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(My thanks to colleague David Morris for allowing us use this drawstroke training drill)... If you’re ever in a position where you’re forced to take action on a threat, your drawstroke could be the difference between success and failure. Get it wrong… and the bad guy gets the upper hand. That’s why you need to […] Read More

Woman and Mother Beaten

Yesterday, I shared a video of a brutal attack on a mother while her daughter watched. I asked everyone watching what they thought about the video and what they thought went wrong for this mother during the attack. Watch my video response to all the comments and leave your own. Get Our Special Mother's Day Offer […] Read More

Don't get jacked in your car

We’re shooting new video training series in a couple weeks. Around these longer filming sessions I’d like to include several shorter videos that demonstrate the “application” of TFT principles & methodologies versus teaching new strikes or coordination sets. Some of these could be very short – 5 to 10 minutes. Others will be more comprehensive […] Read More

Get $100 Off Justified Lethal Force Now! Enter your questions and comments below. DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney and neither is anyone commenting below. Do not take anything I or any commenter says as legal advice. We've addressed the issue of liability many times in emails and on the blog. Here are just a […] Read More


After reading about yet another senseless murder where the victor was decided not by the will to live or athletic ability but by simply knowing where to focus effort (eight stab wounds to the neck, throat and back), I am compelled to write on this topic again.  So let's build a monster, a monstrous scenario, […] Read More

Don't make these 5 mistakes during a crisis

Wednesday, Nov 4th, we're hosting another live online training broadcast. My special guest is a 10-year combat veteran and an actual urban survival expert. Jeff Anderson has been there and done that... to say the least. He's been in the thick of looting, rioting, economic collapse, and most recently... natural disasters. It was near his […] Read More

After sending my latest emails on the 25-year survival food product, I received this email from Susan, who wrote: "Hello Tim, It has always been stuck in the back of my mind that I need to be more prepared for any situation. This is the main reason I joined TFT. I live out here in Las […] Read More

Hand turning the word Unprepared into Prepared with red marker isolated on white.

"In most disaster scenarios... you don’t need special skills to survive. You just need to know what you should do." This was a quote by survival psychologist, John Leach. It goes hand in hand with what I teach in TFT. You don't need years of martial arts training. You don't need to be young, strong […] Read More

Last night, someone tried to come through my front door. Now, I usually don't like to write about personal experiences—as experts who train weekly you would expect us to do well and have positive outcomes (though we are just as vulnerable as everyone else when it comes to violence) and what we've done isn't nearly […] Read More

9-15-2015 3-03-50 PM

(Reposted with permission from Jeff Anderson at Modern Combat & Survival Magazine) Ok, I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for this. (And my apologies to my neighbor if you actually see this video – I would have knocked on your door to tell you, but you’re not the most welcoming citizen […] Read More