Glenn Beck

"WARNING: I used to think
a firearm was enough to
protect my family... but now
I'm begging you, if you want to protect yours, don't make the same mistake I did."

(Below: the 1 thing you CAN bet your life on,
that protects my family TODAY... and
can protect yours, as well.)

Dear Friends,

Recently I awoke from a series of recurring nightmares.

They began with a horrifying evening I spent with my wife and daughter in New York City's Bryant Park.

You may remember we'd gone out for what we thought would be a pleasant family outing watching a movie in the park.

Yet what began as a lovely outing quickly turned into one of the most disturbing nights of my life.

Someone began harassing us and things turned truly ugly.

What kept running through my mind was, "I need to protect my wife and daughter."

I obviously couldn't carry a firearm. I had nothing.

And now the incidents in Colorado & Connecticut, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, all remind us that in life, really bad things can... and do... happen. Unfair things. And they happen quickly... when we least expect it.

Which drives home the point (in no uncertain terms) that in this hostle environment it's entirely up to ME to protect my family. I can't count on others to "do the right thing" in a crisis. My family's lives are truly in MY hands...

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I want – no NEED! – you to ask yourself a critical question: “Are you honestly prepared to deal with a life-or-death situation... and willing to do whatever it takes to defend your family?”

My greatest fear is that most people will simply ignore this question altogether. That they'll be "too busy" to take this email seriously.

It's all too easy to hit delete and go on with your day… defaulting your safety to our 'first responders' (when even they now tell us our protection is no longer a spectator sport -- you've got to be involved).

In the end, that little delete button could end up costing precious lives.

So let me ask you again, “Are YOU prepared to handle an unavoidable life-or-death threat?

Because what the recurring nightmares have taught me... is that... if you find yourself in a truly violent situation, you MUST know what to do.

And I didn’t.

And so began a search for the truth...

...A search that lead me to a book written by a man named Tim Larkin. The title: “How To Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life.” And, it’s the first book I’d seen that... finally... helped resolve the intellectual and moral struggle I’d been facing.

Listen to this short excerpt and I think you’ll begin to understand what I mean...

listen here

Survival is NOT enough!

...I don’t want to just survive... spending the rest of my life battling the physical and emotional repercussions of some deranged thug’s fantasy joy-ride...

...I don’t want my wife or daughters to just survive... knowing even if they did overcome the physical trauma, the emotional scars will never go away...

...and I don’t want you to just survive... to be forced to experience what the 3 individuals you just heard about went through...

We all must accept that today it's not enough to just survive. We must be committed to WIN... against even the most vicious predator imaginable.

Because I truly believe most people simply do NOT understand just how quickly things can go wrong.

Please take a moment to watch this short video clip.

It shows an older couple going to an ATM machine one evening. Something they'd probably done many times before.

Like you, they'd likely heard the warning, "Don't go to an ATM after dark!"

Yet we all tend to believe, 'nothing will happen to me.'

Until it does.

Please watch.

The woman was severely beaten. And her husband helpless to do anything about it.

Listen to me. You must never let this happen to you.

That’s why if you unexpectedly find yourself in a truly violent situation, you MUST know what to do.

And this is the ONLY book & system I've ever found that gives you the tools to do just that.

The book lays the foundational groundwork for Larkin’s one-of-a-kind, reality-based system of self-defense that shows you how to win... not just survive... a life-threatening attack.

It’s been designed from the ground up for regular folks like us who aren’t in the shape we once were, who don’t have time to practice or maybe have never even been in a real fight in our entire life.

And what I liked was the fact you can know exactly what you need to do in only a matter of hours.

Larkin is the 1 man I’ve found qualified to teach you the secret to surviving a truly unavoidable violent confrontation.

It’s absolutely critical you have this information. I believe this with all my heart.

It is the only thing you'll NEVER be without; the 1 thing your can bet both yours and your family's life on.

Today it protects my family... and it can protect yours, as well.

-- Glenn Beck


“Give Me One Evening
And You'll Be Able To Destroy
Any Attacker In Seconds...
Using Only Your Bare Hands”

Impossible? Not when you realize...

