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Lethal Leverage

Finally… the REAL TRUTH about Leverage
like you’ve never seen it explained before.

How To Instantly Hobble, Cripple
Or Destroy Your Adversary…
Using Joint Breaking Secrets Of
The Smartest… Most Street-Savvy…
Most Successful Fighters
in The World”

Now, with the release of this remarkable new program
you can quickly and easily use the
power of leverage to instantaneously end a
bar fight, a sporting competition… even a brutal
life-or-death attack against a loved one.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday evening, 9:33PM
From: Tim Larkin

Dear Friend,

I don’t care if you’re facing a sociopathic thug in a life-or-death confrontation, going for gold in a combat sport or martial art championship, or restraining a criminal in a SWAT team bust…

tim larkin
In Each Case, The One Surprising
Secret To Your Success Is EXACTLY The Same…

It’s Knowing How To BREAK Any Joint
In The Human Body…

You may find this shocking… even bizarre, especially if you’re a sport martial artist… but allow me a few minutes and I’ll not only prove to you that it’s true, I’ll show you how to slice through the shroud of complexity surrounding this crucial skill set and quickly incorporate these concepts into your current training. In fact, you’ll be furious that no one has ever shown it to you like this before.

Here’s what it’s all about: Outside of a weapon (which is why I released my Target Focus Training (TFT) Nuclear Weapons program earlier this year; see the order form if you don’t have this package), nothing ends a violent confrontation quicker than massive trauma to your assailant’s joints.

In an instant, you destroy his entire physical foundation… and with it, his ability to harm you or your loved ones.

But what few understand is that…

It’s Vitally Important You Apply These Same, Simple
Principles of Joint Breaking…

…even if you’re only looking to restrain someone… or to win a competitive sporting event!

Why… if you’re never gonna actually break someone’s joint? There are two reasons:

1: You MUST know the DIFFERENCE!

In Target Focus Training we teach you how to kill someone… right from the get go.

We don’t do it because we EXPECT you to go out and kill someone after you learn how.

Instead we teach this so that if you’re face-to-face with unavoidable violence and you MUST take another human life to save yours, you can do it… instantly… without fear or hesitation!

Likewise, if the situation does NOT warrant the taking of a life, then you know for certain NOT to do the things that might kill. You avoid something as simple as a shot to the heart… understanding this might trigger a fatal reaction in someone with a congenital defect. You do things that avoid lethal reactions because you KNOW the line between killing and not killing.

And it’s the same… with Lethal Leverage.

Once you understand how to use it to cause massive trauma in the body, then if your goal is NOT to break a joint but simply to apply a submission hold or use pain compliance, this knowledge assures you don’t break that joint. It guarantees you don’t have “accidents” that can cause legal problems if you’re in law enforcement… or serious injuries to your workout partner or your competition if you’re in martial arts or combat sports.

There’s also the fact…

2: You never know! Caught in a true life-or-death struggle, knowing this just may save your life! We’ll come back to this later. But first, there’s a bigger issue looming.

It’s simply this…

If learning how joint’s break is so vitally important… why is it that when you watch any combat sporting event or a group of cops trying to subdue a suspect or you talk with someone who’s been in a criminal confrontation… do you quickly realize…

Hardly Anyone Understands
How To Make Leverage Work!

If it’s so damned important, why can’t anyone get it right?
Because of a huge problem… and a major misconception, that’s why. Let’s look at each.

The Huge Problem: Everything you have been taught about joint manipulation is HOPELESSLY COMPLICATED!
… easily understood explanation of this complex topic…

“…I’ve studied martial arts for 15 years, have done undergraduate and grad work in exercise science and am a personal trainer who’s sat for every major certification exam, but when it comes to understanding leverages as they relate to human anatomy and movement, I have yet to come across a professor or text that has so simply explained this complex topic as this package has….TFT has simplified, without homogenizing, very complex information so you can understand its relevance to joint breaking.”

James Jankiewicz, BS, CSCS, ACE, ACSM, NASM
Plus One at Goldman Sachs
New York, NY

Everyone teaching joint breaking or joint manipulation… or any type of leverage… makes it FAR TOO DIFFICULT. They simply don’t get it. It’s like everything’s meant to confuse… not help you!

Instructors teach you a 1,000 different ways — basically, a 1,000 different techniques — to break or manipulate the joints in the human body.

But you can’t possibly remember all this stuff. Hell, even I couldn’t… and I know it backwards and forwards.

And even if through some freaky magical quirk you could memorize it all, there’s no way you could put it to use in a real-world situation. Under high-stress you WON’T recall even a fraction of what you learned… certainly not THE ONE technique you need for the situation you find yourself in! It’ll never happen.

I was discussing this subject on a teleconference call the other day with two of my Master Instructors when one of the guys commented:

“I literally sat and watched a Jujitsu class — I was there for probably 15 or 20 minutes — while these guys were rehearsing a particular shoulder wrench, I guess you could call it.

“The instructors proceeded to show 13 different variations on it. I counted them. Each one was unique — yet technically, each did the EXACT same thing!

“The students were just floored with the number of options they needed to master. And they were doomed to failure because there was nobody trying to show them a clear path to understanding joint manipulation as a series of principles NOT techniques.”

Here’s the TRUTH: Complex systems arise from simple rules. There aren’t 1000’s of ways to break joints. What you’re about to discover is… there is only ONE… and within that one there are just six ways to accomplish it. That’s all!

What you must learn (and we give you) are a handful of quickly learned, easily remembered PRINCIPLES… not a gaggle of rapidly forgotten, virtually useless techniques.

You can then instantly apply any principle of joint breaking to any situation… right on the fly with just minimal training… even if you’ve never used leverage before in your life.

Lethal Leverage

Lethal Leverage DVD Set

The Major Misconception: “Everyone knows you can’t make joint manipulation work in a REAL fight!”

Probably the number one excuse I hear (you’ve probably heard it, too) throughout the Martial Arts and Combat Sports world as well as those concerned with violence, is this:

“Everyone knows you can’t do leverage or joint manipulating in a REAL fight! You just can’t. It’s something I practice and wish I could. I know my ‘master’ can because he does it to me really hard in practice. But unless you’re at his kind of level or have been studying for 20 years, you’re simply not going to be able to do it in a REAL fight.”

Sadly, this is just ignorance… the blind leading the blind.

The reason this attitude is so prevalent? No one is teaching the ONE critical thing you MUST always do to set up to manipulate or break a joint.

It’s something I can (and will) teach you… in only minutes.

