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sale 2011

The 2011 Thanksgiving Sale Is Over.

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Target-Focus Training’s
2011 ‘Thanks-Giving’ Sale…

Dear Valued TFT Customer,

It’s the time of year she looked forward to most.

Thanksgiving here in the US.

A time to say thanks to the entire TFT community for helping spread the Target Focus Training message around the globe.

But for Vonnie it was even more.

See, while I always hated seeing even 1 product returned (we easily have the lowest return rate of any company in the self defense business), nevertheless… Vonnie LOVED to get them.


Because it meant one more item she could repackage and add to her Thanksgiving sale.

Nothing gave her more pleasure than being able to offer 30, 40, even 50% off some returned item that meant someone (who might not otherwise be able to afford one of our products) now could.

Unfortunately, as you’re probably aware by now, we lost Vonnie unexpectedly in September.

After relying on her for more than 8 years, today we’re still recovering from her loss.

And while there’s no way to pull together everything as she would, it didn’t seem right not to carry on the Thanksgiving tradition.

So, in honor of Vonnie, here’s what we’re doing this year:

  • Since we haven’t had time to organize returns as she would, we’re instead offering an across the board 40% discount on most everything (about how much we did with returns each year). Except this year… you’re getting brand NEW products.

  • Below we’ve listed all our products and their sale price. Just click any underlined product name to read more about it. Then click the Order button at the far right to add the item to your shopping cart. Important: You must enter THANKS11 in the Special Code field of the shopping cart, then click ‘APPLY’ to get 40% off your order total.

    In the shopping cart you can then either click ‘Continue Shopping’ to add additional items to your order or click ‘Continue to Checkout’ at the bottom of the page to finalize your order.

  • As with prior years, all these sales are final. Of course, we’ll replace anything that isn’t working correctly at no charge.

  • A biggie… EVERYTHING listed below ships FREE to all US addresses. Canada is just $19US and other countries only $39US — TOTAL — no matter how many items you select! This can add up to a HUGE savings.

  • Sale prices are good through Tuesday, November 29, 9PM Pacific time.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • If you currently have any of the items, don’t forget… it’s a great time to give these as gifts. After all, no one understands better the value of what you’re giving, and what it can mean to a friend or loved one.

  • If you receive any type of credit card validation error make sure you’re using your credit card statement billing address. You might try a previous address if you just moved. If that doesn’t work, don’t panic. We’ll contact you as quickly as possible to resolve the issue. If the sale ends before we can get back with you, we’ll see that your order gets filled even if it’s after the sale.

  • We’ve added extended payment options for many items, making everything easily affordable!

  • If ordering online isn’t your thing, call our order line or leave your order information on our secure voicemail (available 24/7) at 206-686-3469.

  • We’ll be closed Thur & Fri (Nov 24/25) for the Thanksgiving holiday (although will have people answering the 206 phone number on Friday and they can take your order). If you have trouble ordering, don’t worry. We can see all transactions from our end and will resolve any problems beginning Monday.

  • Please do NOT use our regular 888 order line for these sale items as the folks there haven’t a clue about all the monkeying around we’ve done with sale prices below!

  • If you prefer, you may fax or mail your order to:

    TFT Group 325 E Washington St, #207
    Sequim, WA 98382
    Fax: 206-686-3469

  • If paying by credit card and you leave your information on our voicemail, please include your Billing (and Shipping Address, if different) as well as your Credit Card Number, Expiration Date and Security Code on the back of the card. Make any checks payable to the TFT Group. If mailing your order, make sure it’s postmarked by the sale end date above.

Again, thank you from all of us here at TFT, and have a safe holiday season.

Personal regards,

Tim Larkin

Remember: You must enter THANKS11 in the Special Code field of the shopping cart, then click ‘APPLY’ to get 40% off your order total.