  • The people who best utilize violence to harm others (street thugs, and criminal predators) have absolutely ZERO training.
  • They’re usually not in good shape (being strung out on drugs doesn't lead to physical fitness), and many are, frankly, dumber than dirt.
  • But the one thing they DO know is the Secret to Winning while using violence...
  • Once you learn this Secret, you’ll understand why you CAN quickly use it to take control of any violent predatory attack, with just minimal training...
  • Regardless of your age, size, sex, physical limitations, whatever... none of that matters!

Read on to learn about the ultimate ‘game-changer’ for
surviving today’s street violence… the REAL TRUTH that NO ONE
in the self-defense world has ever explained to you... until now!


Dear Friend,

Tim LarkinAs Glenn Beck just shared with you, there is nothing more terrifying… more traumatizing… then finding yourself or your family in a violent situation and not knowing what to do.

After something like that happens to you, your life and how you look at it can be radically altered. Most people, just like Glenn, search for something to help them not feel helpless or powerless ever again.

Some people turn to martial arts, but then get frustrated by the amount of time it takes to become proficient. Years, if they’re lucky. Even then, their skills rapidly decline if not practiced often.

Other people look to firearms as the ultimate self defense solution. Guns work great, and given the choice I’d rather have my Glock any day of the week.

But the reality is, most violent encounters are over in less than 5 seconds – faster than even a skilled marksmen can draw their weapon and get off a shot!

And let’s face it… every day the politicians are slowly whittling away our basic right to defend ourselves. (In California, it’s illegal to even carry most types of pepper spray).

Now, thanks to George Zimmerman, the government is waging an all-out-assault on the “stand your ground” laws that many states fought so hard to implement. It’s almost as if they want thugs and violent criminals to win! They say the “police” are there to protect us. Yet I have many friends who are officers and do you know their response? “You’re on your own for at least 20 minutes, if not more!”

And then there's Milwaukee (Wisconsin) County Sheriff David Clark's ad telling residents, 'Calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option.' He then continues, safety is “no longer a spectator sport. I need you in the game.”

These days there are so many places you can’t carry. How do you handle that angry kid who suddenly sticks a knife to your throat while at a concert with your wife? What's your response to the cold steel of a gun barrel buried into your skull when it’s late at night and you’re standing in a dark parking lot fumbling for your car keys?

And today, even when you can carry concealed, more and more events & venues have their own security and screening to catch all weapons at the entrance.

You Need A System You Can Learn
Quickly & Easily... One that
Works Every Time... Without Fail!

Something that will be just as effective ten years from now, even if you never practice another day in your life.

As Glenn and his staff discovered, a system like that does exist.

Its uniquely effective methods (which employ violence as your ultimate survival tool) are simple and easy to master, yet are so devastatingly effective at close combat they’re used by elite military and government agencies alike.

My name is Tim Larkin and I’m well known in the self defense & close-combat training world, but probably ‘under-the-radar’ to ordinary folks like you.

For nearly 20 years I’ve been the guy operations like the US Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces and US Border Patrol call in behind-the-scenes to teach them when it’s “kill-or-be-killed.”

I’m not saying that to brag. I just want you to know that I’m hands-on with some of the most lethal fighting forces in the world today.

And unlike a lot of other self defense “guru’s” out there right now… I spend most of my time training others how to defend themselves, not creating some fancy Hollywood video clip with killer music designed to get your adrenaline pumping so you fork over your hard earned cash.

Still, I've been featured on many TV news programs (including the ABC News documentary below), as well as in prestigious magazines such as Forbes and the Financial Times of London. I've appeared on several magazine covers including BlackBelt and Blitz (Australia), and earned BlackBelt’s coveted “2011 Self-Defense Instructor of the Year” award.

I train not only elite military special forces and law enforcement units, but corporate CEO’s, government officials, business leaders and civilian clients all around the world – people just like you and Glenn -- on how to use these same principles of surviving life-or-death violence in your everyday life.

“The Most Devastatingly Powerful,
Scientifically-Proven Self Defense System
In The World Today.”

It’s called Target Focus Training (TFT) and it lets you quickly stop any attacker dead in his tracks by inflicting crippling pain to easily damaged body parts using simple, intuitive movements you can instantaneously do… even if you’re older, struggle with debilitating injuries or have no prior self-defense training.

That’s because the system behind TFT is the only one of its kind designed from the ground up to focus on injuring an attacker... NOT defending yourself.

