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Frontsight Diamond

How I beat Front Sight’s Dr. Piazza at his own game…


Occasionally opportunity unexpectedly plunks itself right into your lap. I believe you’ll find this to be one of those times…

After finishing our 2011 schedule sent to you Tuesday, I returned a phone call to Dr. Piazza at Front Sight (most of you know by now that I consider Front Sight the premier firearms training facility here in the US for beginning shooters).

Near the end of our conversation, I just had to ask him, “So what’s this surprise year-end bonus you’re giving all your lifetime members anyway?” (It’s what he’s billing as his ‘most unbelievable amazing year-end offer ever created’).

“Can’t tell you.”

“Whadda you mean? I’m not gonna tell anyone.”

“I’m the only one that knows.”

I humored him, “Ya, but think of the relief you’ll feel in having shared it with someone.”

Well, that didn’t work at all. But… my persistence did… and about 5 minutes later I’m hearing about his big ‘surprise.’

And I must tell you… it IS pretty amazing. Unquestionably, Dr. Piazza’s got a knack for saying ‘thanks’ by combining generosity together with immense value, and continually outdoing himself.

After discussing the fact you had to own some type of Lifetime Membership to receive this bonus, the conversation continued…

“I mentioned before, if you ever had extra Foreclosed Diamond Lifetime Memberships like those you made available earlier this month, I’d like to offer them to our TFT folks. It’s flat-out THE best deal you have – period.”

“That’s something I’ve never allowed anyone else to offer,” he responds.

“I know that but I thought…”

From here, no amount of logic, reason or cajoling helped. In frustration, I tried something altogether different.

See, next month we have planned a special offer of TFT products for his Front Sight subscribers. What I proposed was to stack enough incentives onto that 2011 offer to leave his subscribers speechless (after all, we at TFT can put together some pretty awesome offers ourselves).

Turns out that’s exactly what he needed to hear. And I finally had access to a handful of highly coveted Foreclosed All-Inclusive Diamond Lifetime Memberships.

However, these came with a built-in urgency… and that’s the reason for this note.

Here’s what’s up:

  1. Dr. Piazza only gave me a small number of these All-Inclusive Diamond Lifetime Memberships to offer (I’m not complaining… no one else even gets to offer them). Still, it isn’t many.
  2. I can only offer them to you until Tuesday, December 28. That’s barely 5 days.
  3. Taking ownership of one of these Diamond Lifetime Memberships before the end of 2010 qualifies you to participate in what can only be described as probably the most amazing year-end surprise bonus & thank you combo he’s ever offered.

Let me back up for a second.

The reason I feel this one Membership is the best deal Front Sight has ever offered is because when you estimate the average cost to attend an unlimited number of classes over an entire lifetime… the value runs well into the 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Yet because they’re foreclosed, Dr. Piazza has slashed the price of these All-Inclusive Diamond Lifetime Memberships to less than the cost of attending a single, 4-day course, just one time. It’s a phenomenal deal. Nothing matches it.

Plus now, by enrolling as a Diamond Lifetime Member by December 28 (you only have 5 days so don’t waste them), YOU QUALIFY For Dr. Piazza’s “unbelievable, surprise, year-end Bonus” for Front Sight Lifetime members ONLY.

Here is your exclusive link, as a valued TFT customer, where you will get all the details on becoming a Diamond Lifetime Member (for less than the cost of a single 4-day course). This Membership authorizes you to attend ANY course Front Sight offers… as many times as you wish… for the rest of your life:

Once you snatch one of these Foreclosed Diamond Lifetime Memberships (they’re NOT available anywhere else) you’ll then receive info on the year-end bonus Dr. Piazza has reserved for his Lifetime Members only. Remember, I’ve seen it and you’ll be impressed with his generosity, value and thanks!

Now, I must confess…

…Even though I’d asked about them before, I never expected he’d give ANYONE access to these Foreclosed memberships (even us).

Now that he has, I’m hoping you’ll take advantage of the opportunity. Use the special link below to become a Diamond Lifetime Member today.

(Since we were only given a limited number of Memberships, please don’t share the link outside TFT. We can’t monitor this, so I’m trusting you on this one):

Do act quickly because at midnight, December 28, this offer ends (and with it, the special bonus).

Personal regards,

Tim Larkin,
Creator, Target-Focus Training

PS. If you’re already a Front Sight Diamond Member, please email me (at and describe your experience having access to every course Front Sight has ever created. I’ll share one or two of these with the rest of the TFT community.