had that nagging feeling buried in the pit of your stomach that kept telling you regardless of the martial art or combat sport or self defense training you have, you just never felt confident it would be there for you when true violence strikes. And…

It Needlessly Puts You
In Harm’s Way…
Just As It Did To These Agents!

Now, while these folks were stunned at what they didn’t know… they were equally blown away by how fast and easy it was to fill the gaps, and quickly own the skills that completely flip the tables in YOUR favor during an unexpected violent situation.

And… do it WITHOUT the legal liability issues that keeps others laying awake at night.

And I’m betting that’s something you probably find very comforting as well.

Long story short…

Our 3-Day Training
Was Instrumental In Rewriting
The Way Each Agency Trains Today

And had you been there… it would have been just as effective in giving YOU the tools to handle your absolute worst-case nightmare.

these were the most effective days of training in hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon that I, or everyone else, had ever experienced.

Brian (Agent attending the live training),
US Border Patrol

That’s because you’d have found you’re really not as different from these law enforcement agents as you might think.

You might be surprised to find they’ve got many of the same concerns, the same fears, the same questions as you do you.

Unfortunately, no civilians, no military, not even any spec op folks were invited. But as evidenced by the video clips that showed you the stunning power
of the concepts we gave these Agents to easily handle any situation they found themselves in… we were allowed to film the entire training.

And while we had the rights, there simply were no plans to release this program to the public, just to put it out as reference material for this group. But after seeing the finished product and listening to the requests from just some of the more than 33,700 people who watched the video clips you saw, we agreed to release a limited number of sets, allowing you to actually see what really does go on… “behind closed doors.”

And now in this DVD seriesJustified Lethal Force… you’ll join with these Agents as you discover the Principles and Concepts guaranteed to keep them out of trouble, out of Court… and to bring them home ALIVE from every-day jobs that constantly place them squarely in the cross-hairs of violence!

And after seeing just the limited video clips, I suspect you’ve already begun imagining how easy it will be for you to adopt these very same principles, and instantly access & apply them should your life unexpectedly be put on the line.

And something else. Others talk about training military and law enforcement. About having maybe a few guys come in and attend their training. But…

We’re The Ones Actually Invited ON-SITE
At This Federal Facility
To Train Their People
& Other Law Enforcement Agencies…
AND To Film The Whole Thing.

But even this isn’t unusual for us.

Years ago we actually trained… AND FILMED… right on the US Naval base in Coronado, California!

Before we go further I’d like you to see just a small sampling of the things you’ll find on the more than 6 hours of video instruction in this series (besides what you’ve already seen on the video clips):

