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August 2007

In a word, injury.You can have the most wicked, lightning-fast technique on the planet, but if the end result isn't fight-ending injury, then it's little better than a parlor trick. That's not to say that technique, in and of itself, is 'bad'--a technique that gets that injury, repeatedly and reliably, is pure gold. You can […] Read More

Once you understand the difference between social aggression and asocial violence, you can make informed decisions on what you're looking at -- if it's a ranting, noisy display, you have a choice. If someone pulls a knife and cuts you, you won't make the fatal mistake of asking them why.What you may have thought of […] Read More

I've received a lot of questions asking what I think about the History Channel's "Human Weapon" Series so here's my take:I think the History Channel's "Human Weapon" is a great way for people to get a good look at a lot of the more popular martial arts like: Karate, Judo, Silat, Escrima, Muy Thai, Kung […] Read More

The Essential Differences Between Social Aggression and Asocial ViolenceSocial Confrontation is: Avoidable Survivable Can be solved using social skills.Asocial Violence is: Lethal Unaffected by social skills and requires decisive action.The violence that comes from social posturing is avoidable; it is often loud, dramatic and instantly recognizable. You get to see it coming. And that means […] Read More

In making the distinction between competition and destruction, between an agreed-upon contest and killing, I've found that some people are still having a hard time seeing the stark differences between the two.A common comment I hear from competitors (whether in boxing, karate or mixed martial arts) is that they do indeed 'step into the ring […] Read More

I've been putting up some posts on the subject of the tool of Violence. This is very different from most views on Self Defense. I think today's post clarifies exactly why this understanding is critical to you surviving what most poeple call "self-defense" situations...SOCIAL CONFRONTATION VS. ASOCIAL VIOLENCE: DON'T GET CAUGHT IN THE TRAPYou're in […] Read More

We threw in 2 new bonuses for those attending any of the new 1-day live training classes.Seems many missed the announcement.As you begin to understand just how easy it is for you to injure some thug attacking you, and realize you can get these skills in a day, you probably want to take a closer […] Read More

The current issue of Black Belt magazine has another Target Focus Training article (it's our 3rd including the cover of the July 2006 issue).This one is entitled, "Competition vs. Destruction -- Reality Fighting's Cardinal Rule: Train Your Brain!"Master Instructor Chris Ranck-Buhr and I co-authored it.What's it about?Well, we must get asked the question once a […] Read More

Some know-it-all's still keep yaking about how people can't learn to protect themselves in just a day.Same thing they said about the longer 2 1/2-day training we've now successfully taught to more than a 1,000 folks worldwide.So it's not surprising they'd say the same things about the new 1-day classes.But more and more I'm hearing […] Read More

In a violence conflict, the ONLY thing that means anything is... causing an INJURY!Causing trauma puts you in control.That is why injury is the most fundamental and important concept in violence. It is the common thread woven through the fabric of every violent encounter.To be successful in violent conflict you need to focus entirely on […] Read More