Self-defense training that gives you the advantage over an attackersyour own terms.


After sending my note on the 25-year survival food product, I almost immediately received this email from Aaron Frazier in Utah, who wrote: Tim, I applaud you in making your audience aware of the prudent need to be personally prepared to support yourself and your family by having a modest supply of food and water […] Read More


Media coverage surrounding dramatic high-profile violence has people sometimes asking if it’s even worth preparing. . . . . .Or maybe injuries or other restrictions that limit their ability to respond effectively leave them hoping they “just get lucky. . .” . . .Or perhaps you’ve prepared but wonder, “Will it really be there when […] Read More


There are few things more frustrating for me as an instructor than to see clients doing things that will only work in movies, the imagination, or maybe a compliant training environment.  And then when corrected, they nod as if the lightbulb went off and go right back to whatever imaginary thing they were doing before […] Read More


(No, it's not a new throw, sorry.) I'm always interested in finding better ways to describe what it is we do, to circumvent the obstacle of communication that lies between action and the replication of that action:  I know what you need to do, but I need you to know what you need to do […] Read More

Katie Couric, self-defense, Tim Larkin

Below is Katie Couric's 2-part interview with Tim Larkin on her nationally syndicated TV show broadcast Monday, March 10, 2014. Even though nearly 2 million women are physically assaulted in the US every year many of Katie's viewers felt it would never happen to them. Katie's goal was to show it can... and does... happen […] Read More

home invasion

Have you ever wondered what you would do, how you’d react, if you were suddenly face-to-face with a potentially violent predator? Would your training instantaneously be there for you during those “critical 5 Seconds” you’ve got when violence goes down and the hot flash of fear fills your mind and body? Recently one of our […] Read More

broken nose

Consider for a moment the man with a freshly broken nose:  his head explodes with blinding light; vision, breathing, movement, thought all suddenly interrupted.  The physics of the collision move him in unintended ways, the body reflexively yanks the head away from the offending thing.  Intent is shattered, if only for a moment, and chaos […] Read More


(Apologies to Ian Maclaren for the clumsy paraphrasing.) As an instructor I see myself purely as a technician in possession of certain technical information that may or may not be useful—that's for the client to decide.  I prefer this perspective as it's simple and straightforward—I just want you to step in and do what you're […] Read More


Bunnies are cute because they lack the physiology of terror—they are not big and powerful, they do not have jaws for the breaking of bones and the rending of flesh, they do not stare intently with parallel eyes aligned to gauge attack distance.  They pose no physical threat.  Predators, on the other hand, are nasty […] Read More


Playing the knockout game is easy—blindside someone in a social setting, crack them in the head and lay them out. As popularized by combat sports, knocking someone out is a harmless way to assert dominance through ass-kicking. Except for all those inconvenient bits about how traumatic brain injury is kind of bad for you. And […] Read More