  1. Why the Federal Law Enforcement “Force Continuum,” the document designed to keep these officers safe under a variety of difficult situations, actually FAILED them! And how you can use this knowledge to save your life in the midst of true life-or-death violence.
  2. The REAL reason violence is neither good nor badand why understanding this gives you a huge leg up against some thug intent on harming you!
  3. The surprising reason PAIN is almost useless as a predictor of who walks away from a life-or-death confrontation. And it’s the very reason why Target Focus Training is totally focused on causing something far more debilitating.
  4. The absolute BEST target you can possibly strike. The answer’s gonna shock you… and… open up the secret to complete and total domination of your attacker.
  5. Cheating at the Duel: it’s a concept you’ve never heard explained before… and it’s the real reason TFT is able to so easily defeat criminal scum.
  6. Why modeling your reactions after those of a convict or a barbarian GUARANTEES you’ll be the one walking away alive. It might make you squeamish… but it works… for anyone!
  7. Here’s 1 fact even the “experts” get wrong: the human body can take one hell of a lot of trauma and keep right on functioning during a lethal struggle. But there’s one thing the body can NOT take… and it’s the one thing Target Focus Training uniquely focuses on. And why you so quickly become effective regardless of the situation or your physical abilities!
  8. The 2 keys to surviving violence. Use them… and you live. But if he claims them first, you die. It really is this simple!
  9. The secret of learning to “feel” an attack. Unlike the movies or sport competition or martial arts where everything to worry about is conveniently in front of you, you’ll likely never see real violence coming. You’ll hear this discussed right up front on DVD #1.
  10. The unique TFT Visual Feedback Loop: How it constantly lets you know if what you’re doing is working. And if not, how to instantly turn things in your favor.
  11. How to instantly choose the right “body tool” for the situation you find yourself in. Some stuff supposed gurus teach is downright stupid (like head butts: why would you risk damaging your most valuable “weapon”… when there’s a much better sequence to choose from).
  12. Learn the REAL reason combat sports and martial arts don’t work in street violence.
  13. The huge takeaway for these Federal Agents… and for you: ignore the tool of violence, and all you’re left with against some asocial criminal are mere social tools. And that’s like taking on a sub-machine gun with little more than a toy pistol!
  14. The surprising secret nobody understands: why causing injury helps keep you from needing to kill. It opened wide the eyes of these Agents… and especially their top brass.
  15. The 1 thing you WON’T find at the beginning of these DVDs that you find at the start of every other self defense series. Others think it’s where you begin. Yet in the heat of battle… it’s the last thing you’d ever need to worry about.
  16. In class, when you see someone ‘going really fast’ or ‘talking a lot’ it means just 1 thing. And it’s that 1 thing that’s guaranteed to get them killed when your life’s on the line. That’s the reason we constantly slow everyone down and allow no talking.
  17. Target Focus Training is based solely on Principles that work in all situations. Now for the first time, in one place: all the TFT PRINCIPLES are laid out side by side, right there in the review at the start of day 2! Each easily picked up, followed, and clearly understood… like breadcrumbs along a trail.
  18. How to simply dispose of someone going for your gun (or anything you might be carrying). “Lose your gun in a struggle and you’ve lost everything!” these Agents are told. But it’s completely WRONG! Fighting over a weapon leads to disaster. And for no reason whatsoever. Because there’s a simple way you’re going to show this a-hole why he just made a fatal mistake!

You’ll also learn to how to use the US Government’s biggest improvement in warfare in the last two decades” to make yourself literally undefeatable, plus the real reason you CAN prevaileven if you’ve been surprised or caught off guard, knocked to the ground… even bloodied up a bit!, and why taking advantage of the somatic-reflex reaction is the only thing that guarantees your survival, regardless of size, athleticism, state-of-mind… or his intent.

What Others Are Saying About
Justified Lethal Force…

We’ve already gotten comments back from some of the first people to watch these videos. Most are blown away by what they’re seeing. Here’s just a sampling of what they had to say…

…the very same information that is given to the experts is given to the ordinary person…

“This is a beautifully clear presentation of what has to be done to save your life in a desperate situation, given to people who may very well expect to face such situations and need the best training possible. That the very same information that is given to the experts, is given to the ordinary person, is very important.”

Ken Bolland
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

…the ONE I could not stop watching!

“I have every DVD series but this was the ONE I could not stop watching. So inspiring that I want to sign up for the mastery class. I especially liked the attention to detail with body positioning and follow through. The material was intense and well constructed. Great job!”

Rudy Martinez
Anaheim, CA

…TFT is the best system for everyone…

“With 36 years in Martial Arts and being the training officer on non-lethal force I have found that TFT is the best system for everyone. Most systems need you to in top physical shape to make their system work. TFT will work for young and old men alike but best of all it works for small women too. It brings officer safety to a new and higher level.”

Stuart Howard
Millington, TN

Another thing.

In the past, a few people have wondered if what they got on our Target Focus Training DVDs was not some watered-down version of the REAL military and law enforcement training.

It’s not.