If you don’t do it… well, then they’re right… leverage WILL NEVER WORK for you.

Without it… you’re screwed. With it… you can execute any type of joint manipulation or break under any circumstance, every time… no matter how big or strong or crazy the other guy is. It’s the missing piece to a puzzle most never put together.

Why I’m Releasing This New Lethal Leverage Product
For You At This Time…

I’ve taught the Principles involved in joint breaking and manipulation in private sessions for years but it wasn’t until we created the TFT Mastery Program that I decided to release this material directly to you. Before I describe what this exciting new product allows you to do, let me back up for just a moment and explain why you should be listening to me now.

You may already know of me or my principle-based Personal Protection System called Target Focus Training. It teaches you how to defeat anyone intent on harming you in a life-threatening situation.

I’ve taught it to more than 5,500 individuals worldwide in everything from 1-day intensive classes… to $1,500.00, 21Z?2-day live camps… to $10,000.00, 2-4 person, 2-day private training sessions. Unquestionable, these live trainings are expensive in absolute dollars. But when you consider the results — that it’s guaranteed to work for anyone, under any circumstance — well, it’s damned cheap!

Oh, I have my critics who whine, “Nothing works all the time!” But none of them has ever attended a live session, hiding instead behind ignorance. Think about it: if my system didn’t work, I’d be out of business because I guarantee each training right up to the last minute of class.

So, How’d I Get Here?

I served as Special Warfare Intelligence Officer for the Commander at Naval Special Warfare Command working for Admiral LeMoyne, helping rewrite the way the US Special Operations Community learned hand-to-weapon combat.

I spent years training the most elite commandos including US Navy SEALs, ‘Green Berets’, Delta Force and US Army Special Forces how to use a Principles-based fighting system including joint breaking tactics that instantly left opponents not just disabled… but destroyed.

My focus shifted after the ‘9-11’ disaster to teaching these same principles to CEO’s and top executives from corporations such as Ford, Sony and Oracle, major international organizations like the Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO) and Young Presidents Organization (YPO), as well as select groups of civilians, like yourself, especially those considered “targets” by thugs and terrorists.

I don’t make a big deal of my history training the military (there is lots more) because none of that it helps you survive a street confrontation tonight.

It’s far more important you understand what I taught hundreds of folks just like you in Europe, China, Hong Kong, India and many other countries the past 6 months about staying alive in worst-case international situations or the special class of Wall Street traders in New York City still fearful years after the World Trade Center events than what I did with a Spec Op team 15 years ago with the Navy.

Unlike other programs, Target Focus Training is based in science (it’s simply physics and physiology), and requires extensive training and coursework to teach effectively. That’s why I’m surrounded by an incredible array of instructors averaging more than 10 years of experience. Surprising, most aren’t ‘jocks’! In fact, many have advanced degrees (five even have PhD’s). It’s very easy for you to learn the system… it’s just very difficult to learn to teach it.

Still, we can’t train everyone personally.

That’s why I began releasing videos of some system material… but never a Program on joint manipulation or joint breaking before.

What jolted me into changing my videotaping priorities and making this information available was a grueling, 57-day extended training across the world… one that took me to London; through multiple stops in the Far East including Hong Kong and Beijing, China; and eventually on to India.

During this time I missed our first ever TFT Mastery-Only training session in Las Vegas. At this event two of my Master Instructors decided to do a 10-minute, impromptu overview of the entire leverage and joint breaking process on the afternoon of the second day after getting several questions about it.

Until then, Mastery participant had never heard the complete explanation of how leverage works. Wow! Talk about reactions! Afterward I read comments like,

“In 10 minutes you guys [the instructors] explained what I had struggled for more than 3 years trying to learn in [name of his martial art]!”

And… “Incredible class. This is why I joined Mastery… highlight was the explanation of leverage and joint breaking. I’ve never heard anyone ever explain it like that. I get it — finally!”

Well, maybe I’d just gotten too busy and not thought about it but if my Mastery students were that impressed, I could easily imagine the reaction you would have. I emailed my Instructors that night, we held a long-distance tele-conference call two days later, and… TFT Lethal Leverage was born!

Our Goal Was To Hand You Tool That Distills
The Absurdly Complex World Of Joint Manipulation…
Down To A Few Easily Understood
Principles And Applications

What Lethal Leverage does is teach you to manipulate joints the way a Grandmaster learns chess.

See, one way to learn chess is to memorize all possible games — a daunting task, as there are more possible games of chess than there are particles in the Universe.

Instead you learn the few simple rules that all those possible games have in common — “the rules of chess.” And now you could create every single possible game.

Lethal Leverage gives you this same power over the realm of joint manipulation.

Instead of making you memorize thick books and hours of video — with thousands of techniques — we show you the few simple rules that govern all possible joint breaks or submission holds.

You then can break or manipulate any joint in the human body in every way possible.

There’s no reason to fork over $1,000’s of dollars and half your life to those who have you believe this is a costly process requiring just short of forever to get it right!

The tools in this Program de-mystify and simplify Lethal Leverage — proving to you that it doesn’t require long training or great coordination or physical fitness or even particular skill. You CAN do it… regardless of your background or skill level.

And… This New Lethal Leverage Program Uses
A Revolutionary Approach To Encompass ALL Areas
Of Fighting… From Life-Or-Death Confrontation
To Competitive Sports!

It breaks totally new ground, showing you information that no one… outside perhaps the medical community… even understands.

For the first time we are releasing material that is equally useable if you are in a competitive sport situation or you’re looking to restrain an individual or you want to make sure YOU can defeat some butt-headed thug confronting you or a loved one in an unavoidable violent confrontation.