Watch what this ABC News documentary (produced by 8-time national Emmy award-winning reporter, David Ono) has to say about TFT:



Causing Injury To The Other Guy
Is The ONLY Thing
That Allows You To Walk Away... Alive.

It doesn’t matter how active, athletic, coordinated or healthy you are…whether a shredded MMA fighter, couch potato, a stay-at-home mom, even a grandmother... all can quickly learn to neutralize even multiple armed attackers! The fact is… anyone can learn how to use lethal force.

Now, before I go any further, you should know that there are others in the self defense community that would have you believe liberals everywhere are falling over themselves trying to get these other programs banned. But it’s just clever marketing…

The reality is…

My System...
Already HAS Been Banned!

Because it’s so easy and simple to learn my system gives everyday people tremendous power and control... and that’s something the authorities in the UK are terrified of. They’d much rather have you depending on first responders (the police) for help… even though everyone there understands most violence is over long before the police arrive.

Because of this, the Home Secretary of Britain has PERSONALLY banned me from entering the country to teach my system (this would be the equivalent of Hillary Clinton here in the U.S. personally making that decision).

In a country that doesn’t allow guns, they've chosen to prevent their citizens from having the knowledge to protect themselves.

Now, you need to understand… this system didn’t just happen overnight. It involved years of development and millions of dollars in military spending.

Let Me Explain…

I was lucky growing up.

I had an Irish grandfather who taught me how to box, so at a very early age I gained a confident self assurance. When I became a teenager I found the martial arts and became a very successful competitor. I felt that because I did so well in my competitions, that I knew how to fight.

How wrong I was!

At a party one night, I struck up a conversation with a really cute girl who was standing alone in the corner. At one point, I saw the blood drain from her face and her eyes go wide. I turned around to see her very large boyfriend running full speed, determined to rip my head off.

It Was the First Time I Discovered
How Useless the Martial Arts Were
Against a Determined Attacker.

Quickly assessing the situation I decided to meet this charging bull with my fighting coup d’état … my “deadly” triple roundhouse kick series.

Now had the judge been there to score I’d have won right then. I absolutely smoked him.

The Only Problem Was He Didn’t Stop!

In fact I don’t think he even felt the kicks. He knocked me on my butt and it was only thanks to Gramps street fighting classes that I survived.

Here’s the kicker… I returned to my ‘dojo’ to speak with my sensei. As I described the fight, he abruptly stopped me and said that I did the wrong thing attempting to use my martial arts training in a fight!

He then proceeded to show me some pretty effective moves that would have been nice to know the night before. When I asked him why we never trained techniques like that he dismissed it with a wave of his hand and said "That’s 'fighting." What I teach at the dojo is the ‘art’."

That Was A Life-Changing Moment For Me.

I silently decided right then and there I was going to really learn how to fight.... and leave the ‘arts’ to the competitors.

I spent years studying every combat system I could. Books, seminars, class-after-class…it became apparent that the only place I was going to learn how to really defend myself was in the military.

So I joined the Navy as an officer, was accepted into the SEAL training program and made it almost all the way through the training. On one of my last dives, an explosive accident ruptured my eardrums. After training most of my life to become a SEAL, I was medically discharged.

It was the lowest point in my life.

But my hard training wasn’t in vain. Along the way the brass had noticed me and I went to work for Admiral Le Moyne, founder of Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) and the first commander in charge of all Navy SEALs.

I was eventually asked to join a special program tasked to improve the out-of-date hand-to-hand combat training the Spec Op community was currently using.

Back then, hand-to-hand combat was viewed as archaic… like horses in the cavalry. Since WWII it was pretty much regulated to a “motivator” for the troops.

The feeling was if things got down to hand-to-hand in a combat operation, something had gone wrong. Very wrong.

In real world combat situations, the top SEAL teams were discovering that what they had been taught was woefully ineffective.

The Military Was Using Old, Antiquated
Training Techniques!

Many of the close combat techniques being taught went back to World War II!

While they were effective 70 years ago when Captain America was punching Hitler in the face, the men who created them simply couldn’t conceive of our unimaginably violent world today including…

  • ...Islamic Fundamentalists willing to blow themselves up in a store full of women and children.
  • ...Men so hopped up on Bath Salts that even the pain from several gunshot wounds couldn’t stop them from chewing off your face, and
  • ...Drug dealers willing to cut off a tourist’s head, just to make a point.