And you’re about to quickly & dramatically prove it to yourself as you consider more of what’s included in this one-of-a-kind footage:

  1. Discover the irrefutable mechanics of all violent situations. And how you can take advantage of these mechanics of the human body to disable or even kill a violent criminal. With this knowledge, you’ll know exactly how to survive any situation regardless of the variables present!
  2. Instill the opportunistic mindset so you always know which protective actions to take. Because violence is random it’s impossible to train for an infinite number of possible encounters. Instead, you’ll spontaneously take appropriate action without hesitation, regardless of that infinite array of variables.
  3. Learn when to use the tool of violence by applying TFT’s own version of the “force continuum.” There’s no overreacting, no unnecessary crippling injury or death. Learning this cutting edge information showed these Federal Agents how to stay out of a legal quagmire… just as it will you!
  4. Discover THE most effective distance for disabling any violent criminal. Your gut instinct and many self-proclaimed experts have this critical principle completely wrong. And it’s the reason good people get killed!
  5. Learn how to leave a violent criminal in a “non-functional” state. When dealing with multiple attackers (today’s most common situation) you can’t be knocking down the same person over and over.
  6. With Target Focus Training months & years of memorization is a thing of the past. It’s the difference between a “technique based” self-defense course and a “principle based” system. The principle-based TFT system allows you to spontaneously adapt to any violent encounter regardless of the variables of the particular situation.
  7. Harness the most important 3 elements of successfully delivering devastating trauma. You’ll masterfully inflict brutal destruction upon the most violent of socio-pathic criminals… regardless of your size… or theirs!
  8. Learn to take control of this 1 physiological phenomenon, consistent in every human body, and you develop precise, methodical and masterful control over any violent criminal!
  9. Switch off a violent criminal’s conscious control of his body and control him like a puppet… even if he’s 3 times your size and strength and coming off a drug-induced high. It’s easy once you see how!
  10. Discover why training for the “worst-case-scenario” is the critical ingredient in destroying the “brain-disconnect” phenomenon. Thinking you can ramp it up as needed is guaranteed disaster. It never happens.
  11. Learn the life-saving difference between punching, kicking and actual body traumatizing striking-dynamics. The last thing you want is to cause just enough pain to piss off a violent criminal!
  12. How to download directly into your brain the 1 single concept that has you seeing a violent criminal through the eyes of a devastatingly effective combat fighting machine! Suddenly… he’s nothing but prey!
  13. And much, MUCH more!

Order Justified Lethal Force>>

A Special Audio Recording.

If you’re someone who prefers listening rather than watching, you might want to check out the following .mp3 audio recording.

It helps you understand a bit more just why this special training, unlike everything else you might have seen, is guaranteed to keep you alive in an all-out, life-or-death confrontation.

Click the play button to listen as Tim Larkin talks about the making of Justified Lethal Force & why you might want to have your own personal copy even if you have other TFT DVDs. It’s about 30 minutes long, so please allow it a minute or two to download. >>

Now, obviously there were a few things we just couldn’t show because of security issues.

And since we did a lot of environmental training in places like trucks, train cars & buses as well as on every conceivable terrain imaginable, we couldn’t stop the class to set up cameras, mics and other equipment. Filming was secondary to the instruction.

Still, you’ll see situational settings and hear instruction never included on any other TFT product (or any other product period)… whether offered live training or on DVD!

Here’s What You’ll Find
In This Unique Package!

Originally we shot more than 15 hours of video, then distilled that to just 9 hours of non-stop instruction.

But since many people have asked for a slightly shorter set of videos, we spent another week just combing through everything again, striping out anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary to come up with the jam-packed, instruction-dense 6+ hours final version.

It’s not only everything you need to walk away with a crystal clear understanding of what true Justified Lethal Force is about but also why you must use the EXACT same methodology when dealing with violence as these front-line defenders use.

And I’m guessing it won’t be a surprise when you discover size, speed and athletic ability aren’t a factor for these men and women… any more than they are for you.

And remember, the more you see this system in action, from as many different angles and perspectives as possible, the more it permanently becomes part of your unconscious response should you ever unexpectedly come face-to-face with deadly violence! It’s why this set so perfectly reinforces what you may have seen on other TFT DVDs.