Some Of The Specifics You’ll Find On These
Joint Breaking Videos

There’s a lot of information jammed into this new Program. Here’s just a partial list of some of what you’ll find:

  1. Why breaking a neck and busting an elbow seem totally unrelated but, in fact, unfold from the same basis… and how this makes the entire process of joint manipulation incredibly easy for you to learn.
  2. The ONE way to break a joint… and the 6 methods to get there. That’s all there is to dismembering any joint or gaining instant compliance (NOT the 1,000’s of technique you’ve been led to believe).
  3. The ONE ACTION that makes all joint manipulation possible… and why you CAN make it work in any situation. Without this, it’s all just a waste of your time. With it… you totally control your opponent. It really IS this simple.
  4. How to assure your opponent generates HALF the force YOU need… to break or manipulate his own joint!
  5. The Triad of Violence: why it powers everything from striking your opponent to joint breaking and throwing. It’s the secret to making it ALL work for you… in a competition on the mats or a confrontation in the parking lot.
  6. The two things required to actually break a joint. Everyone focuses on one… but without the other you’re likely just caught in a harmless wrestling match! (Worse… if this is a violent conflict… you’re most likely DEAD!)
  7. How to use your own secret “GRAVITY WELL” to generate far more force than your muscular strength alone can create.
  8. The REAL reason you must use your muscular strength to clamp down on his ‘lever arm.’ (Others have you use your strength as the ‘tool’ that does the joint manipulation or break. You’ll quickly see why they’re completely wrong!)
  9. Why you must remove flexibility from the joint manipulation ‘equation.’ (Screw this one up and you virtually guarantee your attempts at using leverage will fail!)
  10. The simple secret, revealed for the first time on these videos, that lets YOU replicate any leverageover and over, even on the fly… with 100% certainty.
  11. How to easily take advantage of the fact that “muscle tissue suddenly stretched beyond normal will… grab” to effectively execute that troublesome joint manipulation you can never make work!
  12. Why a perfectly executed joint break… amazingly… looks like a “punch into thin air!”
  13. The Hand-Jive Mnemonic: your secret base-leverage “decoder” that guarantees you never forget any of the leverage positions!
  14. How to properly SET a leverage to assure his joint breaks every time! (Do this right and… surprisingly… it doesn’t matter where the force comes from).
  15. Why you NEVER, EVER let your practice partner determine when you release a leverage hold. (In a real life attack… this can be the difference in living or dying!)
  16. The Three Degrees of Freedom: your private roadmap to executing any joint break or joint manipulation.
  17. How to ensure you’re ALWAYS the one in control of a violent situation. Do this first, and you virtually guarantee you’ll overwhelm your assailant. Ignore it… and everything becomes a crap-shoot. You’d better be bigger, faster and stronger.
  18. The shocking reasons why your best ‘model’ for victory in a violent confrontation… is a prison-hardened, sociopathic criminal.
  19. The ONE CONSTANT you can always count on… regardless of the situation… to complete a joint break.
  20. Why you don’t need to be big and strong to break joints! (The surprising minimum weight you need to generate all the force it takes to crush any joint).
  21. The ONE thing that MUST happen to the lever you use in a joint break situation… and why this is the exact opposite of what happens to any other lever you’ve used before in your life!)
  22. 4 secrets to gaining maximum force and assuring you break a joint (or cause devastating pain in a submission or restraint).
  23. How to bring your body’s natural mechanical advantage into play and make joint manipulation 100 times easier. (Surprisingly, everyone keeps ignoring this!)
  24. To move an everyday object, your “lever arm” MUST do the work for you or it’s useless. But in joint breaking… that same work… is “a recipe for disaster.”
  25. Why a tight fist = rigid structure = broken joint!
  26. The surprising reason Target Focus Training has you work out to Classical music (and not in total silence or to hard rock)!
  27. Why the correct use of violence must be in your “ultimate survival tool box.” Almost everyone mistakenly stigmatizes it as bad when, in fact, it’s neither good nor bad. Now you’ll know why.
  28. The amazing secret a boxing match… in particular, the Bernard Hopkins-Oscar De La Hoya championship fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on September 18, 2004… can teach you about using leverage in any situation (sporting or otherwise)!
  29. The two major advantages striking targets (and causing “spinal reflex reactions”) gives you… and how this dramatically improves your joint breaking ability 1,000 fold.
  30. Demystifying the use of LEVERS in any type of joint manipulation or breaking.
  31. The one thing that invariably determines the outcome of a violent confrontation… (it’s NOT pain or discomfort).
  32. The secrets to safely training for violent situations… without causing harm to your partner.
  33. The astonishing reason why STRIKING is directly related to the ripping and tearing of joints… and why a ‘perfect’ striking motion results in a perfect joint break!!
  34. Which is more useful… breaking his ankle or breaking the knee? The surprising answer most simply cannot understand.
  35. TWO critical reasons you want BOTH hands on the ‘lever’ you’re trying to manipulate or break. One is obvious… but the other… is the secret that lets you bring devastating force into the joint breaking process!
  36. Why “pathological limits” hold the key to ALL successful joint manipulations. (For the first time, you’ll clearly understand the TRUE limits of each joint).
More Of What You’ll Learn

If you’re a martial artist or sport practitioner or if you’re involved in law enforcement or the military, here’s more of what you’ll find in Lethal Leverage that will be of particular interest to you:

  1. Joint Breaking ENHANCES what you already know. By taking information you already have and techniques you already know, you will now understand the mechanics of why these techniques are successful, not just, “Well, if I twist it like this, it works.” Once you understand how something works you can then begin to manipulate it… and play with the rules that drive the ‘game.’ This gives you virtually an UNFAIR advantage over the other guy who hasn’t a clue as to what you’re doing.
    If your opponent only knows specific techniques
    but you are capable of deriving every
    single joint manipulation technique in the universe,
    then you own a significant advantage!
    That’s the advantage Lethal Leverage gives you!
  2. This Program shows you how to create — on the fly — new techniques you’ve never been shown before, techniques you may not have even known existed… until you just created them!
  3. Finally, we show you how to take what you already know or have now learned about submission holds or joint manipulation and show you how to turn that into lethal applications!It’s the flip side of what we’ve talked about here: You learn how to easily magnify what you know, increase the power with which you use it and effectively cause intense trauma to the other guy.Now you’ll actually put your training in a martial art or combat sport to use, on the street… again, on the fly… in an actual life-or-death situation.What you knew as joint manipulation and submission… you’ll now know how to turn into Joint Breaking.
And you’ll be able to make that switch
whether you’re in the ring
practicing with you buddies
and you don’t really want to hurt anybody OR
you’re out in the street
and somebody comes up and wants to
knife you to death or threaten your kids.

REMEMBER: We call this program Lethal Leverage because we’re interested in its entire application. Everything in Target Focus Training is designed to handle life-or-death situations. On the videos we show you how to take everything well beyond pathological limits… breaking and ripping and tearing joints out… for purposes of survival only!

But this Product offers equally useful information for a combat sport practitioner who only wants to emphasize submission-type holds. You can ALWAYS back things off. It’s just that you can never escalate a lethal confrontation to full Joint Breaking… if you’ve never practiced to do that.

“These videos take something ‘squishy’
and make it grisly effective.”

TFT Master Instructor,
Chris Ranck-Buhr

So… Where Did This Program
Come From?