2011 Sale Items…

Sale Prices for Existing Products (new condition):



Dot Seminar Series “The Works” – The highly acclaimed personal
protection instructional series that gives you everything you need to stop
an attacker dead in his tracks. 17-DVDs + $200 discount certificate for
live training and live teleconference, plus more.
  • Seminar Series "The Works" – 12 monthly pmts

Dot Nuclear Weapons II - Shows working against attackers wielding knives, guns and clubs. 4 DVDs + manual.
  • Nuclear Weapons II – 3 monthly pmts

Dot Lethal Leverage (Joint Breaking) – 5 DVDs + manual. Leverage
is one of the most powerful tools you can use. But everyone says you can’t make it work in real street violence. You CAN with the easy-to-apply secrets shown in detail on these DVDs.
  • TFT Joint Breaking – 3 monthly pmts

Dot TFT Throwing -”The Art of Head Trauma… Dumps Drops &
Throws.” NOTHING ends a life-or-death attack faster (or more dramatically). 4 DVDs, Manual + live teleconference certificate.
  • TFT Throwing – 3 monthly pmts

Dot TFT Striking – The series that shows you how to become a ‘siege
engine of destruction’ regardless of your size. 4 DVDs + manual & live teleconference certificate.
  • TFT Striking – 3 monthly pmts

Dot Justified Lethal Force – Behind the scenes look at how we train Federal law enforcement agents… and how you can use this exact information to ramp your skill set just as we did for these Federal Officers and Agents! More than 6 solid hours on 3 DVDs.
  • Justified Lethal Force – 4 monthly pmts

Dot New York 9-11 Live Training Series – 6 hours of instruction remastered on to two, 3-hour DVDs. Live training filmed at ground zero just 2 days prior to the 9/11 disaster! Different training approach, different words than you’ll hear on any other DVD set.

“Tim, I received these when you first put them on sale. I believe they include some of the best training that you have done. Small class, no nonsense, effective training. I refer back to them often, even though I have taken the 2-day seminar.” Rusty Green, Tucson, AZ

  • NY Live Training Series – 3 monthly pmts
Awesome Bundles – You Save up to $750.00:



Dot “The Whole Shooting Match” – Just about everything we offer.
You get the Seminar Series “The Works” plus Nuclear Weapons II plus Lethal Leverage plus TFT Striking plus Throwing plus Justified Lethal Force plus a Strike Chart plus all the manuals, teleconference certificates and bonus DVD’s that come with each product. Plus we’ll throw in the TFT book “How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life” as well as the new TFT SourceBook.
  • TFT “The Whole Shooting Match” – 12 monthly pmts

Dot “The Whole Shooting Match” above PLUS a live 2-Day Training at any location in the world where we train! Add on a full 2-day live training session at the location and date of your choice anywhere in the world we offer a class. No expiration. We will contact you after you order to set everything up. Last chance at these prices. 2011 dates will be announced soon. And while prices likely will be higher (especially for some locations), this locks in your rate regardless of price. Effectively, this is like purchasing a 2-day live training at today’s price… and getting all our DVDs as support/reference materials almost for FREE $2497
  • TFT “The Whole Shooting Match” – Plus a live 2-day training - 12 pmts

Dot TFT-In-A-Box – You get the base live training Seminar Series “The Works” plus 3 supporting programs that go into far greater detail than is covered in the live training sessions. These include Nuclear Weapons II plus Lethal Leverage plus Striking plus all the bonus manuals, teleconference certificates and bonus DVD’s that come with each product.
  • TFT-In-A-Box – 10 monthly pmts
Other TFT Products:



Dot TFT Source Book - THE comprehensive self defense reference “bible” that shows you everything you need to know about Target Focus Training from principles to application techniques. Walks you step-by-step through the complete set of integrated self defense tools that help you internalize the process, leaving you instantly able to call on any of them should it ever be required. NOT a simple regurgitation of what is shown on the various TFT self defense DVDs, this SourceBook is more a reference manual that lets you dig deeply into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ this system gives you such an advantage over an unsuspecting criminal… even if you don’t posses unusual skills or athletic ability. Spiral-bound, it lays flat with space for notes.
174-pages, 8 1/2" x 11

Dot The TFT book "How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life". Special sale-only pricing. If you don’t have anything “TFT”… this is where you must begin!

(NOTE: If ordering just this Book and/or the Eric Cobb DVD above, shipping is only $5 to Canada or $8 to other International locations. See Order Form.)

$29 $17 Order