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Below are the items included in the $1,375.00 Tim Larkin Target-Focus Training “Inner Circle” gift certificate Dr. Ignatius Piazza personally selected and purchased for you.

  • Gift #1: Includes his 17-DVD live training seminar, “How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life” DVD set PLUS never-before-offered video critiques of your application of this material as well as private email access to Tim personally, and much more.
  • Gift #2: Your gift certificate also unlocks private access to more than 4 hours of on-the-mat, supplemental online video from one of Tim’s most recent $1,997 transformational live training events.

Read on to see details of each gift.

Bonus #1

Tim Larkin’s $1,375 “Inner Circle” Seminar Series
Live Training Package

Initially, we had planned to just videotape one of our live classes. But since we can’t go back and re-shoot sections of an ongoing live training, videotaping these doesn’t come out exactly as planned. So instead we videotaped 3 complete 2½-day live events, then distilled the more than 52 hours of footage into one 17-hour, “best of TFT live training” DVD Series!

And it includes the two major instructional changes we’ve made to our live training format during the past 10 months. People who have experienced this new training format find it has ramped the speed at which they learn and retain this material more than 300% versus the old format!

The TFT Seminar Series…
Surviving the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life

Self Defense Training 17 DVD Seminar Series

It’s a lot of material. And to make sure you get just what you need, I’ve split this massive new Program into 3 separate parts:

Part 1, I Call, “The Essentials

Here you get nearly 8 hours of information critical to your understanding How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life. Things like…

  • The difference between Social, Anti-Social and Asocial Violence… and why you must learn to walk away from two of the three!
  • Utilizing Human Reactions to cause a “cascade of harm.”
  • Understanding Leverage… and what it is that makes it work!
  • An introduction to Edged Weapons and Firearms — why learning to use them is the key to not “freezing” if you must go against them for real.
  • The Basics of Target Assembly
  • Free-fighting like you’ve never seen it… the #1 battle-proven way of putting it all together!

As you watch some of the DVD’s you’re right there on the mats as we instruct participants on principles and coordination sets. Other times, you’re a fly-on-the-wall, listening to “…explanations that would befit a trauma specialist…,” as Mark Cheng, Columnist & Contributing Editor for Black Belt Magazine and Director/Sifu for the Chung Hua Institute in Los Angeles noted after attending a live TFT training.

After watching these videos, you’ll have a solid grounding in TFT and know immediately how to apply what you learn.

Part 2, I Call, “The Works”

Part 2 adds 9 riveting hours of additional instruction!

If you truly want to walk away every bit as effective as someone attending a live class (but at a fraction of the price), this gets you there.

As you dig through the DVDs the first thing you’ll find is 4 more hours of Weapons instruction including Edged, Impact and Firearms.

Even if you’ve got the old Nuclear Weapons series, you’ll find this new material ratchets your skills to a whole new level.

That’s because it’s live & interactive. And throughout, you’re gonna repeatedly spend time disabling weapon attacks where you have only your own body weapons to work with.

And you’ll be introduced to more Target Assembly, the new material that has clients proficiently free-fighting (that’s where you apply everything you learn) after just hours rather than days, as before!

A “Best Of” Collection… And More.

To maximize your take-away in “How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life” we distilled the best from 3 separate classes into 16 hours of unique instructional material.

As you watch these DVDs it’s like you’re ‘attending’ 3 different live sessions at once. Occasionally you’ll find we even pick up the same subject from 2 separate classes… just because it gives you such a profoundly different perspective!

It’s a powerful learning aide you’ll experience that participants in these classes couldn’t!

This Is THE SERIES My Instructors And I
Would Have Killed To Have At Our Disposal
When We First Began.

The accelerated teaching methodologies, the unique insights from different instructors, having it available on-call, 24-7… we had none of this 10-15 years ago.

There’s not an ounce of fat in this training. It’s nothing but pure meat. You won’t waste a second “figuring” anything out. It’s all laid out step-by-step so you can be BETTER than my best trainer was… at each stage of your training!

I realized very quickly that this was truly new and original thinking about fighting – about dealing with violence. This hit me like a ton of bricks certainly within the first hour of bootcamp… your advertisement was true. It was the experience of a lifetime!”

Will Carano
Cortlandt Manor , NY

But that’s not all.

As you’re probably beginning to understand by now everyone who’s seen this Series feels like they’ve just finished a real live training. But I’m not done. I’ve pulled out all the stops just to make sure there’s NO reason for you not to try this new Program by shamelessly bribing you with…

4 Irresistible Bonuses That
Push The Value Of Part 2
Right Off The Charts…

Let’s look at each.

A Special 90-minute collection of extra video segments.

As we reviewed the 52-hours of footage we found many stunning short segments that didn’t fit anywhere.

So after we finished editing we crammed this entire collection of random clips onto one, massive 90-minute DVD… and included it as your first bonus.

This DVD lets you see Target Focus Training applied in a variety of situations. People who’ve seen say it’s worth at least $57. But after seeing it, you’ll realize its true value is in helping you better understanding “principles versus techniques”… and there’s no way to put a price tag on that!

Three teleconference certificates that let you talk directly with me and my Master Instructors.

My time is tight and I guard it jealously.

But here I throw in 2 more (total of 3) private teleconference certificates where you can grill me and my instructors on anything that’s unclear.

These teleconference certificates alone are worth a cool $345.00 — minimum.

But there’s more.

A certificate redeemable for $200.00 off any live training class.

After watching this powerful new program I’m betting you’ll find yourself reaching for a registration form to attend a live event. It happens a lot.

To help make it a reality for you, I’m throwing in a certificate worth $200.00 off any future live training. No time limit or expiration. Use it when you’re ready.