You may be wondering, “Where did this information come from? Where did you get it… from some ancient martial art or super-secret fighting sect?”

Wouldn’t that be great…

Archaeologists Discover Secrets Of Joint Breaking
Hidden In 3,000-Year-Old Cave!

Sorry… but it didn’t happen that way.

Lethal Leverage came from analyzing the way multiple disciplines like medical science, trauma, physics and others interact simultaneously with each other (rather than looking at each of them one at a time), then simply applying the resulting principles we discovered to fighting.

joint breaking diagram

You can readily find all this information in medical textbooks and other areas. But this is the only place you’ll see it put together like this… in a way that literally hands it to you ready to use, as is… no work required on your part.

Unsure? Then go look this stuff up. You’ll need a bunch of different source texts but you’ll find everything’s out there… in the medical community, in the scientific world. It’s all there in the literature.

We’ve just taken information from many disciplines, stuff that’s been available for a long time, and combined it for use in unavoidable violence in ways no one has ever looked at before. And it just happens to work within ANY discipline… whether life-or-death, sport-based or other.

“Ya, But It Won’t Work
Against Some Drug-Crazed Lunatic”

Joint Breaking also answers the argument some try and use to discredit TFT’s focus on striking targets. They say, “It simply won’t work against someone who’s impervious to pain.”

But they’re dead wrong… because they ignore the difference between pain… and injury.

You see, pain hurts. But it’s subjective. It doesn’t work on everyone, all of the time.

Injury does. In our case here, a broken joint offers several immediate advantages:

1. A broken joint causes a spinal reflex reaction.

An injury forces your assailant’s body to move in an involuntary, predictable fashion. This means YOU are in control.

2. A broken joint does not function.

Once a joint is broken, recovery is impossible.

Some goon can’t run with a broken ankle. He can’t point a gun with a dislocated shoulder.

After the spinal reflex reaction, this is why we bother breaking joints at all. You are literally tearing his body apart and denying him the use of it. A broken joint is useless.

3. A broken joint is objective.

When a joint is broken, everyone agrees… an injury has occurred.
When a football player on TV takes a full body shot to the side of his knee and it folds in half the wrong way, everyone watching knows exactly what just happened. We all feel the same chill freeze our blood simultaneously. We aren’t troubled with the subjectivity of pain… “Hey, does it hurt?” Who cares… it’s broken!

Lethal Leverage is one reason TFT works… in any situation… against any aggressor.

“Okay Then… What Am I Going To Get
Delivered To My Front Door?”

Here’s what you’ll find when you pop open the box containing this revolutionary new TFT Joint Breaking package:

Part I: Five DVDs

Disk 1: As we did with our TFT ‘Nuclear’ Weapons package, we’ve taken all the principles related to Joint Breaking and packed them onto ONE disk. This way we’re certain you completely understand the foundational elements that make this program so effective and easy to understand. Without the principles… everything else is useless.

I know… you’re gonna want to race ahead and get to the ‘good’ stuff (the application) but a word of caution… DON’T! It’s ALL about principles. Memorized techniques do you no good in “crunch time” without a base knowledge of why you’re doing them. Like building a multi-story house… if you screw up the foundation, the building won’t stand. But get that part right and the rest is relatively easy. Same thing here! Watch this one first.

Disks 2-5: Here you’ll see the actual joint breaking and manipulation base leverages in action. Most people are shocked to learn there are only six. On these videos you see many applications of these six. You may have seen a wrist break shown dozens of different ways, each one seemingly totally unique. But you’re about to learn for the first time how all those seemingly unrelated techniques in fact share very similar traits… traits that make them very easy to learn and implement once we give you the key that links them all together. No one has ever explained this information to you like this before.

More planning went into this Program than probably any other video package we’ve ever released. On each video or DVD you’ll clearly see explanations of all joint breaks through the ‘eye’ of THREE different camera angles. These alternate views of each aspect of the joint breaking process assure you’ll quickly understand exactly how to execute any one of the leverages. In addition, we’ve utilized “picture-in-picture” technology on the DVD’s for the first time in any of our products. This let’s you clearly see the intricate details of a leverage while at the same time maintaining the perspective of how it fits into the overall movement itself. This certainly added to the time and cost to produce this series but as you watch, I believe you’ll agree it offers a step-function increase in your ability to grasp these concepts quickly and easily.

Again… Just be sure to keep one thing in mind

ALL TFT products are designed to show you how to stop a sociopathic criminal dead in his tracks. Everything included gives you exactly what you need to not only survive an encounter with this butt-head but beat him at his own game.

That means we pull no punches in showing you this stuff… anything from a knee blown out to the side… to a lethal strike. We clearly explain what you’re seeing… and why. There’s no need to take things to these limits if that doesn’t fit your situation. But that’s the key… it’s YOUR decision and depends on YOUR circumstance.

This program IS different from other TFT products in that we realize you may be watching with NO intention whatsoever of damaging someone’s joints. We clearly explain these differences and why what you’re learning is appropriate for ALL situations.

Just don’t be offended by what you see.

Part II: The TFT Lethal Leverage Manual

The manual accompanying your videos is unique in that it’s a true supplement to the disks… not some quickly-slapped-together reference guide. Either one — used alone — leads to gaps in your understanding.

The manual itself goes into great detail on points that are merely mentioned in the video. Likewise, reading the manual without seeing the principles applied to a human body in real-time makes everything unnecessarily abstract.

Perhaps most unique are the illustrations throughout the manual. To fully comprehend joint breaking and joint manipulation you MUST “see” the bones of the body and how they react. That’s why we commissioned a professional artist to create the individual illustrations… each showing in intimate detail precisely how the joints of the body react to each manipulation.

You’ve never seen this in a program of this type. And it’s this attention to detail that assures you understand how to execute any joint break or joint manipulation in even the most stressful real-world situation… even if you consider yourself a total klutz and have NEVER been able to do this even once in the past.

The manual is the thought… the video, the action!
You need them both.

This Program is far and away the most complete Leverage and Joint Breaking program ever created. Nothing is left out or missing… we’ve held nothing back.

When you’re finished you WILL know how to manipulate or break any joint in the human body… at will, on the fly, whenever you want or need to.

You could spend $1,000’s of dollars attempting to learn this material in Martial Arts classes, spending months (and more likely, years) and STILL only knowing a fraction of what you’ll learn from this one program.

Lethal Leverage gives you so much knowledge, you’ll actually learn how to create your own techniques… right in the midst of a criminal attack or sporting competition!

