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A Self Defense Survival Guide


Now, the first book ever written for the everyday laymen
that makes the case for using violence as your ultimate survival tool…

How To Survive
The Most Critical 5 Seconds
Of Your Life!

  • Discover unique principles & powerful methods for effective self protection in an increasingly hostile 21st century.
  • See why it’s not about years of martial arts or sports training (you can learn this in just days, even hours).
  • Learn to protect yourself or loved ones regardless of your size, strength or stamina… even if he’s bigger, faster or stronger than you.

Self Defense Survival Book

Criminal violence!

It’s the hidden fear that secretly terrifies even the most highly trained. And the one subject NO ONE dared write about… until now.

Finally, this new volume pulls back the curtain and shows how anyone can effectively handle raw street violence. Not the ego-based, anti-social crap that often ends in brawls where egos get bruised but everyone lives to ‘fight’ another day.

Instead this is a complete education… and the first of its kind ever published… that clearly and unemotionally makes the case for using violence as your ultimate survival tool.

It’s the only book that tackles head-on the one issue most people are afraid to discuss even in hushed-up, behind-closed-door sessions.

Controversial (3 bookstores have banned it, refusing to touch the topic) yet so compelling it’s being called “the first truly behind-the-scenes look at real criminal violence and WHAT you must do to survive it.”

It’s Not About Techniques…


This isn’t a book about techniques. In fact, there are none included.

Because focusing on “how” you’re going to stop some thug is often the critical reason most people don’t survive hostile street violence!

This book flips everything around, starting instead with the desired end “result” and working backwards.

It looks at why a criminal is so successful… without any training at all! And what you must do to counter it.

Compulsory reading for every adult on this planet. It is the most eye opening book I have ever read on the subject of self preservation. It’s so simple and clear you are left with no illusions about real violence and what is required to survive.”

Lawrence Jooste
Gauteng, South Africa

An Excerpt
From The Book’s Forward…

…this book addresses the place where social communication ends and real violence begins—places where you have no control over your opponent. In other words, this book addresses those situations we all try to pretend don’t exist.

The real question is, if you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in a life-or-death situation, will you have the ability to defend yourself and your family? Because in that moment, nothing else will matter.

If you want to know the truth about self-defense, read on. You might not like what I have to say. But if you keep reading, I guarantee you’ll come to see the truth: There’s only one way you’ll ever be prepared to walk away from a life-or-death situation.

–Tim Larkin, author

In Summary…


After reading this you’ll NEVER look at violence the same again!

And even without practicing any type of self defense, martial art or sport fighting, after finishing the book you’ll know more about protecting yourself than 99% of people on earth.


222 pages; 6×9, perfect bound.

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