Reality-based self-defense training for men, women and organizations

March 2009

Just as a quick intro, realize we get questions all the time asking what differentiates TFT's laser-beam focus on the DESIRED END RESULT (causing an injury) vs other's focus on your RESPONSE to violence.We've written and discussed at length about the latter often not only requiring athletic skills and conditioning but years of training to […] Read More

Below is a question we recently received that I imagine might be on your mind as well."In some of your DVD footage the eyes are the target for the first injury and in other footage the eyes are, say, the third injury target."You emphasize the importance of going for a throw only AFTER creating an […] Read More

You can tell how serious someone is about dropping a man by where they place themselves to get the job done.Angry or aggressive fighters will go toe-to-toe, literally stepping up to the man and then reaching out with their limbs to cover the intervening distance through their target.A 'true badass' will put his foot between […] Read More

And if the other guy has anything to say about it, then that's just too damn bad. For him.Over the years we've tried many different ways to talk about 'the attitude' you have to have to enter into violent conflict. Most recently we've talked about 'intent' and 'cause-state'--in the former you have to want to […] Read More