And you learn all this… and how to apply it… literally in a matter of hours! Not months or years. Just HOURS!

Considering the information AND the massive time savings you’ll experience, I’ve seriously looked at pricing this entire program — the 5 videos or DVDs and the manual — at a flat $500.00. Once you finish reviewing it, you’ll understand why.

If we taught you this material personally… even spending just a few hours… you’d spend anywhere from $1,200.00 to $2,000.00 with us. So at just $500… it’s truly a no-brainer, must-have Program.

Still, I realize at this price many people… possibly even you… won’t take advantage of this opportunity… even given the value I’ve just described.

So I’ve decided to experiment with what some are calling a rather daring test that can put this program into your hands for a lot less. But I want to stress… it’s ONLY a test. That means I’m only offering it for a short while, then evaluating the results. If it doesn’t work… I pull the plug on the test.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

For the next 90 days, I’ll whack the $500.00 price in more than half… cutting it to just $197.

For you, it’s an unbeatable price.

For me? Here’s my thinking. Once you see the value in this new Joint Breaking program, I honestly feel you’ll want more of the TFT arsenal… like the new Striking video we have in the works, an expanded version of the Weapons program or perhaps attending a Live Training session.

That’s what I’m counting on.

At the end of 90 days… maybe less… I’ll evaluate whether letting Lethal Leverage out at $197 was a smart move, long term. If it isn’t, then I bump the price and we move on. Simple as that.

Order Joint Breaking Now

The clock’s ticking now. To guarantee your $197 price, you need to nab a package today.

As I’ve explained, the Lethal Leverage videos are complete as is. But all of us involved in putting this production together were really pumped about making sure you got everything possible from this new product.

So don’t wait if you want one of these Joint Breaking sets at the trial price and including this special bonus.

Click the Button Below to Order it now.

Buy Now TFT Joint Breaking Package

One more thing. As with all TFT products, you don’t risk a penny because…

With My 1-FULL-YEAR, Rock-Solid, No-BS,
I-Shoulder-The-Risk GUARANTEE
You Can Test Drive This New Program…
At My Expense, If You Choose.

With other products Guarantees Keep Getting Shorter… even disappearing!

We don’t operate like that. Never have; never will.

My live training seminars are the only ones anywhere that offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee right up to the last minute of class — all 2 1/2 days! No one else even tries to match me.

And I want you to have the same level of confidence with this new program.

So here’s what I want you to do: Order this new Lethal Leverage package. Then take you time… watch the DVDs or videos and read through the Supplemental Manual in its entirety. Then go back through everything a second, even a third time. There’s no rush because you’ve got a full 360 days to examine everything risk-free!

If at the end of that time you’re not 100% convinced… beyond a shadow of a doubt… that this program has given you the foundational knowledge and skills to dissect, create and execute any joint break (if you’re in a life-or-death confrontation) or leverage (if you’re a combat sport martial artist or law enforcement officer), then I’ll buy the entire package back (less any shipping) — no questions asked.

As always… this is more than a guarantee: it’s my personal promise… to you.

There always are a few folks who try and rip me off with this generous guarantee but I know once I prove my Program to you, you’ll do the right thing. Regardless, you haven’t risked a dime.

Now… Eliminate A Lifetime Of Confusion…
In Just One Evening!

The confusion surrounding joint manipulation borders on ridiculous. And not a bit of it is your fault either. Until now you’ve dealt with instructors who simply didn’t understand the foundational basics of ALL joint manipulation. Not any more!

With this Joint Breaking Program, YOU will know more than 99% of those teaching this stuff, even if they’ve been at it for years. That because you’ll not only know the “HOW” behind all of this… but more importantly the “WHY” as well.

All from a single Program. Years of training are distilled into a quickly learned, easily mastered system that YOU can use regardless of your background.

If you have no experience whatsoever, this Program give you the fundamental tools needed to break every joint in the human body. If you’re a martial artist or sport practitioner, it’s a tool that greatly increases your ability, a system that takes what you know right NOW and makes you far better! With this information you have a HUGE advantage over your opponent. Same thing if you’re in law enforcement or involved with restraint of any kind.

And of course, like all TFT products, Lethal Leverage gives you the tools to handle any life-or-death confrontation. Before this you might have known that a knee could break but not have the confidence to execute it in a violent situation. Now you will… without thinking twice about it.

Once you learn how to break any joint in the body — at will, on the fly, and under any type of situation — then everything else… becomes a piece of cake.

Here are 4 secure ways to get your copy today:

credit cardYES! I want to be one of the first people to get their hands on this never-before-released TFT program titled, Lethal Leverage

I’m getting 5 DVDs (nearly 5 hours of 1-of-a-kind instruction) PLUS the 102 page instruction manual. I appreciate you’ve included a 3-payment option at no extra charge, and the fact you cover the entire Series with your full 365 day, risk-free, money-back guarantee. That takes all the pressure off me and makes it an easy decision to get this Program now. And it gives me plenty of time to check out everything in this NEW Program, even for FREE, if I choose.

Choose The Way That’s Easiest For You To Order…

1. By Credit Card Online:

I get the complete 5 DVD set Lethal Leverage for just 3 easy payments of $62.33/month or a simple 1-time Investment of just $197.

Buy Now TFT Lethal Leverage Package

2. By Toll-Free 888 Order Service:

Or if you prefer, pick up the phone right now and call toll-free
and tell whoever answers you want the new TFT Joint Breaking package — give them product code JB-1. This phone number is available 24-7 and you’ll get a live operator who can securely take your order.

Please note: these order desk folks cannot answer questions about your product. Call 206-686-3469, 8:30AM-4:30PM US Pacific time, for more product information.

You can also Download a Printable Order Form and fax it to

Or you can mail the printed form to: TFT Group, 325 E Washington St, #207, Sequim, WA 98382.

PS: Once you’ve watched this new Program, you’ll understand everything there is to know about joint breaking in a violent conflict as well as making joint manipulation or submission holds work for you in a sport or restraint setting. It’s all here. No missing pieces; nothing held back. We don’t spoon-feed you this stuff. You get the complete, big picture immediately, then we show you how to apply that big picture to YOUR situation.

Plus, everything you see is DOABLE by YOU… there are no special skills or abilities required. And you’ll be amazed as you realize you can quickly and easily accomplish all this right NOW… not months or years down the road… because you don’t squander your time memorizing endless lists of useless techniques instead focusing on Principles.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a copy of TFT Lethal Leverage while my 90-day, 1/2-price special is still in effect.

