Reality-based self-defense training for men, women and organizations

August 2009

“Real world self defense." No flying thru the air, no yelling, no meditating. Just straight to the heart principles that anyone can use.” Martin Lingle San Jose, CA […] Read More

“Faster pace was good [as was] working on concrete. Really appreciated detail and high interest level of instructors to make students better. Minimizes the frills. Most direct system ever experienced.” Dan Nattress Cardiff, CA […] Read More

“The models are excellent. I’ve done competitive sports where fighting is involved and I always knew they wouldn’t have any application in a real street situation. Tim showed us some really good methods to defuse situations, or turn the situation around where you’re no longer being attached, you’re the attacker. He keeps the instructions simple, […] Read More

“When I first started here I was pretty skeptical that I could learn techniques that, it seemed to me were pretty advanced self-protection, in such a short time. Actually, the way (Tim) teaches is so easy to learn that you feel very empowered, very quickly ... It’s an excellent place to quickly learn non-threatening techniques […] Read More

“It’s real, scientific, and it works.” Dennis Burns Indianapolis, IN […] Read More

“It was one of the best experiences of my life. The way Tim and the other trainers present the info it is very easy to understand, even with no prior training. I liked the simplicity of the moves and how affective they are with minimal effort.” Russ Folcka Murrieta, CA […] Read More

“Very different from any other Martial Arts or Fighting class I’ve taken.” Greg Weber Arvada, CO […] Read More

“I liked the immediate application of techniques and lectures explaining the science behind CNS [central nervous system] reactions and the anatomy and physiology examples. Allowed me to comprehend everything much better. This training allows you to immediately understand and perform lethal fighting skills that will save your life."

“I have spent considerable time, money, and effort in the past on various martial arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, etc. and after the success of this weekend, I wish all those other “Arts” would give me a refund. Never feel like you waste any time. Everything is streamlined with a purpose and offers a […] Read More

“Intense, fast paced, most hands-on and very practical. Instructors prepared us for the brutal reality of real world criminal violence and how to deal with it mentally and physically. As someone who has a significant physical weakness due to injury and surgery I was still able to do TFT and will be able to use […] Read More