And yes, there’s still one more…

Retrain your body to move as smooth & pain-free as it did when you were a child!

Many people think I’ve saved the best for last. And they may be right.

Because when you get your copy of this DVD set you also receive a brand new DVD which demonstrates a unique system of movement patterns that can effectively retrain your body’s nervous system and let you once again move as freely, easily and pain-free as you did as a kid.


I’d seen this material before and felt it had so much potential to help my students execute their movements better, I invited the creator, Dr. Eric Cobb (his company is Z-Health Performance Solutions) to demonstrate it to one of my live classes.

We videotaped the entire hour demonstration.

Listen to me now.

Dr. Cobb’s system works unlike anything you’ve seen.

Hiroshi Allen watched the demonstration that day. Hiroshi was a world-class martial artist who’d retired several years before because injuries kept him from competing at the international level.

After listening to Dr. Cobb and spending 30 minutes with him after class, Hiroshi (in only 3 weeks) UN-retired and last called from Japan where he was kicking butt on the international scene again.

I personally use parts of the routines on this DVD every day! I’m planning to include this in a special fitness package we’ll offer sometime later but you will get your own personal copy — now!

Finally… There’s A Way
You Can Have Direct Access To Me And
Get My Personal Evaluations, Too.

OK, those are your first two parts. But I’ve got one more. It’s one I’ve never offered anywhere before and frankly, it’s not for everyone. But for those who are dead serious about learning the TFT system, it’s the one you’ll want to consider getting.

I Call Part 3…My “Seminar Inner Circle

As a member of my Inner Circle, you’ll get:

  • All 16 DVDs included above,
  • Plus the 3 teleconference certificates,
  • Plus the certificate redeemable for $200.00 off any live training class,
  • Plus DVD #17 containing over 90 minutes of additional bonus segments.
  • Plus the Eric Cobb ‘body movement’ DVD.

But there’s much, much more when you join the Inner Circle

  • First: I’ve created your own “Inner Circle” private account here at the TFT Group, and preloaded it with $450 you can spend on any future TFT live training! Together with the $200 certificate above, that’s a full $650 off any training class we offer.
  • Plus: you get direct email access to me for the next full year!

My staff works hard at insulating me from daily interruptions. Especially email.

But after joining my Seminar Inner Circle I make one special exception. I’ll set you up with your own private email account that gives you DIRECT access to me. Beyond time with me on the teleconference calls, you’re free to ask any questions or bring up subjects you’d like addressed without getting sliced off at the knees by one of my assistants. In fact, NO one except the two of us even knows you’ve emailed me.

Two things, though: One, I’m on the road a lot and frequently in live training sessions. In these situations it can take a few days, sometimes longer to get back with you.

Two, I’m not looking for email buddies or pen pals. As this goes way beyond other access to me, I trust you not to abuse this special privilege.

First Time Ever Offered

Two Personal Video Evaluations
That Guarantee You Get
The 5-Second TFT Principles Down Cold.


While thousands of people around the world have proven you can and will learn the TFT system from DVD, there are many subtle nuances that are easy to miss as you proceed. Let’s face it… sometimes even your best efforts didn’t succeed.

As you’re aware, one of the advantages when you attend a live session, and one of the reasons it costs what it does, is instant feedback.

While I’ve never offered video evaluations before, this Inner Circle seemed like the perfect place to test it out.

So here’s how it will work: First, before anything else, review the video material in this Program. Then during the next 6 months or so (there’s no rush) have someone videotape up to 10 minutes of you working out using the TFT system principles you learned after watching this Program.

After it’s shot, send the video footage to me and I’ll evaluate your performance, record my comments just as if I were critiquing one of my own Instructor candidates (Instructor training is currently the only other place we do live evaluations). We’ll email you the mp3 so you’ll know what areas you’re doing better in… and which ones need work.

When you become a member of the Seminar Inner Circle, you’ll receive a short guide on preparing for and creating this video.

Understand — I don’t pull any punches on these evaluations. I never belittle anyone but I am blunt. If you’ve got things to work on, I’ll let you know.

This isn’t make-believe.

It’s a one-time opportunity to get my direct input and feedback WITHOUT investing $1,997.00 to attend a live training class, then $9,997.00 just to begin my Instructor Program.

But I’m not done yet!

After I’ve given you my evaluation and you’ve had a chance to implement those suggestions, we’ll go back through the entire process once again.

This second evaluation must be at least 1 month after the first. You need time to assimilate my comments and apply them to your training.


That’s My “Inner Circle” In A Nutshell

Now stop and imagine for just a moment what it means to have me and my staff walking you step-by-step through each part of this Target Focus Training system, taking you by the hand and guiding you as you literally work side-by-side with actual class participants.

How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life captures the best from not just 1 or 2 but 3 live training sessions, then gives you even more instructional material by including extra footage from each class.

It skyrockets you ability to quickly and easily internalize this material, making it instantly available should you ever need it on the street.

No one attending any one of these classes saw anywhere close to what you get in this one, value-packed Program. And it’s guaranteed to save your life should you ever face unavoidable criminal violence!

Bonus #1

4 Hours of On-The-Mat, Supplemental Online Video From A Recent Tim Larkin $1,997 Live Event

While we NEVER change the foundational principles the TFT system is built on, we constantly strive to find better ways to train the material (live classes have gone from 3 to 2 1/2 to now just 2 days due to the efficiencies of instruction).

So what we’ve done to supercharge this already unbelievably dense-packed series is include nearly 4 hours of additional footage that encompass some of these new teaching methodologies (some things you’ll notice; others will be invisible).

This adds another $236 in value to an already over-the-top, one-of-a-kind program. One that every single live training graduate calls “transformational” after it’s complete. Just as will you.

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Tim Larkin
Founder and Creator, Target-Focus Training