Customer Comments That Show You
The Power of This Program

“What makes TFT’s Lethal Leverage Series an outstanding product is the thorough research of the principles involved in the destruction of any joint in the human body, along with the clear and very understandable explanation that is presented in the DVD’s. I must say that in my forty plus years in the study and teaching of close quarters combat that this program is the best that I have ever encountered on this subject.

“Also, I really liked the way the applications were presented. It was like they were programmed into the mind. Great job TFT!”

George Schultz, Ph.D.
Oldsmar, Florida

“I have done some form of martial arts for over 20 years and have been exposed to a lot of instructional tapes on various aspects of joint work. I do have to say your DVD is the most concise and explains the principles and applications better than any I have ever seen but what else would I expect from your team. Just that.”

Ed Hobbs
Garland, TX

“It’s marvelous, because it reduces the whole thing to basic principles: three rotation axes, and two directions of rotation about each one – six base leverages; what does it take to bring any one of those leverages to the pathological limit, and beyond? That’s IT. Nothing more needs to be added. From those, everything follows. And the consequence is that you understand everything you are doing in a joint break, everything follows perfectly naturally.

Without this approach, the whole topic of joint breaking is a horrible grab bag of disconnected techniques that must be memorized and practiced individually. At best a student could learn a small handful of techniques. It would be like, say, the old days of electrical technology in the 19th century: “practical men” disdaining the theory of electricity and magnetism and of course making a complete hash out of everything they tried to do.

“But then again, achieving simplicity in ANY subject, like achieving simplicity of character, is very hard work, and a great achievement.

“Also, the teaching materials are very well constructed. Both the manual and the tapes are needed; what the one gives, the other medium could not possibly give. Together, however, they cover all you need.”

Ken Bolland
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

“Being dan ranked in several styles of martial arts and having been in many altercations while living overseas, I was skeptical about your system. I have to admit that I decided to purchase the series after seeing Matt Furey endorse it.

“What do I have to say about the series…? Well, my first thought was “why didn’t I think of that?” As a Critical Care Registered Nurse I appreciate the in-depth explanation of anatomy and kinesiology. None of the moves are new to me, yet the succession and rationale of the moves made me feel like a novice for not knowing them! The explanation of the reaction to a technique is what I find most helpful.

“I will never regret the time and money spent studying different systems. However, if I was asked by someone what to study to learn to fight or protect themselves it is your system. “I look forward to studying with you in person.”

Brian Erdrich
Eagle River, Alaska

“A student for more than a decade in a martial art that includes joint breaking, I was quite impressed with your Lethal Leverage and have studied them carefully, also in slow motion.

“Other DVD programs attempt to include joint breaking in their “self defense systems,” and they try to convince the audience their techniques would work through their using a much larger and stronger individual applying the techniques to a person with a much smaller bone structure.

“Your program includes well-studied knowledge of the human skeletal system that uses precisely angled momentum to apply powerful strikes to precise points of inherent weakness in the human skeletal system. Therefore, your program is an “equalizer” regardless of size, weight and gender.

“Great Job! I will be attending a Live Seminar in the future.”

D. Cardona, M.D.
Paris, KY

“I received your Lethal Leverage videos and they are the real deal. I have taken Hapkido for two years and a couple months of Kung Fu San Soo and this is the first time I feel like I can actually teach someone to break a joint or joint lock because it has never been broken down to me like this before until now. I looked on a martial arts site and sad to say there are people out there who never tried this system but they talk badly about it. These are guys I would not want to learn anything from because they give unrealistic info. They are so full of themselves they believe their art is the best and only thing out there. These closed-minded people should not be able to teach because in a life-or-death situation their info will get someone killed. All because of there pride. Your product is great. Thank you for revealing the bullshit and the bull-shitters. TFT is straight, to the point, no non-sense, get-the-job-done stuff.”

Eddrick Brooks
Vista, CA

“I have purchased a number of your video packages and just want to make the comment that as good as the first package was (New York live training series), the Leverage package is far superior to anything I have seen before from any source. As always with TFT, the material is presented in a no-hype, organized-for-understanding-and-learning format with excellent instruction and narration by the TFT instructors. Also, I think it is most impressive that you have resisted the “more is better” trap in the accompanying manual. IT contains the information needed without clutter, distraction or filler. With this series you’ve taken an area of human combat tools that most teaching methods present as hundreds of techniques to learn and apply only at the appropriate situation for each technique, and have instead presented the use of leverages as a completely natural extension using the core principles of TFT.”

Chris Bedford

“I recently purchased the Joint Breaking DVD’s and I’m extremely pleased with them. I’ve previously studied Krav Maga and BJJ, and this is the most effective method for teaching these kinds of techniques. Rather than teaching complex routines, it truly simplifies the entire range of techniques into 6 basic principles. I’m so pleased with this product that I want to attend a live training.”

Max Wallach
Washington, DC

“I have 12+ training in shorin-ryu karate. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on seminars from pressure point fighting to knife attack defenses. After viewing the simplicity of your DVD package I finally have pulled my head out the sand. I could never figure out how to make the other stuff work… it always seemed like I was struggling to make it work.

“The Instructors, Chris and Torin, do such a fine job of explaining the 6 base leverages. Once you understand these 6 base leverages and the simple fact that you [do this one thing revealed in your program] to make them work, most anyone can break a joint. Even my karate instructor who has 33 years continuous training finds it amazing how Chris and Torin demonstrate effortlessly these joint breaking skills.

“I found it a great advantage to have previously viewed the Nuclear Weapons Package. I find the principles go hand in hand. Tim, everything I’ve seen you guys do is pure and simple, no bullshit added.

“A combination of Live Training and viewing the Nuclear Weapons and Lethal Leverage DVD Packages will take any fighter far beyond their next level.”

Jack Mac Donald
Courtice, Ontario, Canada

“I have found the Joint Breaking DVD series to be a real-eye opener. Not being a highly trained martial artist I have had only limited exposure to this area and that exposure principally through books. I have found this medium to be, for me at least, totally inadequate as I found visualizing the written instructions virtually impossible.

“I found that your package really highlighted the brutal effectiveness of these moves and greatly simplified the techniques. Whilst still often “chilling” me, the program has give me a far greater awareness of range of movement to better control these moves in the eventuality of having to use them and made me more confident with using this level of violence in a high threat situation.

In addition the “wake up call” as to the ineffectiveness or downright danger of many common submission holds in a truly violent situation was most poignant. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the Striking package.