A big problem with the training was that the military (and most people in the world) had grown too comfortable with their weapons, thinking these would always save their butt when they needed them.

It Was Time For A Combat Upgrade!

The US Naval Special Warfare Command laid out 5 specific criteria that the new system had to meet:

  1. The system had to be something that didn’t require speed, stamina, strength or athletic skill.
  2. It had to be easily and rapidly learned and retained by all personnel.
  3. It had to seamlessly integrate with all weapons.
  4. It had to easily escalate from non-lethal to lethal.
  5. It had to be 100% effective – in other words... it must work EVERY time without fail.

What the SEAL’s demanded in a fighting system back then is exactly what you need to protect yourself and your family today.

Every Single Martial Art, Combat Sport,
Fighting System and Technique
Was Brought In, Tested...

And All Failed!

No resource or expense was spared in the search for a new system. (After all, this was the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command... and SEAL teams were considered the fiercest fighting force on the face of the earth!)

After months of study and review, not a single system or technique was able to handle the very real needs of the Special Operations community.

The overall problem was that most martial art systems or combat sports just took too long to learn and were designed to win a competition rather than kill an enemy.

Then I Had A Stroke Of Good Luck…

One day, while out for lunch I came across a small, dingy Martial Arts studio in downtown San Diego. I went in to watch a class and discovered it was unlike anything I had ever seen. There were no “stances”, no “routines”… just pure, aggressive, effective violence practiced against each person there.

I signed up and studied this new type of fighting. It was the first time I realized that in a life-or-death situation – you needed to know how to use “violence as a survival tool.”

Every fighting system in the world relies on “rules” and “forms” to KEEP people from injuring or killing each other.

But in the real world, when the strung out heroin addict needs your money to get his next fix, there are NO rules! For him, taking your money is a life-or-death situation… and you can be damn sure he has no qualms killing you by whatever means necessary!

I took my instructor and his method of fighting to the Military and it passed every scenario they threw at it.

It Was The ONLY Method To Meet
ALL The Criteria The Military Needed It To.

The military had spent millions in research and training... ultimately deploying what was considered the most lethal system ever developed.

After exhaustive field testing, the system was credentialed and assigned official course numbers in the US Dept. of Defense classification... something that had NEVER happened in the history of US hand-to-hand combat training!

After I left the military and began teaching civilians (Fortune 100 companies to begin with, then Law Enforcement, SWAT and security teams plus everyday people)…

I Discovered A Much More
Effective Way To Teach This System.

The biggest challenge for civilians is their MINDSET. In the military we are trained to “kill or be killed.” If someone attacks you with a knife, you break his arm, take his knife and stab him in the throat with it.

But as a “civilized” society we’re trained to avoid violence through communication.

Unfortunately, That Mindset Is
Exactly What Gets Most People Killed.

And as Glenn Beck and his family learned the hard way, in the real world, the only person to have your back is YOU!

Listen to what some of my students have to say about TFT:

“Intense, effective, highly recommended.
An incredible experience."

Larkin and his instructors are the absolute best in their field. Everyone else is four steps behind. What I liked was the intensity, the lack of unnecessary info, jargon and fluff. A complete focus on the fundamentals, the total concentration on results. With this system:

1) You will learn what Larkin says you will learn, and

2) The course is exactly as advertised -- intense, targeted, focused training designed to produce immediate results.”

- Mark D. Fabiani, Crisis Mgt Consultant
La Jolla, CA

“Being a police officer I thought that my gun was the most lethal weapon..."

"I now know that my brain is the most lethal weapon and I no longer will fear over getting into a situation where I can't get to my weapon or whether someone attempts to take my weapon. Excellent!"

- Aaron Gardiner
Sheriff Deputy, Houston, TX

"One of the most devastating
self protection systems..."

“As President of the International Society of Close Quarter Combatants, I’ve seen and tested perhaps hundreds of various martial arts and self defense programs.

Tim’s ‘Target Focus Training’ is by far one of the most devastating self protection systems I’ve trained in throughout nearly 30 years of combatives training. What I particularly found amazing was the ability to almost instantly ‘infuse’ these powerful tactics into the body’s mind-muscle connection.

