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Surviving Street Violence Self Defense Training Quiz
1. What is the most effective self defense weapon for the average law-abiding citizen?
2. How can pain best be used to your advantage as a self defense tool?
3. In training for a gun disarm, approximately how many practice repetitions of taking the gun away from your training partner will it take to master this technique?
4. What is the one thing you can rely on to know when you must immediately use violence to defend yourself?
5. What do you do if you find yourself facing multiple attackers?
6. What can you learn by watching video of the VICTIM in a night-time street assault?
7. You’re empty-handed facing an armed man, and there’s no place to run. What’s the optimal distance to keep from your attacker?
8. You’ve decided to take a martial arts class to learn to protect yourself. What part of your training will leave you most vulnerable if facing unexpected street violence?
9. Who can teach you the most about saving your life in a true life-or-death struggle?
10. A confrontation between you and some jerk has just escalated to shoving. What’s your next move?

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Against Target Focus Training’s CEO & Creator, Tim Larkin…
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Regardless of your background, if you’re like most of the 10′s of 1,000′s of people who’ve taken this quiz, you’ll be surprised at many of the answers.

And it’s not because the questions were designed to fool you. It’s just that, until now, no one has ever explained what is truly needed to survive today’s street violence (and why you can do this once you understand the easily learned principles required).

The detailed answers you’re about read will immediately make this clear. And in the process enable you to understand why Target Focus Training is considered the World Leader in Personal Protection.

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