Ian Westcott
Melbourne, Australia

“I am long past the point of learning “flashy techniques”. Techniques are, or at least, should be application of principles. Many people advocate, “Practice makes perfect”. Not if what you are practicing is inadequate. “Perfect practice makes perfect”!

“Without the principles behind techniques you do not have a stable foundation for constant success. It’s like trying to fire a cannon from a canoe! In the Lethal Leverage package the “real jewel in the crown” are the comprehensive explanation of principles, then the techniques have value. It’s not important how good someone is, my concern is how outstanding can they make me.

“Techniques alone breeds followers; principles open the door to freedom. Then instead of free-fighting, you fight freely. If you’re smart — buy this package!”

Kenny Johnson
Nottingham, England

“Snap, crackle, pop…as they drop. Breakfast of Survivors.”

Dr. Bruce Roman
Winchester, OR

“I thought the joint-breaking series was excellent. I’m two discs into finishing it for the second time. Joint breaking is a gruesome subject and I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to stomach it at first but after watching these two guys pour over the material with such precision and safety, I was amazed at how “at ease” I became with the learning experience. Knowledge is the key to effective application. Before watching the videos, I had very little knowledge about how to apply force upon another person’s joints to cause enough damage to seriously debilitate or kill somebody who would endanger my life or the lives of my family, friends or coworkers, but now I do. I was surprised that our joints were so vulnerable and I feel much more confident that I could use the techniques in the videos in addition to what TFT’s already taught me previously in a life-threatening situation. There’s nothing glorifying about using violence like we see on TV and I hope that I’m never forced to engage in it but, if I am, I’m much better prepared to protect my life and survive the situation…much more prepared than the average citizen who never learns how and when to apply real violence. Thanks TFT!”

Mike Lofton
The Lofton Companies, Phoenix, AZ

“I run a martial arts school in Washington state. My business partner and I have always questioned some of what we were taught regarding practicality. When we came across your program it was like someone flipped the switch. We followed the programs to the letter looking for the questions. You left none! Then you put out your Lethal Leverage program. Well to our surprise there were some questions that we never thought to ask that you answered any way. We attempted to pick the program apart (you know, find the flaw so guys would seem human) and no such luck. Bottom line is if folks are not learning what you teach they’re working on some great exercise programs that have no real life application. Keep it coming and we will see you in a masters program seminar.”

Larry Matlin
American Eagle Martial Arts, Lynnwood, WA

“Watching the joint breaking package I purchased has left me very impressed with both the system of “applied violence” as well as the indisputably qualified staff involved with TFT. The information provided and style of presentation is extremely effective in illustrating that you people mean business and are very matter-of-factly about violence and its proper management.

“As an academic, I am particularly impressed with the process of explanation and constant reinforcement provided in the course. I only wish to be able to do the same in the university courses I am involved with (although nothing to do with violence). Kudos on putting out such a great package. And returns measurable by only one hand is surely no small feat and good on you all for continuing to put out quality products. The TFT group’s success is well deserved, and surely the greatest satisfaction available must be the accolades from your customers themselves who gain much confidence and growing understanding (perhaps even expertise) in the body of knowledge espoused by your team.”

Deng Han Leo
Department of Management & Enterprise Development
Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

“I was totally blown away by this remarkable series. I’ve been practicing joint locks, finger locks, arm bars, etc for quite some time now. I’ve done several different styles, jujitsu, etc and thought I was fairly well educated on the subject. How wrong I was! I strongly recommend this series to everyone. It not only will help the beginner learn Lethal Leverage but will help the experienced person take what he has been practicing to a totally new level of understanding and fighting ability. Once again I tip my hat to all the instructors as they have always exceeded my expectation.”

Brian Randall
Senior 3rd Degree Black Belt
TaeKwonDo Plus Of Hammond

“Just when one thinks they have seen it all, you guys bring on another level to dazzle us with. The Joint Breaking videos are beyond AWESOME! It is clear that knowledge in this area is so vital to one’s “data base of protection”. Suppose that thug is on drugs and doesn’t react to the strikes you hit him with? TAKE HIS STRUCTURE from him and then it just doesn’t matter!

“Honestly, I love the fact that, considering the gruesome subject and the effects that one is trying to achieve…(you) treat it in such a matter of fact way. (You) explain on the principles portion that this is just another area that needs to be discussed and taught “so let’s get into the physics of the whole thing and see how effective and non-mysterious this really is.” (My words, of course). Expert and professional!

“…the videos are so well done (with repeated demonstrations from different angels to see how the break is accomplished) that I think you may have spoiled us. Any other products you produce will HAVE to be as good as this one. I just don’t think anything could be better. Exceptional product from an exceptionally professional team of experts! Another HOME RUN! KEEP ‘EM COMING!!!”

Dave Mullins
Bakersfield, CA

“While contemplating the impact the TFT “Lethal Leverage” package I recently purchased has had on me, the word revolutionary would aptly describe it. Skeptics would declare that I am too inexperienced to pass any meaningful judgment. Yet in the few weeks I have owned this product, I find myself in class (a traditional dojo) analyzing techniques through the 6 base leverage “lens”, and easily understanding the principles that make it effective or make it part of the vast collection of “martial mythology.” Many techniques from my kata, originally interpreted as blocks and unusual punches with no rational or practical application, now seem more likely to be joint breaks! I have very little (2 years) martial experience, the majority of it revolving around striking. After viewing this series, I can easily bring my training partners joints to the pathological limits during ‘co-ordination sets’, even though I had virtually no previous exposure to grappling, joint locks or manipulation. I credit all this to your product’s design, which enables a rookie like me, to quickly learn absorb and retain the information. That being said, I have encountered many advanced ranks and ‘masters’, who clearly do not possess the principles this series communicates. In my opinion, it would benefit those from all skill levels.

“In all fairness, I did have a few minor complaints. When my package arrived, there was a slight crease in the manual and a few of the eyelets on the DVD pages were torn. To TFT’s credit, when I contacted them regarding the problem, they responded promptly and were very helpful and co-operative. I also found the series to be a little pricey. However, in TFT’s defense, at least the information is legitimate. The series is very well produced.

“In conclusion, I would recommend this product to anyone involved in martial training. I would also recommend it to athletes and those generally interested in human anatomy and function of the human body. The information in well presented, and all of my limited knowledge and research indicates it is accurate.”