The result is a natural ‘flow’ to the movements that waste no time in taking out any attacker in mere seconds while instilling bullet-proof confidence that if YOU are the only thing standing between a violent criminal and your family hiding behind you…you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to destroy the threat and walk away safe!”

- Jeff Anderson
President, Intl. Society of
Close Quarter Combatants

“Finally I have learned something that applies to real life situations! "

"The TFT camp exceeded my expectations from the material taught and it's application in real life to the superior teaching method applied."

- Steven LaMania
Bradenton, FL

“Surpassed any expectations that
I could have imagined"

"At last someone tells the truth! Everything was broken down to the simplest of terms and nothing was kept secret from anyone. Well Done!"

-William Allen
Mapleton, ME


I could go on. In fact, I have hundreds and hundreds more just like these.

And Now, For The First Time In 20 Years
I’m Doing Something
I Have NEVER Done Before!

I’ve created a special introductory “How to Survive” package just for Glenn’s fans.

It's called the TFT Survival Pack and it contains my core material… information that makes you immediately effective at saving your life or the life of your family should unexpected violence strike.

In a violent world, you need something that you can put into use today, RIGHT NOW… not weeks, months or years from now.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside Your
TFT Survival Pack

I’ve designed this package around the scientifically-proven studies to optimal learning.

To truly “hard wire” new concepts into your nervous system, you need to READ them, HEAR them and SEE them.

Book: How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life

There’s no fluff here! Over 200 pages
of raw, brutal truth!

And you’ll be able to download the book instantly, so you can begin reading it right away.

This book is the foundation to the entire TFT system. It was written for the everyday layperson that clearly and unemotionally makes the case for using violence as your ultimate survival tool.

Controversial yet compelling, it has been called “the only book of its kind that takes you behind the scenes of true criminal violence and shows you WHAT you must do to survive it.

It’s not about techniques.

In fact, none were included. That’s because focusing on individual techniques without understanding the overriding principles needed to stop some thug dead in his tracks is a critical reason almost no one has any idea how to actually survive violence.

Things like…

  • Why most people freeze in a life-or-death situation… and what YOU can do to avoid it.
  • The essential differences between Anti-Social vs. Asocial Violence. (Knowing this could save your life and the life of those you love).
  • The #1 essential thing you must do to Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your life.
  • Why learning “traditional” Martial Arts leaves you hopelessly unprepared for a real world fight. (You can study for years and still get your butt kicked by a drug addict half your size).
  • The surprising similarity between swimming and personal defense.
  • Train yourself one time and have usable skills that will last your entire life (even if you never practice them ever again!)
  • The critical steps to empower you despite any fear you may feel. Conquer these and never feel fear again!
  • The “injury manifesto.” Study this to become unstoppably powerful in any violent encounter.
  • The single most critical thing you MUST start with if you’re ever forced to respond with violence. (Done correctly you’ll end the encounter in seconds…)
  • The 10 most common mistakes people make when choosing a self defense system. (No point wasting months or years training in a system that will fail the first time some criminal psycho targets you for attack. Whatever you train MUST work the first time you need it. I'll show you how to spot a system you can count on.)
  • The simple action you can take to shift the balance of power in your favor during any violent encounter. (Doesn't matter if he's bigger, stronger, faster, packing a weapon or surrounded by his buddies. Doing this gives YOU the advantage).
  • When to meet violence with violence… and when you absolutely must walk away. (A bruised ego is always better than a broken neck.)
  • The shocking reason why a small, untrained criminal was able to easily kill a world champion multiple-black belt martial artist using nothing but his bare hands.
  • The 24 UFC rules that you need to break in any fight, and the 2 that you should always follow. (Mess these up and you could wind up with broken bones… or worse!)
  • The 5 excuses people tell themselves to avoid learning basic self defense. (Sticking your head in the sand can get you killed. Let me help you make smart decisions about what works and what doesn't).
  • Why having a “badass” mentality can be a sure fire way to end up in the hospital… or worse.
  • The 4 most critical elements you need be aware of in any fight. (Knowing these will give you the ultimate edge in any violent encounter).
  • The Mechanics of the Sucker Punch… and why knowing this may just save your life.
  • And MUCH more...

What this book does is flip everything around, starting instead with the end result (winning a violent encounter) and working backwards.