Justified Lethal Force Self Defense DVD Now, here’s the thing: Many people also stressed the desire to have fewer DVDs to take in and out of their player. So for this one we decided to change technology a bit and put at least 2 hours of video on a longer-playing DVD so you won’t have as many disks to keep track of. Doing this, we were able to get all 6+ hours onto 3 jam-packed DVD’s. Each long-playing DVD has been tested & guaranteed to work in your video player.

And we’ve taken the time to include plenty of “markers” on each disk so you can quickly return to a particular spot without experiencing the frustrating waste of your valuable time fast forwarding all over the DVD.

Order Justified Lethal Force>>
So What’s Your Investment?

To listen in on just the 6 hours of instructional material we pulled from the 3-day training session these US Federal Agents received would cost you a minimum of $250 a day. Of course, that’s if you could get in to hear it… which you couldn’t. That privilege was reserved for the handful of Agents selected from around the country who attended the training.

At that rate this set would cost around $750… and be worth every dollar. Just ask the Agents that attended.

And while it’s true that none of our materials are inexpensive in absolute dollar-terms, when you look at them in terms of real value they’re actually a steal because you learn everything you need in one, concise place.

And considering the value of your life or the life of a loved one… well, there’s no way to even compare it when you consider that even a single Principle from this training could easily mean the difference between living and dying.

After considering this, we decided to set the price for the set at $297.

But here’s the thing: during this introductory period we’re really looking to collect more customer comments about the Series, and to do that I’m willing to make you an absolutely irresistible offer of just $197. That’s a full $100.00 off the regular price once the introductory period ends!

But as soon as we get the number of comments we’re after, this package goes up to it’s full price.

So take advantage of your special $197 introductory investment today. You may choose either the paid-in-full or 4-payment option below.

Let’s Wrap This Up.

Look, if you’re not ready to do whatever it takes to save your life or the life of a loved one should you suddenly be thrust into a head-on collision with some ruthless punk that doesn’t give a damn about you, then you’re not ready for this Program.

People who come to us have had guns drawn, knives pulled, they’ve been beaten with clubs and generally had others beat them down. And these folks never question the need to know this material… even if they found about it AFTER they really needed it.

You, on the other hand, have a unique opportunity to get it now, before something happens that you’re totally unprepared to deal with, something your years of MA training or combat sports training simply was never designed to stop.

If understanding… with 100% absolute certainty… exactly what to do to save your life is important… to you, to your family and to your friends, then this is the only training that GUARANTEES you’ll be the one that walks away.

And I’m guessing since you’re read this far that this isn’t something you’re willing to simply leave to chance.

So don’t delay. Act today to make sure you’re the one who understands how to use Justified Lethal Force.

Personal regards,

Tim Larkin

Tim Larkin

PS. Of course, our usual TFT guarantee applies to this series, as it does with all our products.

Take up to an entire year to play these DVDs… as often as you wish… picking out each and every nugget of life-saving information no one else in the industry will even talk about. Share them with your friends and colleagues. Put them to the test.

And if after all that time you’re not satisfied, for any reason, if you think anything I’ve portrayed here isn’t accurate, then I insist you pack ’em back up and send them straight to me, and I’ll see you get a complete refund of your investment. I think you’ve got to agree… there’s really no way I can be any fairer than that. If there’s any risk at all, I want to be all on my shoulders, right where it should be!

So order your copy today… with complete confidence.

PPS. As a final bonus for sticking with me here:  when you order today, I’ll include, FREE, a certificate that lets you join me and one of my other Master Instructors on a live, 90-minute, Justified Lethal Force and teleeconference call.

We’ll discuss how you can best master and apply the details found in this highly unique Program. And we’ll allow plenty of time for you to ask any questions you’ve got. And one thing you’ll find… we never dodge a question. No matter how difficult. By now you understand we tell it exactly like it is… even if it’s not what some people want to hear.

When your life’s on the line… you must know the truth in order to survive!

Now, I plan to limit participation in this call to just the next 50 people who reserve their copy of this program. So grab a set now… spend some time with it… then plan to join us as we answer your questions (and give you some inside skinny that never made it onto the DVDs). Just click on one of the links above.

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