D. Marshall
Channel View, TX

“Simple, To the Point, Clear as a Bell, No gray areas, Exciting and Fun. That is how I would describe the TFT joint breaking DVD’s. I previously purchased the Nuclear Weapons package and in my opinion the two fit perfectly in sync. These programs are doable by your 14-year-old daughter or your 43-year-old wife. They are not studying as hard as I am but I have taught them the PRINCIPLES FIRST and then a couple of the techniques and I really believe they know enough to disrupt some attackers brain long enough to at least escape. I have also worked with my son who has had the misfortune of being picked on in High School. You could read the confidence on his face when he learned just a couple of techniques that he feels he could use ONLY IF NECESSARY. That message was made clear to my wife, daughter and son that these techniques can be very harmful to someone and should not be used to show off or start a fight. This is not your old-fashioned fistfight like I used to have on the school yard and you do not have to be Steven Segal or Chuck Norris to perform the techniques. I really hope I live to be an old man and me or my family members have the fortune of never meeting fate in a dark alley but if we do, fate will know he has been in a fight. I highly recommend Tim’s programs and I am doing my best to attend one of the LIVE SEMINARS in the future.”

Jimmy Frye
Entergy, Russellville, AR

This has been the best DVD fighting material I’ve have ever purchased. When I sat down to view the material I was completely amazed how quickly my mind began to spin and my focus on a human body changed. I felt the power to control the human body immediately and the power to stop anyone that’s trying to harm me. Please don’t stop creating material for us serious fighters, fighters that want to protected ourselves and our families. Keep up the excellent work you and your staff is doing.”

Manny Zayas
Folcroft, PA

“TFT’s Lethal Leverage video series is a clear, concise and comprehensive presentation of the basic principles underlying all that is necessary to severely damage any joint in the body.

“This allows the viewer to not only cripple any criminal attacker, but also to better understand the mechanisms underlying the less damaging “joint techniques” such as joint locks, joint throws, come-alongs, etc.

“It de-mystifies the apparent complexity of a multitude of joint techniques by clearly explaining the fundamentals upon which every technique is based.

“It makes the complex simple. It is clearly the superior way to learn this material.”

Joseph Bobovsky, MD
Yakima P.D. SWAT, Yakima, WA

“…I have not only studied martial arts for 15 plus years, have not only done undergraduate and presently graduate work in exercise science, but I am also a personal trainer who has sat for every major certification exam out there and I can tell you when it comes to understanding leverages as they relate to human anatomy and movement, I have yet to come across a professor or text that has so simply explained this complex topic as this package has.

“…TFT has simplified without homogenizing, very complex information so you can understand it’s relevance to joint breaking. This is what TFT does best. Nothing mystical, just simply acknowledging our anatomical limitations, and using that scientific information to effectively break joints.

“TFT proves once again that knowledge and intent is far more beneficial in a life or death situation, than speed, strength, or years of mechanical know how. This video package does not waste your time giving you techniques to be mastered, but rather principles to be understood. Very simple and very powerful principles.

“Exercise Science is what I do and I can tell you without a doubt that you will walk away from this package knowing truly how to evoke a leverage in order to destroy a joint, not because you mastered a technique, but because you will understand the pathological and anatomical limitations in human movement and how to use that information to your best advantage. Understanding the underlying principles in anything is the key to mastering that field of study.”

James Jankiewicz BS, CSCS, ACE, ACSM, NASM
Plus One at Goldman Sachs, New York, NY

“Pull the curtain up, and take a long hard look at the Wizard—

“For centuries we have been entertained and impressed. Reduced to mere drunken truck drivers at a freak show. We have entered into a silent contract with the combat community. One in which the grand “dragon/tiger” (a fire breathing man with a high sex drive) entertains and impresses us, one great technique at a time. We in return pay them with legal tender, entitle them with alpha status and dominion over us mere mortals. We watch the wizards with admiration as they teach us millions of different ways to injure the human body. We try to learn as best we can and repeat it to the best of our genetic abilities. A few of us actually get really good at it and progress, only to one day be able to impress and entertain (trick) others and continue the vicious cycle of misinformation.

“The “bad” people of TFT have allowed the viewer to pull the curtain up and take a look at the wizard. They have broken the art of violence down to the very basic principles which govern them. They allow you to see the truth about taking a human being apart. They explain every concept with extreme care and attention to detail. To call what they do mere demystification is an understatement. What they have done to martial arts, would be the equivalent of seeing the disciples stealing the Messiahs body, only to destroy it in an attempt to legitimize the resurrection. After learning this material, I am no longer entertained. This is a bit of a heartbreaking point to be honest. For once the magician reviles his tricks; he is no longer a magician, just a “traitor” to the magician code. If you want to continue to be entertained and impressed with pseudo-violence, then I strongly recommend you not view this material. If you want to learn how to apply the core principles, to take another human being apart, then I recommend none other than this material. You can learn all the times tables one by one, or you can learn how to multiply. The instructors at TFT will teach you how to multiply. And do it with no ego. This is an absolute must see………”

Vaheh Keshishian
Glendale, CA

“As a Police Officer and Martial artist, I found the information invaluable…and the format of the videos extremely easy to understand. The concept I grasped the easiest was about [do this one thing revealed in your program] in order to allow you to freely manipulate the joint you were targeting…I would put it as “taking your opponent’s mind off the joint by [doing this one thing to] him elsewhere”. Having also bought your Nuclear weapons package, I have taken a huge amount of information as to be the one doing the damage in a violent confrontation. This has applications for me as a patrol officer, although…I end with the bad guy in handcuffs!”

John McGuigan
East Kilbride, Glasgow, United Kingdom

“…you know (and subsequently, so do I) that the content in your TFT Lethal Leverage package is excellent, so I won’t draw out the obvious. What I will say is it is often in the details that the remarkable are separated from the common. So it is with your superb efforts put forth in what is to my mind a masterfully taught and tastefully conceived publication. Not only was I impressed with the salient value in the manual alone, but also pleasantly surprised it showed up at my door in record time, and that, in one piece – indeed, like new. It’s in the details, gentlemen, that I to you take off my hat. I look forward to ordering your Nuclear Weapons package soon.”

Brad Heyerdahl
Oshawa, Ontario

“TFT’s JB DVD set is very simple to understand and very realistic to violence. Unlike other training video’s that are staged and require compliance (“please go along with me”) type of scenario. Simply put, they don’t teach you the basics that TFT teaches — just [do this one thing revealed in your program to] the man FIRST, then do everything or anything else you wish (break, snap, crush and splat). I’ve been in TaeKwonDo teaching and training, and competing for 28 years I’ve seen a lot of crap out there on the market and by far TFT JB is the best yet.”

Dennis Burns,
TaeKwonDo Master Instructor, Indiana

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