It looks at why criminals can be so successful without ANY training whatsoever. And what you must do to counter this.

It’s a book that will forever change the way you view your personal safety and the subject of self-defense!


2: Audio Version Of My Book

Next, you’ll get the complete audio version of my book delivered via downloadable MP3’s.

Listen to these principles on your iPhone, in your car or where ever you happen to be.

Most people comment that by listening to this material, you ‘hear’ things that you just don’t pick up while reading.

You’ll receive more than 5 hours of professionally recorded audio that captures not only the authors’ style and voice, but the tone of the highly-controversial material in the book.

By listening you’ll hear…

  • The “golden rule” of violence and why it’s so important.
  • The ultimate self-defense survival tool. When you’ve mentally grasped this, your chances for success increase dramatically!
  • The 4 levels of interaction to every violent conflict. Knowing these could save your life.
  • The 3 common mistakes that Martial Arts and Self Defense Experts make when training for self-defense. Avoid these and become the master!
  • Why conditioning your body to "take a hit" is a complete waste of time. And what you need to do instead.
  • The one simple thing you can do to instantly hit harder (Anyone can do instant crippling damage to an attacker of ANY size once they understand this).
  • Why “bigger-faster-stronger” has nothing to do with the outcome of a fight. (In fact, the bigger-stronger-faster guys are usually the first ones to lose in a fight!)
  • Why training for the worst-case scenario is the biggest mistake you will ever make. If you’re lucky, you’ll only end up in the hospital…
  • The 3 most powerful things you can do to drive your self-defense skills through the roof. (Practice this way to ensure that you’re body will react to a violent situation almost as if on autopilot)…
  • The 3 deadliest reasons people use to avoid violence.
  • The #1 fear people trained in self-defense suffer from. (If you don’t get over this, you may end up dead).
  • 6 common sense ways to avoid a violent situation. (An ounce of prevention…can save your life).
  • The 3 skills that will give you absolute control over your life.

3: three and a half house of live videoNow that you’ve got the foundation, it’s time to tackle the structure of it all.

To do that, I’ve taken nearly two and a half hours of training material from one of my “live” boot camps.

Here you’ll see everything carefully explained and demonstrated in a way that will allow you to use them immediately.

You’ll find the videos on a “members only” website, where you can watch them in the comfort of your own home.

Videos 1&2In these first 2 videos we clearly
spell out what dealing with ‘real’
violence is about, showing
examples of what it's like to be in
true life-or-death situations.

It’s some pretty graphic stuff, but violence you’ll face on the street today is FAR worse than you can begin to imagine. That’s why you must see this material to understand what you’re up against. This is what you must prepare for if you hope to survive. It’s not easy to watch… but it’s necessary.

You see...

When Most People Visualize "Violence"
They Think of Fighting... The Kind You See
In Events Like MMA, Combat Sports, Even The UFC.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

No matter how bloody these may be... they are all simply sports. And this means they ALL have rules in place to keep people safe.

On the street... there are NO rules, NO refs, NO rings! Only winners and losers.

Which is why TFT is NOT about defense, NOT about protecting yourself, NOT about winning a bar fight. Plain and simple – TFT is about doing whatever it takes to survive.

It's the original reality-based survival system... first taught to US Navy SEALS back in the late 1980's... and still taught to these fearless warriors TODAY.

What you'll see on these videos is no different than what's initially taught to the SEAL command either.

And that's why watching them will forever change the way you think about violence and self protection.

For the first time the veil will be down and you can really prepare.

It’s the stuff NOBODY else in the self-defense world will even talk about.

These videos reveal:

  • How (and why) to use violence as a tool to survive.
  • How to cause as much damage as a bullet... using ONLY your bare hands.
  • Why most "knife defense" techniques will get you killed.
  • The #1 secret for survival nobody will talk about… and why it’s the ONLY thing that tips the scales in your favor during a violent attack.
  • The mindset you must adopt to have any chance against armed attackers.
  • 73 weak areas of the body you can exploit to your ultimate advantage.
  • Why changing a strike by a mere two inches can have a devastating effect on your attacker.
  • How to practice so these skills are deeply embedded into your nervous system (Puts your life-saving reactions on auto-pilot. You'll do what's needed automatically, even if you haven't practiced for months or years).
  • Why most “fancy” moves and "fighting techniques" are completely useless in a real-world fight.
  • How to WIN against bigger, armed attackers when your life is on the line.
  • And much, much more...
Videos 3-7

At our 2-day live training classes
we spend more than a day
focused on identifying a multitude
of specific body "targets"...

