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How this man taught me to kill in four moves

Jerome Taylor meets the Californian who believes that now is the right time to bring his lethal fighting technique to Britain.

Photo to right: Tim Larkin, left, gets to grips with Jerome Taylor.

“Tim Larkin is not a man who minces words.

“The human body is very susceptible to trauma,” he explains. “Disengaging the brain from the body is what we’re trying to do — you have to stop the brain’s ability to control the body.”


…And so begins yet another article in the English press about my visit and live training here.

This one I’ve got to say, is pretty good (once you get by the fact I don’t live in California).

I’ve been interviewed it seems like 100 different times since I’ve arrived and the big learning lesson is simply this: no matter how clear I am, the press always find the dramatic and runs with it… often at the expense of the facts.

It’s situations like this one (where I was actually able to demonstrate TFT) that help get the real message across.

But as you’ll see from the comments, few really get it. They’re usually the ones who’ve either been to a TFT training or seen our material. Everyone else is coming from their own background, training and belief… and that’s exactly why criminals prevail today.

Again, the article is pretty good. Take a look at it here.

Cutting through all the clutter of the tabloids is the fact The Sunday Times of London will cover the training LIVE next weekend (Sept 26-27) and do their own story.

And given their worldwide readership, I expect this will open many eyes.

If you can make it here, I guarantee, it’s a class you aren’t going to want to miss. You can still register here.

Best regards from London,

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  • Chris Ranck-Buhr September 24, 2009, 10:06 pm

    In general, a good article. One issue that needs clarification is the talk of using pain to get the job done.

    This is a common misconception, and as Tim notes, getting our message across intact in the media is difficult.

    Pain is irrelevant. Broken anatomy is everything.

    A broken ankle hurts, but what makes the difference is the fact that the foot doesn't work anymore. He can't get up and run around.

    Serial disability to nonfunctional gets it done. Whether or not he feels pain during that process won't make a difference.

    The issue with pain has to do with subjectivity—some people have higher pain tolerances, others may be worked up or chemically induced to 'feel no pain.' If it's a variable, you can't bet your life on it.

    Whether or not a gouged eye hurts is nothing compared to the fact he's now blind.

  • Patrick September 25, 2009, 12:50 am

    I thought you were going to say subjectivity as a function of "Hmmmm…Do I want to make this guy scream more or less?…" 🙂


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