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========== NOTE:  Click here to read today's (Saturday, Oct 15) blog and watch the new video. ========== October 6th blog post follows: It was Saturday and I’d just returned from a law enforcement conference in Washington, DC where I met senior FBI officials including the head of counter terrorism. After that much travel I hadn’t […] Read More

“Well, okay, so just give me 3 things I can do that get results, like, immediately?” It’s probably the most asked question I get. It happened again on Monday and since Tuesday we were shooting some random short video clips I decided to give you my choice of 3 things anyone could do and get […] Read More

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Following last year's Roseburg, Oregon shootings we at TFT shared with everyone a video compilation, Dealing with an Active Shooter. Following Sunday's shooting rampage in Orlando we'd like to again share that video. You’ll find a copy below. As a short introduction here's how we put this together… Using inside connections, I invited Paul Calle […] Read More

Don't make these 5 mistakes during a crisis

Wednesday, Nov 4th, we're hosting another live online training broadcast. My special guest is a 10-year combat veteran and an actual urban survival expert. Jeff Anderson has been there and done that... to say the least. He's been in the thick of looting, rioting, economic collapse, and most recently... natural disasters. It was near his […] Read More

After sending my latest emails on the 25-year survival food product, I received this email from Susan, who wrote: "Hello Tim, It has always been stuck in the back of my mind that I need to be more prepared for any situation. This is the main reason I joined TFT. I live out here in Las […] Read More


A number of people have asked how we discovered Food4Patriots 25-year survival food. It was a bit unusual, to say the least... --------- "She is better prepared than me!” That was Ralph’s reaction (he’s my business partner here at TFT) as we stared into this huge drawer packed with freeze-dried dog food. But I’m getting […] Read More

"What to do when you can't reach your gun or don't have it with you..." In our emails this week you've read about Brigid getting attacked. Here, Tim Larkin shows you options for accessing your gun... when you otherwise can't get to it.   Please leave your comments and questions below. Thanks, Tim Larkin Founder […] Read More

Thanks for joining me during the recent online "hangout" training. I never imagined we'd have 18,431 people watch this first live event or the replay. There were a few snags, but I think it went pretty well overall. I'd really appreciate your feedback on what you thought. What did you get out of it? What […] Read More


Chris Ranck-Buhr, TFT's Master Instructor, has repeatedly said in class, "If I had a bucket and could give you each a cup of intent, that would be 90% of the battle." Bottom line what Chris is saying is that if you have years of ‘training’ and no intent, you lose every time. Criminals don’t waste […] Read More

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Date: February 19, 2015 Place: Grand Forks, ND Temperature: 28 below zero I’ve a confession to make. While I shared bits of this story on Facebook back in February, turns out not a lot of folks saw it. And me, well, I hadn’t been overly excited to “relive” the drama again. But it’s now 6 […] Read More