In this Program, we’ve included
3 crucial target ‘areas’ (Videos 3 - 5) that give you a solid foundation
for surviving 'street' violence
(more than 71 minutes of video!).

These 3 "Targeting" videos cover subjects like...

  • 3 easy-to-injure body targets for inflicting maximum damage with the least effort (PLUS: how to easily "break" those targets without using strength or agility)
  • The best way to practice so you "deep-encode" these skills into your nervous system. (Very little practice is required to be effective against even the most aggressive attackers. And when you practice this special way - you can be confident you'll be locked-and-loaded whenever the time comes)
  • Why training “fast” or at full speed is the worst thing you can do. (I'll show you how to quickly learn these skills and safely practice these crippling attacks with anyone, at any time)
  • The number one mistake people make when attacking the eyes.
  • The area of your body known as the “lead pipe” and how to use it to drop a bigger man in seconds.
  • The part of your body you should never use in a fight.
  • Two unusual and easy-to-damage targets that will cripple your attacker and leave him helpless on the ground.
  • How a small person can make a bigger guy fly backward with minimal effort.
  • Simple moves that anyone can do.
  • How to use the body’s natural "spinal reflex" to turn the biggest bully into a helpless school girl begging for your mercy.
  • How to "strike" with maximum force. (Hint: doesn't require strength and is NOT about using your muscles!)
  • The easiest way to knock some thug unconscious, giving you time to escape while avoiding exposure to further harm.
  • The perfect way to train to create long lasting muscle memory. This is the trick to learning skills that will stay with you for a lifetime.
  • And much more...

And this brings us to...

Video 8 - going to non functional

Once you understand how to
identify and damage these
3 vulnerable body targets...

It's time to learn the easy and safe
way to practice putting these targets
to use against another person.

This is THE video that ties everything together...

Up until now, you’ve been learning how to cause injury to specific targets – but these in and of themselves won’t save your life.

In this final video I show you how to sequentially attack one target after another, in random order as they naturally appear to you, until your attacker is lying on the ground, a quivering heap of non-functioning meat… (even dead, if that’s what it takes to save your own life).

It’s this one-of-a-kind process that allows you to quickly learn how to instantly handle ANY type of violence, without memorization, regardless of your size, athletic ability, or physical limitations.

NO other self defense program on the market teaches you this because they think it’s too extreme (it’s the kind of irrational thinking that got TFT banned in the UK today). But if you’re a young mother or father and need to protect your children... nothing is too extreme. This is what you MUST use to survive today's violence.

In this video you will learn:

  • The key to rapidly taking a violent attacker to non-functional in just seconds.
  • How to be the one who walks away, home safe to your family - without having to go to the hospital.
  • The primary postures you will see in almost every violent situation and how to use them to your advantage (These tips will help keep you safe).
  • Why practicing when you are completely tired can be a huge advantage.
  • And much, much more...


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If you were to attend one of my 2-day live training seminars, you will pay nearly $2000.00.

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Based on this, I originally planned to charge $147 for this program, and honestly, that would be a heck of a deal at more than $100.00 off.

But my real goal has always been to offer a program for less than $100.

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I keep thinking back to what Glenn Beck said… how he’s still having nightmares… over a year later!

Violence does that to you.

(It's the reason Glenn has chosen our Target Focus Training material as his #1 choice for protecting his family in 2013).

Before they found TFT, many of my students had nightmares that lasted for years after their own encounters with violence (one woman, as long as 20 years -- nightmares now gone after learning TFT).

I don’t want YOU or your family to experience anything like that… EVER!

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So here's what I'm going to do.

Periodically, we'll hold live teleconference calls with purchasers of this special program where we'll allow everyone to ask questions of me and my trainers. From these calls we'll determine if it makes sense to continue offering this program at $47.

If not, we'll raise the price right back up to it's regular $97.

I'd hate to find out that people are buying this and not valuing what I've worked for more than 20 years to create.

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...If what I'm already offering wasn't enough... I'm going to enhance your learning experience even more by including two special bonus videos for those who TAKE ACTION NOW.

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3 Irresistible Bonuses That
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BONUS Digital Video #1 – Exploring Injury: Lower Margin Of The Ribcage

Learn about another vulnerable target area on the body that will result in devastating injury from relatively simple strikes.

(Remember, "Strikes" in TFT are NOT punches and kicks. You don't need speed or strength to do damage the way I teach you).

The more targets you have access to, the higher your chances of survival.

In this bonus video I’ll walk you through how to easily strike this targets, the trauma you’ll likely cause and the situations when (and why) you’ll want to avoid striking these areas altogether.

BONUS Digital Video #2 – The Tueller Drill: Why Your Gun Becomes A Liability At Close Range

In a famous police study called the “Tueller Drill”, officers showed that when a rushing attacker was within 21 feet, even trained officers could not draw and shoot before he overwhelmed them.

People who own a gun mistakenly believe they are protected against any type of violence as long as they have access to their firearm.

The shocking truth is that accessing your gun during a violent encounter requires far more time than anyone could imagine.

Here, I explain why this happens, and include the actual video of Sgt Dennis Tueller, the man who conducted the original tests.

The results show you why you must possess solid hand-to-hand skills to handle close quarters attacks. Your gun is NOT sufficient to protect you..

BONUS Digital Audio #1 – Survival Pack Teleconference Call Replay

free bonus A while ago we held a special Q&A call where Tim Larkin and master instructor Chris Ranck-Buhr answered questions about this new Survival Pack program.

On this full, 70-minute call, Tim and Chris walk you through the Survival Pack 'creation' process, then take live questions from Program owners.

Included in your Survival Pack online membership site will be a special link that allows you to listen to (and download) the teleconference replay. It's in MP3 format so you can load it to any iPod, cell phone or favorite MP3 player to listen to wherever you wish. And we'll notify you of future calls we schedule so you may ask your own questions - live!

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So, while others shorten their guarantees (dropping to 60 or 30 days… some even saying “to hell with you, buy at your own risk, we’re not taking it back”)…we lengthened ours.

The last thing you need while learning something new is the pressure of keeping one eye glued to a calendar.

So I want you to take as long as you need to check everything out. ONE FULL YEAR is now our standard guarantee. And if you feel you still need more time, just email my assistant Sarah at to arrange additional time. She’ll see you get it.

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This is more than a guarantee...
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There’s not even a reason required for requesting a refund. I trust you to do the right thing with this Program, just as I know you’d trust me. I think that’s the fair thing to do.

I don't know about you, but quite frankly, I'm sick of all the hype out there.

You know… the stuff that says, “These secrets are SO controversial that the liberal elite is trying to get them banned! Order now before they’re squashed forever!”

Give me a break.

As I said earlier, my system has ALREADY BEEN BANNED. (Just Google my name and ‘UK’, and you’ll see the articles.)

The British Government is so scared by the effectiveness of my system that I am no longer allowed into the country to teach it. (Which, by the way, is the country that developed a lot of the “antiquated” combat techniques that I was tasked to fix. That should tell you something…)

Do you and your family a favor – click on the “Order Now” button below, enter your payment details and pick up your personal Survival Pack.

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Glenn Beck and his family experienced firsthand how quickly you can find yourself in a violent situation. Glenn was lucky. But many people are not!

You owe it to yourself to learn these simple tools. In one evening, you’ll know simple, easy, effective self defense that can save your life.

It’s your one chance to never again live in fear… to take back control of your life and not hand it to some retarded thug! And it’s all within your grasp right now. Just go for it. My 100% money-back guarantee is your safety net.

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"This program gets my highest endorsement."

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BONUS Digital Video #3: Why Your Survival = The Shortest ‘To-Do’ List!

Criminal predators haven’t spent a second practicing or training to attack you. So why are they so affective at getting whatever they want even from the most highly trained people? The answer is simple.

When face-to-face with one of these asocial thugs, the person with the shortest ‘to-do’ list in their brain... WINS!

This bonus, taken directly from a live TFT training, not only demonstrates clearly why the predator has the advantage... but what you must do to take that advantage away from him.

By the end of this bonus video you’ll be able to easily do exactly that.

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Glenn Beck

"This program gets my highest endorsement."

-Glenn Beck

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